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I recalled that 5 years ago, I was stuck in the same situation as you – afraid of driving a car. I am a mother of 3 kids and even though my family owns a rather nice Toyota, my husband did all of the driving. My fear of driving caused me a whole list of inconveniences that I am not afraid to share:

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  • Not being able to drive my kids to school, and pick them up like other parents.
  • Having to rely on myself to buy simple groceries.
  • Having to rely on my husband to drive me EVERYWHERE, when I am grown up!

What are the things that irritate you the most about being afraid to drive?

I was stuck in this rut for years and the inconveniences I had to face and arguments with my husband over my over-reliance on him to drive me to places was stressful. I’ve paid a ton of money for professional fear counseling before and sad to say, textbook advice didn’t quite work out for me. I had to seek help elsewhere.

What would overcoming your fear of driving mean and can do for you?

Think about being able to spend more time with your loved ones without having to turn down meet-ups because of the inconveniences of not being able to drive. How much more would that help to strengthen the relationships with your friends and family?

Get rid of the knowledge that you are being held back in life because of your fear of something. Setting your  confidence free and knowing nothing is holding you back.

Take on new challenges that  YOU convinced yourself that was not possible to do. Take on new job responsibilities at work or even that new promotion that you were worried to take on because of the inconveniences of traveling. Would you like that? Of course.

Know your enemy and understand the fundamental vicious cycle of all FEARS.

  • STAGE 1: The first stage in the development of the fear of driving is caused by a particular event  that has happened. This can be being in an actual accident or even witnessing one. This incident will be the trigger of negative emotions associated with it.
  • STAGE 2 usually involves unresolved feelings that are allowed to fester and the fear of driving will start to escalate and become a subject that is feared of.
  • STAGE 3 is where you give up and start emotionally avoiding driving because of the fear tagged to it. Giving up causes the fear to be a part of your life hence forth.
  • STAGE 4 is the deadliest stage where avoiding driving every time sends a feeling of relief to your mind and gives you a false sense of well-being. This reinforces your belief that you fear driving and avoidance is the solution.

How you can de-link emotions of fear and avoidance with driving a car.

De-linking is a technique used to unhinge negative emotions associated with driving and then easing good thoughts with driving. This helps gradually ease you into start getting behind the wheel again. The fear of driving gets slowly dispelled as you slowly gather confidence when driving.

Download The Complete Driving Fear Program

Get over your driving fear help. Re-program your subconcious mind.

I’ve tried out fear therapy and counseling but nothing had worked for me. I’ve forked out thousands of dollars and I was still as afraid of driving as I was before I started out. I knew many people who had driving fears but like myself, only a few ever managed to gain progress.

This was until a close friend of mine recommended a specialized program for people who were afraid of driving. I gave it a shot since it was only $67 and that was nothing compared to what I have already spent on “professional”  help.

2 weeks into it, it suddenly hit me why fear therapy was not working out for me. It wasn’t customized for people like me who had a specific fear of driving. Yes, it was too generic.

This program I’ve discovered was called “the Driving Fear Help Program“. Check it out. It comes highly recommended.

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