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Traffic Travis 4 Reviewed

Traffic Travis brought to You by Affilorama Group Limited is one of the oldest keyword research tools that. It’s still among the very best. It helps organise SEO and PPC campaigns and helps find the best sites in a niche. Other main features include checking the backlinks of competitors and finding out their PR and strength. It’s a tool that has one of the most simplest of the user interface and it’s a great tool for beginners. It’s a tool recommended by CNET editor.

Product Name: Traffic Travis: Free SEO Software-TRAFFICT
Publisher Web Site: https://www.traffictravis.com/
Trial period:60 Days

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Since it’s first release there has been many releases and the latest will be version 4 which will be released on second of may. The official blog says that the version 3.0 has crossed 200k downloads in CNET which is huge for a niche specific tool.


I will talk about the main features of version 4 as it is going to be the latest one.

1. The ability to learn from Your competitors. You can find out their weakness, find out their PPC keywords and keep track of their behavior. This is a great feature in my opinion as You will be able to find out the best keywords and working keywords from Your competitors. If Your competitor is using a keyword for quite some time that must be a profitable one. (How I wish I have not mentioned this:))

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2. It helps You create keyword lists. This will save You from paying top dollars for keywords list and like. If You have a keyword which bring You money all You have to do is to type it in traffic travis and the tool will help you find many related keywords to the keyword You entered.

3. It helps You learn from the top most site in Your niche. It will help You find the keywords they are ranking for and this will help You get targetted keywords for Your site.

4. On-page seo is often ignored by many. Traffic travis helps You assess Your site and find out where all You have to improve to acheive better results.

5. If You are into PPC You will know that constant tweaking is necessary to maintain the profitability of a campaign. Traffic travis will help You find out the not so proftable keywords so that You can delete them from Your keyword lists.

6. It’s is well documented fact that studying the competitors backlinks and creating similar backlinks will help You rank. Traffic travis will greatly aid You in this.

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As said already traffic travis is one of the first tools developed to aid internet marketers in keyword research and it’s still among the best. It’s a very user friendly tool and it’s not wrong to say that there is absolutely no learning curve.

You can start with Your work right away. There is a common complaint with traffic travis that it will not be suitable for big sites and it’s date is not as accurate as it used to be. In my experience this is not very true and it’s quite good for big sites. If You are an SEO agency You will love the clean reports that traffic travis can produce. It will get You very clean looking reports that Your clients will love. They were very quick in fixing the tool when the whole yahoo siteexplorer issue occured.

New version: Traffic travis 4

On the second of may traffic travis version 4 will be released which will feature more accurate data (Looks like they listened to users), more detailed analysis of seo competition and the ability to search for domain names for many keywords at once. (I found this feature missing as even newer tool makers offered this feature as part of the toolkit)

The new tool also will help You to do easier adwords analysis and it will have a very powerful adsense analysis which will help You find out which keywords You are not using right now to get traffic which can be used to get more traffic for Your site or blog. It will also have a new feature which will help You compare the backlinks of many sites at once.

Traffic Travis Conclusion:

With the new version Traffic travis is going to be the best tool out there as they have addressed the very few complaints associated with the tool. Many tools have been introduced in the recent past which are no more in a few months. (No refund were provided) It’s safe to assume that traffic travis is going to be around for a very long period and if You are planning to invest in this tool You can do so with 100% confidence.

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