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Yummyarts Cakes, Cookies – My Honest Opinion

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Firstly i would just like to say many thanks for checking out my blog, you have come to the right place for checking out my detailed and comprehensive review for the Yummyarts Cake Decorating book, which has been.

So what is exactly is the ”Yummyarts Cake Decorating ”?

This comprehensive guide gives you step by step instructions for the beginners, and i am one of those by the way, through to the more advanced professionals amongst us who know what their doing when it comes to frosting and icing. I am going to show my ignorance now, but when someone first used the terms, frosting and icing, i though they were talking about winter. I’m not joking either……well maybe slighlty. But i didn’t have a clue on where one would start with icing a cake, let alone frosting one!

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With being a bit of a cooking buff, and the kitchen in our house is my domain, i was always facinated when passing cake shop windows, how someone had the time and the patience to put all that hard work in to decorating a cake. There was always a large collection in my local cake shop window, cakes for all occassions, weddings, birthdays, anniversarys, christenings, even funerals!

Well as it turns out once i had found this guide, read it and went through the step by step instructions, it wasn’t as hard as i had first imagined it would have been. The decorating of cakes can be fun, yes honestly, fun, but only if you know what your doing, otherwise you can have a disaster on your hands, literally.

This guide will show you the process and techniques needed to stop that disaster from happening, and also so you don’t end up with wasted ingredients, wasted time, and lots of frustration especially when your at a stage like i was a couple of times before i brought this guide, when you feel like launching your pile of mess, i mean cake, out the window…please don’t you might hit the next door neighbours cat. Fortunatley i found the cake decorating genius guide which stopped all the frustration i was having, and next doors cat is also happy!

Product Name: Cake and Cookie Decorating

cake and cookie decorating ideas

I personally make and decorate cakes as a hobby, something for me to do in my spare time. My family and freinds are happy as i am knocking out a cake or two pretty much everyweek. But, here’s another great thing with this genius guide, it will show you how to get started if you are interested in turning your hobby into a business, and how you can create cakes that look and taste professionally done, and also how to turn that into cash. Imagine starting up your own cake decorating business and charging people, that’s pretty cool.

Anniversary’s, weddings, birthday’s, any special occasions that you could cater for with your cakes,and you could make money for creating wonderful masterpieces, well this guide will show you how!

Traditionally the art of cake decorating can take many years to master, with lots of trial and error. I can agree with that, i’ve had lots of disasters with my cakes and the icing in the past, but here in the guide we are shown a shortcut to allow us to achieve an impressive level of skills for cake decoration, and in the fraction of time it all used to take.

This guide book has been written for everybody to be able to follow, especially those of us with no or very little experience with the techniques needed to master decorating your cakes. It suits everyone from the beginner through to the more professional, and really does contain great receipes and secret insider tips.

My Overall Thoughts:

I didn’t think to start with i would be able to master the skills and techniques that are inside this guide, and be able to put them forward into making some pretty lovely looking and tasting decorated cakes. As i said previously my family and freinds are thrilled that i’m knocking out a few cakes every week, and infact i’ve had a couple freinds ask me to do someting special for their occasions, and offered to pay me for doing so.

This guide has allowed me to basically expand my horizons really when it comes to cooking and baking. It is packed full of very useful techniques and skills to allow you to master cake decorating either as a hobby, or to start your own business.

Couple of my freinds thought it was funny that i would want to learn how to decorate cakes professionally, and the only reason they thought this way is because i’m a man, and some people may think that it’s a bit of a girly thing to want to do this. The answer is NO, it’s not girly at all. I’ve never allowed want anybody else thinks to stop me doing what i want to do in life, and your never to young or old to learn something new, and this cake decorating guide has definatley learnt me a whole load of new things.

I hope my review has helped you.

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