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Cross Tattoos for Women

Cross tattoos for women are often smaller in size than those found on men. The design may also be more feminine to reflect the gender of the wearer but there are also designs for men that women will choose to keep for their cross tattoos. The favorite locations of the cross tattoos also varies with women preferring the ink art on their lower backs, hands and ankles while the men like their shoulders, backs and forearms as the canvas.

But man or woman, the choices of cross tattoos are similar. You and the tattoo artist can choose from a wide range of cross designs, which may also be personalized in color, shape and size. The following are just a few of the basic cross tattoos that can be found in online sites, catalogs and flash books.

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Pre-Christian Crosses

Many will think that the cross tattoos for women and for men are all related to Christianity, which leads to misconceptions about the use of crosses in body art. You are either a religious person or a heretic intent on being sacrilegious.

But this is not true. Cross symbols have been around even before Christianity came onto the scene with pagan religions starting the trend. Thus, you have pre-Christian cultures like the ancient Babylonians, Assyrians and Egyptians using various forms of the cross in their own religions. Think of the ankh in Egyptian hieroglyphics and you will get the point.

Celtic Crosses

And then there is the Celtic cross that has long been associated with sun worship. In fact, its basic shape of a cross with a circle around the intersection represents the sun, which was worshiped as a powerful deity by the ancient Druids and Celts.

The beauty of Celtic cross tattoos for women lies in the intricate Celtic knot work on the entire cross. With so many possible knot works, personalization is possible, not to mention that the knot work looks so much like lace. Plus, you can choose the color of the cross – basic black or blue or green, the color of the Irish.

Christian Crosses

Of course, we also have the Christian crosses that can range from the simple crucifix made of two lines to the elaborate design of the Coptic cross. In fact, you can make your own cross from the basic designs existing in the many sects of Christianity including the Canterbury cross, the Easter cross and the Gnostic cross, among others.

You may have doubts about the appropriateness of cross tattoos for women in our modern world. The basic rule is that if your faith and religion do not clash with your sense of aesthetic in body art, then using a cross design for tattoos is acceptable. You may have second thoughts if and when you believe that other people’s sensibilities may be offended as when you sport a swastika (a form of a cross) in certain circles.

But don’t be limited by the abovementioned examples of cross designs. You also have the choice of crosses being combined with other shapes like butterflies, fishes, flowers and even mythical creatures. When it comes to cross tattoos for women, almost anything goes as long as you are happy with the final result.

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Neck Tattoos for Girls

Neck tattoos for girls are becoming popular in the ink community. You will see teenagers, young ladies and adult women sporting tattoos of various designs from the back to the sides of their necks. Such growing popularity does not come as a surprise considering the many benefits that neck tattoos can bring to the individual. But before you go beating a path to your favorite tattoo artist’s door, we suggest knowing more about the pros and cons of these tattoos.

Pros and Cons

Let’s start with the benefits since we want to encourage the girls and ladies who may be sitting on the fence about this matter. First, neck tattoos are located on one of the sexiest parts of a woman’s body. The graceful line, movement and sheer beauty of the neck is accentuated with a beautiful tattoo, not to mention that one of a woman’s erogenous zones is the neck area so being kissed on your tattoo adds a certain sexual thrill.

Then, you will agree that neck tattoos for girls can easily be hidden or shown depending on the occasion. You can hide a neck tattoo either with long hair or with clothing or both. For example, if the tattoo is located at the back of the neck, a collared shirt or a turtleneck shirt can easily hide it. If the tattoo is in front, a scarf will do the trick.

Then again, why hide a thing of beauty? You should display your neck tattoo as much as possible.

Now, let’s proceed to the cons of neck tattoos for girls. Actually, we can think of only one significant disadvantage for neck tattoos and even that is temporary in nature.

Keep in mind that the neck is a highly sensitive area made more so by the presence of the spine, which ends at the base of the neck. You will experience more pain during the tattooing process as a result of such sensitivity but it will soon fade away.

So, shall you still have the neck tattoo you have been dying to get? Yes, you must because the permanent benefits definitely outweigh the temporary pain.

Fierce and Feminine

Yet another beauty of neck tattoos for girls is the wide range of choices from the fierce to the feminine. You don’t have to limit yourself to feminine themes because tattoos are one of the few things in life where gender equality is encouraged. Tattoos are all about personal expression so if you have a fierce manly tattoo in mind, then go for it.

Here are a few ideas of neck tattoos that you can consider:

  • Flower tattoos are usually feminine in design with each flower having its own symbolism. Roses, lilies and cherry blossom are the more popular designs.
  • Butterfly tattoos look good at the back of the neck because the wings appear to encompass the whole area.
  • Angel tattoos are also great ideas because of the concept that guardian angels are just over our backs intent on protecting us from harm.
  • Name tattoos of either yourself or other people close to your heart are great ideas as well.

Indeed, you can take neck tattoos for girls in any desired direction. The most important thing is that you can show it with your neck held high.

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Lower Back Tattoos for Women

Lower back tattoos for women are subject to myths. The most widespread of these myths is that women with lower back tattoos are licentious tramps ready for a romp with any man at the snap of her fingers. Well, we consider such an idea to be absolutely ridiculous!

Men and women of all stripes have their bodies inked with body art for various reasons. It can be to memorialize a person or commemorate an event or honor a certain group of people. It can be for the love of art itself with no other reason than to transform your body into a temple for the arts. Being sexually active or being of certain sexual preference has little to no bearing with choosing one of the designs for lower back tattoos for women.

Four Cs

With that being said, there are four factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing from among numerous lower back tattoo designs. These factors are true regardless of the feminine or masculine appearance of the tattoo.

  • Centering – Most, if not all, lower back tattoos are designed to provide symmetry to the area in such a way as to accentuate the gentle flare of a woman’s hips. As such, tattoo artists will position the lower back tattoo with the curve in the spine as the center. This is true whether the tattoo is a single design located at the base of the spine or a flaring tattoo encompassing almost all the waist.
  • Complementation – Lower back tattoos for women should ideally be designed to complement present and future inks. Keep in mind that the best tattoo designs are those that blend well with each other preferably ones with a cohesive story.
  • Color – You can choose from either colored tattoos or black-and-white tattoos for your lower back. As with other forms of body art, it’s your personal choice because you will be wearing it.
  • Cost – Of course, the general rule is that the larger the design, the higher the costs. You may be able to enjoy a discount if you are a valued customer of the tattoo salon.

When you have considered these important factors, you are more than likely to enjoy a lower back tattoo that you can be proud to display. So, get ready with your bikinis and hip-baring jeans.

Four Possible Designs

Obviously, the designs for lower back tattoos for women are as numerous as there are women on the planet. After all, each individual can draw an original design or tweak an original tattoo to suit her taste, which is allowed in the ink community for the simple reason that tattoos are personal expressions of body art.

The following four designs are the more popular lower back tattoos for the feminine form:

  • Tribal tattoos are favorites because of the way these designs can cover the entire waistline.
  • Floral designs suit most women because of their symbolisms as well as being expressions of strong femininity.
  • Celtic tattoos are desired for their intricacy in knot work, which calls attention to the lower back.
  • Heart designs can be coupled with other elements like flowers, thus, making for double symbolisms.

Indeed, lower back tattoos for women are things of beauty just as their wearers are beautiful creatures, each in her personal way.

Heart Tattoos for Women

In many civilizations and cultures, the heart has been and continues to be used to represent numerous ideas. It has also been represented in various ways from the anatomically correct to the highly stylized but almost every society assigned similar meanings to the heart – human emotions, passions and feelings, of course. Thus, when we speak of heart tattoos for women, the first thing that comes to mind is that these designs represent the wearer’s emotions, passions and feelings translated in ink.

Reasons for Loving

Obviously, your reasons for getting a heart tattoo will be different than the reasons of other women who decide to get one of their own, too. We cannot over emphasize the fact that body art is a highly personal and, thus, highly subjective art form. Nonetheless, your reasons may fall into one or two of the following although it must be said that the list is not all-inclusive:

  • Commemorate events, celebrate people and pledge allegiance to a group especially when coupled with a name and/or a date
  • Express a powerful emotion or passion in life
  • Show belief in a certain form of spirituality
  • Take pride in being a heart disease survivor
  • Convey a profession related to the heart

Indeed, heart tattoos for women are well-loved because of the many things that these designs stand for plenty of people.

Recommended Tattoos

As previously mentioned, the heart tattoo can take on many forms depending on the sense of aesthetics, the symbolism adopted and the selected site on the body. You can either be true to the physiological appearance of the heart or be creative with the basic shape to come up with your own heart design. As we say, have a heart tattoo after your own heart.

But being human as we are, we tend to assign meanings to the different kinds of heart tattoos for women and men. The following are just a few of the highly recommended heart tattoos and their general meanings:

  • Simple heart shape with a person’s name written on a scroll represents the wearer’s love for that person. Most of the time, the tattoo is placed near the heart itself.
  • Heart with a dagger piercing its center and coming out on the other side symbolizes distrust, betrayal and other intense emotional pain experienced by the wearer.
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus tattoo expresses the wearer’s devotion to the cross and to her faith
  • Heart with “mom” or its equivalent written on it honors the person who brought the wearer into the world. Plus, it definitely beats having to explain your ex-boyfriend’s name tattooed to your chest to your husband unless the former’s name is the same as your mom’s, which is unlikely.
  • Heart with a pierced arrow and perhaps accompanied by a rendition of Cupid symbolizes a romantic at heart.

In conclusion, if you look closely into the many designs of heart tattoos for women, you will observe that these have more than their fair share of passion. The stories behind the tattoos are often more interesting than the design itself, which makes for great art, indeed.

Shoulder Tattoos for Women

Shoulder tattoos for women are considered sexy ways to assert one’s femininity without going all the way to full body art. Well, at least, most women will start with tattoos on their shoulders before moving on to sleeves and then to other ink designs on various parts of the body. Think of shoulder tattoos as just the beginning of a beautiful love affair with body art – truly, one of the highest forms of art man has known.

Location Matters

Shoulder tattoos are considered advantageous for many reasons. First, your pain is considerably less with shoulder tattoos than in other parts of the body like the ankles and feet. This is mainly because the shoulders have more flesh than bone making contact with the needles.

Second, you can choose to either display or hide shoulder tattoos for women. If you must hide it, a simple shirt or a dressy blouse will suffice for the purpose. If you want to flaunt it, you have many choices from bikinis to tube and halter tops.

But of course, the location of the shoulder tattoos matters since there are specific places in which the designs can be placed so that it can be considered as, well, shoulder tattoos. Shoulder tattoos are located on the shoulder blade, on the shoulder’s back side or on the upper part of the shoulder stretching down a small part of the arm. When the tattoo stretches to a quarter or half or full length of the arm, we call it a sleeve.

In most cases, shoulder tattoos for women are placed on the left side as it is considered the femin ine side. This is with the assumption that only one tattoo is being inked. Both shoulders can be tattooed with mirror images, which is true in the case of angel or devil wings of any size.

Design Concerns

Yet another benefit of tattoos is their unisex quality. You can choose from among hundreds of designs that can fit both men and women with nobody the wiser for it. You can consider tattoos as a gender equalizer since no hard and fast rules are in place to tell anybody what kind of tattoos to sport on his/her body.

Still, you will find plenty of shoulder tattoos for women designed specifically for the gender. These designs usually look very feminine with stylized shapes, thinner lines and smaller sizes than those for the male population. You can even add revisions so that your boyfriend’s or husband’s shoulder tattoo has a feminized version on your shoulder as well. Yes, indeed, his-and-hers tattoos are cool.

You have plenty of design choices for your shoulder tattoos. Like with all kinds of tattoos, we suggest finding a personal meaning to your chosen design so that you can live with it. If you have second doubts about a certain design, we suggest following your gut instinct.

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Your choices include wings, zodiac signs, animals, flowers, heavenly obj ects, insects, crosses, and tribal designs, among others. No matter which of the hundreds of designs for shoulder tattoos for women you choose, keep in mind that it is your tattoo – wear it with pride.

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