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Turbulence Training Reviews

If you are like me you may have ordered many fitness products and books over the years.As I said before I have been a fitness enthusiast big time for over 20 years….ever since I lost over 50 pounds and became determined to KEEP it OFF!When you have purchased and used as many products as I have you can tend to be skeptical when you order the latest thing being offered.

So yes, when I first ordered Turbulence Training I was not expecting much but I was hoping for the best and really hoping that the product would live up to the claims on the sales page.

Product Name: Turbulence Training-turbulence
Publisher Web Site:
Trial period:60 Days

Boy was I shocked!

When I ordered Turbulence Training I did not just get one measly e-book.

I was given a veritable feast of additional ebooks and information to turbo charge my fitness training in addition to the main Turbulence Training Manual.

Here is the list of what I received:

1-Turbulence Training Manual

The main manual that answers all your questions about Turbulence Training, Fat Loss and why this workout will get you the results you want in less time than any other workout you have done

2- Turbulence Training Fat Loss Nutrition Guidelines, by Dr. Chris Mohr, Ph.D.

You need to eat the correct way to build muscles and get rid of your fat. This bonus guide written by one of the most esteemed dieticians in the U.S. teaches you precisely which foods to select, how frequently to consume those foods, the quantity of protein to eat, and a specific listing of foods you have to stay away from to drop the fat and increase your health.

I found this book easy to read and easy to understand and most importantly simple to follow as I immersed myself in the Turbulence Training System. Eating the right way and at the right times made a huge difference in seeing results with this program so I am really glad they included this bonus book – it was so helpful.

3- Turbulence Training DB-BW Fustion Fat Loss 8-Week Program

This bonus ebook has an 8 week program that teaches you how to use dumbbells and your own bodyweight to complete fantastic workouts that help you become more efficient at fat burning

4-Turbulence Training for Women 4-Week Program

This is another information packed e-book that focuses on women doing turbulence training. If you are a woman – this is a great place to start. If you are a man this book is a great gift for the woman in your life so she can fit along with you – but in a way that takes her female physique and strength into account

5 -Turbulence Training for Muscle 8-Week Program

Advanced muscle building ebook that builds on the Turbulence Training foundation

6- Turbulence Training Original 4-Week Bodyweight Program

This Turbulence Training E book workout focuses totally on doing turbulence training with your bodyweight only.  This ebook has beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels so that no matter level of fitness you are currently you can always do a Turbulence Training workout wherever you are. This ebook teaches you turbulence training you can take on the road for when you travel or you are on vacation. Or even a workout you can do at work on your breaks.

For me, this was a huge bonus. When I travel I have been known for hauling all kinds of extra workout gear so that I don’t miss a workout. This bodyweight turbulence training book made it so that I did not have to pack exercise equipment on my trips anymore – and I still get a fantastic workout. I did not know you could get such a great workout just using your bodyweight but this book showed me how.

7-Turbulence Training 30-Days to Advanced Fat Loss Program

This is a 30 day program that helps you get a BIG result and turbocharges fat loss – for anyone who wants to speed up the fat loss this is a great place to start. And who doesn’t want to get rid of fat faster???? This book lays out a way to make it happen.

8- Turbulence Training Advanced Fusion Fat Loss 4-Week Program

Very advanced Turbulence Training workouts for you to do as you progress in Turbulence Trainng


I got a free 3 month membership to the Turbulence Training Training Site where they give more training tips and a new Turbulence training workout every month (a new e book you can print out and use for your next month of training). This training site gives you so much support from like minded fitness people — from beginner to advanced there is support and information for everyone.

Needless to say I was blown away by all the material given to me when I purchased Turbulence Training.

Turbulence Training I quickly found out, is not just your basic interval training at all.

It is a scientifically proven workout that shocks your system into growing muscle faster and burning fat like crazy WAY MORE than a boring cardio routine or a basic strength training program.

I love how my workout time has been cut in 1/2 and my results have increased tremendously.

I am seeing muscle definition I have not seen in years! My clothes fit better and my confidence is soaring.

Also because Turbulence Training constantly has new workouts I never get bored and my body is constantly challenged in new ways so I get more and more fitness and the physique I like!

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