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We’ve had a lot of questions asking what you get with the powerful Zox Pro training system. Zox Pro allows you to tap into your subconscious using ‘mental photography’ and utilise your new abilities to improve every aspect of your life. You will be able to read at 25,000 words a minute and never forget anything again. Using natural learning techniques, anyone can learn this and benefit from its power. Here is a breakdown of what you get in the course:

Product Name: ZOX Pro Training-MINDTOMIND
Publisher Web Site:
Trial period:60 Days

Zox Pro Brain Management

You get 8 video modules which teach you the simple yet powerful techniques of Zox Pro. You also get 3 bonuses worth $271 for free with the training system.

Zox Pro Module 1

The first module introduces you to the techniques you are going to learn in the Zox Pro Training. You will learn about the new unique talents and abilities you are about to discover in yourself and where they might lead you.

You are also introduced to Albert Enstein’s Distraction Index as Richard Welch takes you step by step through the simple system which hones your concentration so you are 100% focused on your goals. You will start to achieve so much more in a much shorter time as you learn how to protect yourself from distractions around you.

Zox Pro Module 2

You will learn how you can reduce stress and relax at will using the new abilities of your mind. Richard will teach you how you can increase your perception and awareness, tune in to your intuition and increase your visualisation abilities with an unheard of technique that only takes 2 minutes a day.

Zox Pro Module 3

This is a big one! You will learn how to program your brain to work on auto-pilot to help you to achieve your goals and make all the changes you want in your life. This lays down the foundations for the following modules and anything you want to achieve in the future. This one module is worth the price of the course all on its own.

You also cover how stop your current stress from achieving what you want and learn how to relax a lot more deeply.

Zox Pro Module 4

You start to learn how to use ‘mental photography’ to your benefit and start your journey to becoming a genius. Discover that mental photography is a natural learning process in all of us and that we can all utilise it no matter what level of ‘intelligence.’ You will open up the pathways between the conscious and the subconscious part of your brain to use the untapped potential. You will never think about things the same way again.

Zox Pro Module 5

Step up your mental photography abilities with this module as you learn the advanced techniques to make mental photography as natural as possible and use them on auto-pilot. You will test yourself in different ways as practice makes perfect. It’s a well known fact that after doing something for 30 days it becomes a habit and this is also true of mental photography. Your advanced skills will be honed in this module.

Zox Pro Module 6

With your new abilities now being so well tuned, you need to protect yourself from all the information around you that is irrelevant and distractions such as subliminal advertising. You will learn here how to do just that so that you are in full control of your abilities.

Zox Pro Module 7

Now that you’ve learnt how to store information at a vastly superior rate, that information is of no use if you can’t ‘find’ it quickly. You will learn how to trigger all that stored memory into your conscious mind when you need it. This is where all the pieces come together and you really become a genius.

Zox Pro Module 8

Finally Richard Welch wraps up the amazing journey you’ve taken and tells you how you can fully utilise all the powerful techniques you’ve learnt for your future life.

This is the Zox Pro Training System in full and that is amazing value on its own but there’s even more…three amazing bonuses worth $271.

Zox Pro Does Not Work

Zox Pro Bonus #1

Richard Welch guides you through a deep relaxation exercise with these 4 recordings. You will let go of stress quicker than you thought possible. You will also work on different aspects of mental photography and this ability will improve on auto-pilot just by listening to these recordings. Inadvertently your self esteem and confidence will improve.

Zox Pro Bonus #2

In this stunning ebook, you will be given a collection of inspired writings to offer insights into how you can use your improved new mind skills to further your life.

Zox Pro Bonus #3

The Law of Attraction is going on all the time and it’s happening all around us even if we are not aware of it. Learn how the Zox Pro Training can be harnessed in conjunction with the law of attraction to progress your life where you want it to go.

Zox Pro Overview

That is everything that is included in this ground breaking training system. You will learn how to tap into your natural photographic memory to absorb information at a ridiculous rate and have the ability to produce that information whenever you want it.

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