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Total Wellness Cleanse Program Reviews

The Total Wellness Cleanse is my step-by-step body detoxification program that’s powered by the CRM Method. This has helped reverse even the most severe cases of sugar addiction.

Total Wellness Cleanse

Just 2 short weeks from now you’ll look back and wonder how sugar held you back for so long.


Total Wellness Cleanse is a unique product, with which you can detoxify you body and remove all the impurities from your body. It has been created by Yuri Elkaim and Amy Coates , Yuri is a well known person in raw food and cleanse diet industry. He has also authored many other diet products. Amy is a registered holistic nutritionist and former soccer player.

Total Wellness Cleanse is a multimedia training course, which will educate you and shift you from toxic food to natural diet with in 30 days and stimulate your natural weight loss. It will completely eliminate the toxins from your body without taking any pills or supplements. This program will build a strong foundation of your healthy lifestyle for your future life which you will follow happily.

Every one is aware of the fact, we used to intake excess of calories through, processed food, caffeine and sodas etc. Total Wellness Cleanse will guide you completely, that how you can replace this unnatural food with natural and healthy food.

Total Wellness Cleanse Diet

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Personal Verdict

Total Wellness Cleanse is a awesome which guarantees return on your investment. You can easily access all the training videos anywhere and start the process of detoxification. Course has been divided into two parts, first 15 days, they will educate you that how your body reacts when you eat processed and fried food. They will make you understand that, how you can replace toxic food with healthy vegetables and fruits.

In second part, you will implement all those things which you have learned in first part. With this product you will also get, many recipes along with the list of items, that you will easily find in any store. Total Wellness Cleanse, have a unique method of cleaning your body and once you start applying everything, you will feel that, how easily you can manage your weight. You need not take any pills, to lose weight. For a permanent weight loss we need to make changes to our lifestyle and that is what, Total Wellness Cleanse, teaches us.

The priorities in our daily life change every once in a while, but if we do not pay proper attention, we might make the wrong choices. Yuri Elkaim’s Total Wellness Cleanse natural detoxification program offers a great solution for all people interested in providing their body with high quality support as to eliminate the toxins. You may feel fine at one moment and bad the next one; all that might be due to the unhealthy lifestyle society forced you to follow. There are many reasons for you to reevaluate your life style, eating habits and all additional aspects that may impact your health in an undesirable way.

Total Wellness Cleanse


What Is Total Wellness Cleanse Program?

Total Wellness Cleanse is a safe, effective and natural 30-day detox program. It is designed to eliminate toxins in your body, increase energy, alkalize the body, improve general health and help natural weight loss. The meal plan contains only healthy foods, mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. You also need to do some exercise 2-3 times per week. Using some simple techniques such as yoga, breathing exercises or walking will do the trick.

The detox cleansing program has 2 parts:

  • Cleanse Phase (Days 1-14)
  • Maintenance Phase (Days 15-30)

In the Cleanse Phase you need to follow a special diet plan, with natural nutrient-rich foods, the recipes are simple but delicious and you can buy all ingredients from your local grocery store. You will have a special plan for each day, knowing what to eat and when.

During the first 2 weeks of the program you start to feel more energetic, lose some weight and you will have fewer cravings as well.

When you enter he Maintenance Phase you will continue to cleanse your body, but in a more flexible way with 53 new recipes, some of them are meat-based. The Maintenance Phase is 2 weeks, but you will receive an additional 6 weeks meal plan full with healthy recipes.

The Enhanced Importance Of Body Cleanse

The accumulation of toxins in the body determines slowly the entire body to develop various conditions; most of the effects of the toxins accumulated in the body impact the proper functioning of certain internal organs. Usually the liver is the first affected organ, followed by the heart, stomach and the entire sanguine system.

It is truly easy to prevent such conditions from developing. By taking advantage of the Total Wellness Cleanse Program, you are able to use the system specifically adapted to your needs. The high importance of a cleaner body, toxins free, is revealed by our demand to live a healthy life.


What Results Can You See And Feel After The 30-Day Total Wellness Cleanse Program?

  • – lose unwanted fat
  • – feel more energetic
  • – overcome cravings
  • – healthy radiant skin
  • – strong immune-system
  • – feel more motivated
  • – improved digestive function…

What Are The Pros and Cons of Total Wellness Cleanse Diet?


– it’s food based, completely natural, no pills, powders or shakes needed

– printable special meal plan for every day, quick and delicious recipes

– fewer cravings for sugar, caffeine etc.

– 6 week additional meal plan after the 30-day cleansing program with 3 different menu options

– losing weight

– daily email coaching

– 60 day money-back guarantee


– you have to change your dietary habits

– have to stay committed to the program

– you may feel some physical discomfort, like headache during the cleansing

Total Wellness Cleanse is not like any other detox programs. You only need food and water, you don’t have to take any pills or supplements with possible side effects. This way you can cleanse your body naturally and at the same time you will lose extra weight.

Total Wellness Cleanse

Most of the recipes take less than 10 minutes to make and you will use everyday ingredients. The support you get throughout the cleanse program is like having your own nutritionists at home with you. Your body will heal itself as you change bad eating habits.

If you decide to buy this program, be prepared for inner and outer transformation. As you learn how to eat well, and follow the simple instructions, you will experience positive physical and mental changes and finally you can live your life to the fullest!

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There’s a 100% money-back guarantee and it’s step-by-step simple. Just give it a try and if it doesn’t work, you get your money back.

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