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Ultimate WoW Guide

A little introduction to the product i am reviewing: The Ultimate WoW Guide is a product that claims to help you with leveling your characters in world of warcraft, not only does it claim to help you to level, but also to massively decrease the time it takes to level and thus get your character from level 1 to level 85 in a very short amount of time.

Product Name: Ultimate WoW Guide-hcb25
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Trial period:60 Days


The guides are 100% in game guides, meaning that you don’t have to read a stupid ebook or something like that, instead you just fire up the software whilst playing WoW and the Dugis in game software will guide you to the correct destinations and tasks in the quickest, shortest amount of time possible. Dugis guide is aimed at beginners to hardcore advanced players in WoW. They were created by Dave Farrell aka “Dugi”, currently he is selling his product for $20-$50 depending on which package you want.

For those who are wondering if Dugis ultimate wow guide is a scam, here is my own personal experience with Dugis ultimate wow guide. I guess you could just call it my review.

I stumbled upon this product ultimate wow guide through a search on Google. Various terms like “how to level fast in world of warcraft”, “fast levelling in WoW”, “World of Warcraft Guide”, etc. until i eventually ended up at Dugi’s website.

Ultimate WoW Guide

Is Dugi’s Ultimate WoW Guide a Scam?

Well simply put…… A big fat No! – most definitely not a scam, i will try to explain why……..

Dugi, whose real name is Dave Farrell is know by pretty much everyone who has played WoW for a long period of time, he IS one of the best WoW players in the world and has clocked up a huge amount of time playing WoW – 8 hours+ per day for at least 3 years!

He has perfected the best strategies that are to be found online and has put those successful strategies into his 100% in game guides.

Dugis guides are split up into easy sections, enabling you to level up rapidly and dominate World of Warcraft, your friends will be shocked, surprised and amazed.

Ok, whats inside the guide……

Three stage strategy to dominate and master WoW!

ultimate wow guide download

Part 1 – Character levelling from 1-80

This explains how to efficiently level your character to level 80 in the quickest time possible, the guide shows what to do as well as some common mistakes beginners make (the things you shouldn’t do!) at this level. Dugi’s guide shows you that at this level 1-80, you don’t and shouldn’t actually worry about accumulating gold, Dugi’s guide shows you how to constantly upgrade your gear by levelling up instead.

Part 2 – Level 80+ and Wow Achievements

The second part of Dugi’s Ultimate World Of Warcraft Guide is targeted for level 80 and above players, it shows you how to get WoW achievements, as well as the cool part, amassing huge amounts of gold and also how to get WoW reputation so that you can earn special enchants, professional recipes, epic mounts and much much more.

Part 3 – Domination

The last stage has to of course be the coolest  Part three of Dugi’s guide shows you how to dominate easily and in a consistent way, some highlights are as follows

  • Gold accumulation (up-to 600g per hour)
  • How to level your profession
  • Getting the best gear possible
  • Conquering dragons
  • How to run riot and dominate PvP

Dugi’s Ultimate World Of Warcraft Guide was first created in 2005 and is considered by most top level gamers to be the best in game guide available. The cool thing is that Dugi’s guide is constantly updated, at the time of writing this Dugi’s guide has been recently updated for World of Warcraft Cataclysm, it is updated constantly.

The very latest version has some massive improvements, including

  • Tracking of quest history
  • Guide syncing
  • Automatic step detection – Dugi’s guide will progress in time with your character
  • Quest item easy find feature
  • Automatic class quest detection

The amount of information in Dugi’s guide could have been quite overwhelming, but cleverly Dave Farrell has managed to make it all very easy to use. The in-game guide viewer is the easiest WoW guide menu that is available, this is because it divides sections by Zones rather than levels.

Compared to other leading WoW guides, Dugi’s guide is half the price and covers almost a thousand more quests.

Compared to the other WoW guides that are available to buy, Dugi’s guide is a lot cheaper and in some cases about half the price of the others, but Dugi’s guide covers almost a thousand more quests. So i therefore highly recommend Dugi’s Ultimate World Of Warcraft Guide.

Lastly, Dugi’s guide has a clickbank 60 day no hassle guarantee, so if you want an immediate refund you will get it without any hassle, problems or questions.

One final thought, if this review of Dugi’s Ultimate WoW guide has been useful to you then please post a comment and i will try to help you with anything related to Dugi’s guide, thanks for reading and i wish you success with leveling your characters and dominating World of Warcraft, thanks Brad.

Ultimate WoW Guide Update:

You can now test drive Dugi’s guide before you decide to pay! The free download of Dugi Guides Viewer v4 contains the starter guide : WoW Level 1 – 20 Guide for Horde, Alliance all Races and Classes.

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