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Top 10 Virtual and PBX Phone System Review 2018 (Try for free today)

Top 10 Virtual Phone Systems

  • eVoice Review.
  • Tossable Digits Review.
  • VirtualPBX Review.
  • Talkroute Review.
  • CallHippo Review.
  • eFax Review.
  • FreedomVoice Review.
  • MyFax Review.
  • Nextiva Review.
  • Phone.com Review.
  • Ringcentral Review.
  • RapidFax Review.

eVoice Review (30 day free trial)

eVoice is a voicemail management service powered by j2 Global which offers cutting-edge cloud based virtual office solutions eVoice give small businesses flexibility to deal with business communications from anywhere.

Products Offered

eVoice offers a variety of plans ranging from a single user to a growing small business, 4 different plans in all. The Professional plan is $12.99 per month offering 300 monthly minutes, 2 extensions, and 6 numbers. Next is Small Business Plan 1 which is $29.99 per month, with 1000 monthly minutes, 5 extensions, and 15 numbers. The next tier Business Plan is $49.99 per month, with 2000 monthly minutes, 10 extensions, and 30 numbers. Finally we have the largest Business Plan at $79.99 per month, including 4000 monthly minutes, 15 extensions, and 45 numbers. If you are not sure if this service would be right for you there is a 30 day free trial you can sign up for with no further commitment to test the waters.

Additional Features

These plans offer a everything a small business would need to cover its phone communications. You are given the option to use a preexisting business number or a newly generated one. In addition to the above features there are more features are included in your monthly subscription. These will range from account management, to call blocking, call forwarding, voice mail, to music while someone is on hold. There is also the addition of a mobile app which makes it seamless to use with any iOS or Android based phone.

Along with these regular features there are a number of premium features that can be purchased later at an additional cost. These features are business texting, call recording, international numbers, a live receptionist, outbound faxing, a premium transcription services, vanity phone numbers and web/video conferencing.

eVoice Review

Top 10 Virtual Phone Systems


eVoice offers a very reasonable service for anyone who is in a small business looking for better communications. The key word here is small business. With the largest base subscription offering 45 numbers this company is not targeting any of the big boys. They know the market they want to be in and are sticking to it, which shows they understand business.

Where there are issues for this reviewer is mostly in the marketing, but most companies are guilty of this. They offer you a long list of included services which looks appealing until you actually read it. Most of these services are either repeated in different ways or offer no extra value to regular service. Overall they do have a good product and marketing strategy to offer small business people and should be considered for any communications need.

Tossable Digits Review (Unlimited Virtual Phone Numbers)

No Contracts! Use our Virtual Numbers for 2 minutes or 10 years. Cancel anytime, no questions asked.Add one or more Virtual Numbers to any phone. Use them for anything: sales, ad tracking, work, real estate.Find Virtual Numbers locally or in 60+ other countries. Receive calls on any phone in almost every country.

Tossable Digits Review

Top 10 Virtual Phone Systems

Tossable Digits is easy to use, priced about right and gives me the ability to create new numbers on demand as needed.

VirtualPBX Review (Basic $12.99)

VirtualPBX business telephone service won’t bog you down with contracts or widgets. It will boost your business with the latest in Unified Communications technology and HD Voice.You choose the plan, number of users, and payment options that work best for your business.

VirtualPBX Review

Top 10 Virtual Phone Systems

Virtual PBX’s call handling rules include the ability to block a call, route calls to system administrator, route them to an extension, send them to an ACD Queue, or send them to a voicemail box.Virtual PBX stores your voicemails online, and you can opt to receive an alert or the message itself through your email whenever you receive a voicemail.

Talkroute Review (100% free to try)

Manage, Route, & Answer Your Business Calls. Run your business using your cell phones and landlines!Talkroute helps 1000’s of businesses communicate with their customers every day!You may pick a new Local and/or Toll Free number, or transfer an existing business number to Talkroute. You may add, remove and transfer numbers at any time.

Talkroute Review

Top 10 Virtual Phone Systems

Talkroute’s Call Forwarding & Routing lets you route calls to wherever your business takes you. This flexibility lets you truly make your business mobile – allowing you to take business calls anywhere: home, office or on the road.

CallHippo Review (Request A Free Demo)

Get Your Local Number Instantly. Make Calls to 190+ Countries.
No Desk Phone Required.Give your customers the best support by analysing each call through call recordings.Filter the total number of calls made by a particular call rep and figure out employee efficiency.

CallHippo Review

Top 10 Virtual Phone Systems

With CallHippo’s interactive interface, you can monitor your calls precisely. From the “Activity Feed” section, you can find all your call logs with details like Department, Caller Name, Client Number, Call Status, Date and Time, Total Call Duration, and Total Call Cost.

eFax Review (start faxing now)


efax is an online faxing service that first appeared in 1997. eFax has gone through many different stages and re-hauls in its time, but is now finalised and used by over 10 million people worldwide.

eFax is a faxing service that runs through a user’s web browser or email account. eFax allows users to send and receive faxes without the need for a fax machine. eFax is aimed at providing a modern version of the ever popular, but somewhat dated faxing system. eFax provides users with a toll free fax number. Faxes sent to the number go directly to the users email address and efax account, rather than a traditional fax machine. eFax allows the costs of faxing to be cut down considerably, as there is no need to buy a fax machine or spend money on paper and ink.


eFax offer the sending of faxes directly from email, and also have apps for android andiphone, meaning users can send and receive faxes from anywhere and at any time. Because eFax operates through the internet there are no phone bills or extra faxing charges. There are no busy tones to be contended with and faxing is as simple as typing up a message, entering the recipients number and clicking send. eFax offers services to both personal and corporate customers, with the same low price for both sectors. There is also a free 30 day trial giving users ample time to test out the product. Keep in mind however that if you don’t cancel your trial after 31 days, you’ll be moved onto a paid account and automatic billing will commence.

Business Packages

eFax offers larger packages for corporations with over 1,000 employees. These packages include a higher volume of inclusive faxes and allow multiple numbers, email addresses and names to be assigned to one account. This means eFax will expand with small businesses and immediately capacitate for large corporations. This fills a huge gap in the market as a whole team can use the service at the same time without pushing up costs.

eFax Review

Top 10 Virtual Phone Systems


With the mobile app users can effectively send and receive faxes at any time, whether in the office or on the go. Not only does the service provide a cheaper, more manageable alternative to traditional faxing; but it also has more features than the traditional method. efax also have 24/7 support meaning if there is ever a problem you can have it looked at, and potentially fixed within the hour. The service is easy to use and caters for both individuals and large corporations. With a mobile app, competitive pricing and a whole host of great features we are rating eFax at an incredible.

FreedomVoice Review (30 day free trial)

FreedomVoice is a virtualized phone service provider founded in 1996. Freedom voice grants users 800 extension numbers, meaning it can increase the professional appearance of a business’s phone number.


FreedomVoice uses a large virtual phone network that connects to the users VoIP. Whenever a user has a call FreedomVoice will direct the caller to the right person quicklyusing well-presented, pre-recorded phone menus. As freedomVoice is virtualised and toll free it can massively cut down costs for a business; no longer does a business have to capacitatefor expensive phone systems or spend hours building and recording menus. FreedomVoicerequires nothing but the users internet connection and a simpleVoiP phone, meaning the overall set up costs are very small. Users can choose either a local number, or a toll free number, the number is included in the package and is highly customisable. The system provided by FreedomVoice includes; auto attendant, call forwarding, voicemail, multiple menus, and many more highly sought after features. The system allows virtual extensions and directories to be builtjust like the user has a large physical phone system in the office. FreedomVoice also includes an online faxing service; enabling faxes to be sent and received through the internet, without the need for a fax machine. This can further cut down the running costs of a business, and increase the response times that customers receive.

The company also have sister products such as FreedomIQ, FaxFreedom, and AdTrakker. FreedomVoice offers its customers fully tailored suites that are built around the customer’sneeds; this is the first service we have seen that openly provides this.


FreedomVoice offers 3 main packages for their users; Freedomstart, Freedomedge, and Freedomsuite. Freedomstart is the cheapest and smallest package, but it still includes an unlimited amount of voicemail boxes.Freedomstart comes bundled with 300 inclusive minutes per month. FreedomEdge includes 1000 minutes, and calls that are made outside the 1000 per month quota are slightly cheaper. Freedomsuit is the largest package offered by FreedomVoice, this is mainly aimed at corporations; with 2500 inclusive minutes, and even cheaper out of quota calling. All packages include a free internet faxing service, call screening, toll free number, auto attendant and a business voicemail service. All packages also benefit from a 30 day free trial, but bear in mind that if you try the service and don’t want to keep it, you need to cancel before 31 days. FreedomVoice also offer voicemail transcription and call recording, but these services arrive with a hefty premium.

FreedomVoice Review

Top 10 Virtual Phone Systems


With extensive features, a great user interface, faxing abilities and competitive pricing, we’re rating freedomVoice at an exceptional 4 out of 5 stars. We just wish FreedomVoice would cater to small businesses as well as it does corporations.

MyFax Review (30 day free trial)

MyFax is an online faxing service that allows users to send faxes over the internet and email, without the need for a fax machine. The service runs from a web browser, and has a simple to use interface. The smallest price package allows for  100 faxes to be sent, and 120 faxes to be received in any given month. The service operates can also be incorporated into Microsoft outlook. MyFax offers a local or toll free number for sending & receiving faxes, and because it works over the internet there are no phone bills to pay or waiting times to endure.


The system allowsfor users to work with multiple faxes at once; increasingtime efficiency and productivity. Because there is no need for a fax machine, MyFax will save you money on both upfront costs and paper/ink costs. Faxes are simply delivered to the users email account, and can be replied to like any other email. If the recipient uses a fax machine, the message will be received by the machine as normal. Myfax offers a free 30 day trial which is especially beneficial if you’re not decided on buying the product.

MyFax’s support lines are open 24/7; essential for early birds and late workers. If there is a problem with sending a fax you’re safe in the knowledge that MyFax are ready to fix the issue immediately.

MyFax also enables users to assign up to five different email addresses, meaning a whole team can use Myfax at once for the same cost. Myfax has thankfully included a mobile app that allows the service to be used on the go. This is essential for the millions of traveling business owners. Unfortunately though Myfax only offer apps for iPhone and Blackberry, meaning android and windows mobile users miss out considerably.

The service allows users to save files to their account, meaning you don’t have to re-upload the same document more than once. Myfax also allows users to pick the desired paper size, which is especially beneficial if you need to send a formal letter. Myfax also allows the sending of photos or cover pages for your faxes. The system recognises most formats of text document too.


Myfax has plans for both individual and corporate customers. The only difference in plans is price and quantity of faxes included, all of the features are included in all of the plans.All plans allowthe user toexceed their fax quota, but each fax will cost extra and the price adds up quickly.

MyFax Review

Top 10 Virtual Phone Systems


MyFax Setup is free and the user interface is simple to use. The services offered are of course typical of most online faxing providers, but then again the system works better than most we’ve seen.There is also the benefit of a mobile app and 24/7 support, pricing is also excellent. If MyFax’s features were more abundant and also available on android it would be a different story, but in the meantime we arerating MyFax at a respectable 3 out of 5 stars.


Nextiva is a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) communications business founded in 2006 by Tomas Gorny. Based in the United States, Nextiva specialise in internet communications and were rated “number 1 VoIP business provider” in 2008. Nextiva offer multiple products including those catered specifically for faxing and mobile devices. The aim of Nextiva is to provide effective and professional communication solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Products Offered

Nextiva Office

It is communications service with NextOS Compatibility. Nextiva office comes in two formats: office pro, and enterprise. Both variations of the service offer full support and step by step guidance to help install the solution. Nextiva have included support for installing many different VoIP devices, including those manufactured by the likes of; Cisco, Polycom, and Panasonic; this means that business don’t have to shed out extra money on buying hardware to suit the Nextiva system. The system adds professional and essential touches to a business’s phone system, such as; Recorded greetings, Music on hold, and call recording. The features of Nextiva office are abundant and of high quality, they should provide an effective solution to a business’s phone and faxing needs. All packages offer unlimited calling and faxing for the fixed monthly fee, which is a nice touch. We are however a little disappointed to find that the mobile app and call recording is only available with the enterprise packages.

Nextiva Cloud Call Centre

It is a professionalcall centre hosting service, with enterprise leading features and utilisation of large cloud networks. Nextiva’s hosted call centres offer many benefits to a business, including large financial advantages and access to the latest technologies. On top of providing professionallyhosted call centres; the service also includes web based clients and supervisor tools. With the utilisation of worldwide cloud connections, a large system is in place to ensure that your services are never disrupted. Cloud call centre offers a huge step forward in managing calls, adding a huge work force to your business for little cost.

Nextiva Connect

It is a personal service designed to improve professionalism of an individual’s call management. The service offers a toll free number that the individual can select themselves, and an auto attendant for connecting and managing calls when the individual is unavailable. Calls can also be re-routed to up to 5 different phones, resulting in a much quicker connection for the customer. The service allows an unlimited number of extensions, meaning you can build up your automated menu to get customers to the right place as quickly as possible. The service runs from a single mobile phone, meaning there is no need to buy extra hardware. Nextiva connect ensures that the lead communications manager can work professionally and logistically, wherever he or she may be.

Nextiva also offer services such as vFax; a tool designed to automate faxing, bringing the age old service up to modern standards.

Nextiva Review

Top 10 Virtual Phone Systems


With packages for businesses of all sizes, competitive pricing and such a professional backdrop, Nextiva office is one of the largest contenders in the VoIP communications industry. The product works seamlessly and runs independently, with little input required. With very heavy focus on customer support, a clean user interface, support for non nextiva hardware, and with the use of NextOS, nextiva’s office service is second to none. The product offers a full solution to business communication needs. We would like to see more features becoming available for smaller businesses and tighter budgets though, as even small business owners would like to manage their VoIP service by mobile and have access to a hosted call centre. In terms of features, usability and pricing; we’re giving Nextiva office cloud call centre and vFax, a whopping.

Phone.com Review (Custom Phone Numbers)

Phone.com provides a high quality business VoIP service. They offer simple plans, and more than 40 tools to users. They are an excellent choice for businesses that deal with individuals and other businesses outside of the United States. Currently, they offer two plans. The smallest plan comes with a limited number of minutes, while the larger plan comes with an unlimited number of minutes. They have been able to set themselves apart from the rest of the industry by providing free calls to a variety of different countries including Canada, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, Italy, France, and Puerto Rico. A large majority of VoIP service providers only allow international calls to Canada.


Phone.com has been able to set themselves apart from the competition by ensuring that they offer a wide range of different features that most competitors are not able to match. All of their plans come with unlimited extensions, and mobile office extensions, allowing users to connect to the VoIP system stray from their mobile device. They offer voicemail to text translation, inbound and outbound faxing, call recording, caller analytics, and international virtual numbers. They also offer true unlimited minutes and unlimited user capabilities. If you are looking for a trusted name in the industry, Phone.com is certainly one of the best available.

Phone.com also makes a number of premium features available as well. These features include caller analytics, allowing you to obtain information regarding your colors. It offers voicemail transcription, communicator that allows you to convert your computer and a communication device, hold music, call recording, and global numbers.


The pricing on Phone.com services is pretty straightforward. Their smallest plan, known as the “Shared Minutes” plan, provides 300 minutes, one phone number, and is available for $14.99 per month. The unlimited plan offers unlimited users, one phone number, and is available for $24.99 per month. The Unlimited+Shared plan is available for $24.99 per month per user. It offers shared minutes, unlimited users, and one phone number. The pricing is in line with the expectations of other offers in the industry, and they continue to offer an excellent service to businesses in need.

The company also makes additional minutes available. You can purchase 700 minutes per month for $27.30 per month. They also offer larger plans, such as their 10,000 minute plan, which cost $310 per month. These plans are excellent for larger businesses that have needs larger than those of the standard plans that the company offers.

Phone.com Review

Top 10 Virtual Phone Systems


Many consider Phone.com to be a more “mainstream” option than some of the other available options. While this may be true, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration in order to ensure that you receive a high quality solution that will meet the needs of your business. Phone.com is a bit more expensive than some of the competition, but you are paying for a trusted brand. They also make a wide number of additional features available at a great price. If you are looking for high quality PDX services, Phone.com is undoubtedly one of the best brands currently available in the marketplace.

Ringcentral Review (Free trial)

Ringcentral goes above and beyond what you might expect from your traditional VoIP provider. They have a sophisticated and easy-to-use web-based interface for small businesses. The web-based system is able to simplify the entire process of signing up, receiving and sending calls, and paying your bill. As a hosted VoIP platform, they are able to deliver a list of features that actually rivals that of on premises PBX systems. Ringcentral has been able to deliver a highly complex service without having to charge an arm and a leg in the process.


Currently Ringcentral offers multiple different pricing levels for individuals and businesses. For businesses that are going to have somewhere between two and 19 users, the total cost is only $29.99 per month per user. However, you can receive a great deal when you sign up for plans with more than 100 users, with prices as low as $19.99 per month per user. They allow users to connect with both incoming and outgoing phones, and allow businesses to set up phones and route calls to mobile phones and other receiving devices.

Ease of Use

One of the main problems with many VoIP services is the fact they are just simply not all that easy to use. However, Ringcentral has been able to put together a service that is quite easy to use through their web interface. The phone number is delivered after subscribing by email. Businesses are then able to transfer an existing phone number, or request their own toll-free phone number. Then, you can login directly and create extensions, assign call groups, outline the rules for a call queue, and automatic routing solutions. They are truly an excellent and easy-to-use option for any small business. The interface is slick. The controls are very responsive. The service is compatible with a wide range of different IP phones.


The list of features offered by Ringcentral is almost endless, particularly if you sign up for the Professional plan. The company offers a virtual receptionist, the ability to play music when on hold, message alerts, updated presence information a directory for your company, and a variety of other trees that the user can go down. These features are available for both web-based users, and on premises users. The company also offers a web-based fax service, for industries in which faxing is a consistent unnecessary need.

Additionally, the company also offers a call forwarding feature for mobile devices. There are two different types of call forwarding. You can set it to try a different phone if the first phone does not answer, or simply forwarded to a voicemail.

Ringcentral Review

Top 10 Virtual Phone Systems


For small businesses, there is no better option than Ringcentral. They continually innovate, and have risen to the top of their industry by providing a better service than most competitors are able to. The huge range of different features that they offer for reasonable prices has made them a popular option for online and off-line businesses alike. If you are looking for a cheap VoIP option with a lot of features, look no farther than Ringcentral. We’ve given RingCentral a 5 out of 5 stars and our #1 ranking.

RapidFax Review (30-day free fax trial period)

RapidFax is an online faxing service enabling users to send faxes through the internet and email, without the need for a fax machine. RapidFax allows customers to use both local, and toll free numbers. The faxes may be digital, but they are printedby the recipients machine just like a standard message would be. Rapidfax can save users a lot of money by providing the benefits of faxing without the cost of a fax machine, or the consumables required to run it(ink and paper.) The service includes an unlimited amount of storage for faxes, this isn’t particularly revolutionary as a typical fax consists of just 8KB (Kilobytes) of data, which is less than 300 times the size of an MP3 music file, but it is definitely worth mentioning.


The service allows users to send and receive multiple faxes at once in a great attempt to increase productivity. Rapidfax is accessed through a simple web client; just log into your account with a web browser and you can get faxing straight away.We’re particularly disappointed to not see a desktop or mobile application available, but the simplicity and ease of use of the website somewhat makes up for this downfall. However it is poorly presented. Rapidfax also supports the sending of images and rich text files, which is excellent if you need to send schematics or add an impact to your message.

Rapidfaxincorporatesseamless integration with Microsoft outlook, which is good to see as Microsoft outlook is one of the most popular email clients in the world. Because Rapidfax runs through the internet, there is no chance of receiving a busy signal and having to wait to send your fax, the system does it all for you. You will receive a simple confirmation of a successful or failed fax via email.

The support offered by Rapidfax is adequate, but somewhat lacking. There is a 9-5 phone line, email supportand an FAQ on Rapidfax’s website; that’s definitely better than nothing, but if for example it’s 8PM and you can’t send a fax then you’re going to have to wait. Rapidfax offer a free 30 day trial, there are no setup costs and you can send or receive 300 faxes with the inclusive price.

RapidFax Review

Top 10 Virtual Phone Systems


Rapidfax offers a simple solution to faxing without a fax machine, it does its job well, but is lacking many features, and customer support is below standard.we would like to see Rapidfaxincorporate a desktop program at the absolute least, a mobile app would be even better. The website works effectively but needs an overhaul.The lack of applications and the presentation are huge downfalls; to be honest Rapidfax do not seem to be invested in this product. Rapidfax will enable you to send faxes over the internet, but it comes at a premium, and lacks many important features. We are rating Rapidfax at a rather disappointing 2 out 5 stars.

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