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What does it take to become an Internet Marketing success?

You’ve all read the blurb, do this and become a millionaire overnight or do this and become the next internet marketing success story, and every one of them involves turnkey websites, push button miracles and/or large amounts of cash changing hands from you to them to make it so.

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If you hadn’t realised it by now, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee, the only one getting rich from this is them.

If you are sat there now thinking this is me and I admit, I am an internet marketing newbie, where do I start, then don’t worry.

You can read these stories all over the internet of how people just can’t seem to push forward due to many thing.

  1. Information overload.
  2. Lack of skills.
  3. Lack of time to do everything required.
  4. Lack of money.

Every Internet Marketing success has a story to tell.

Did you realise that for every Internet Marketing success story, there are approximately 19 stories of failure and people giving up.

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The industry standard is 5% success, but the 5% that have succeeded have done it either with a very focused plan or someone to guide them, virtually by the hand, which in turn has given them a focused plan, so either way, it is about focus and commitment to do the things that have proved successful.

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Several years ago, you could get away with many things when it came to Google, but since the Panda update in May 2011, the game has changed and the need for more focus and more planning is now the order of the day with Google becoming more and more concerned about content being relevant to the niche, helpful to the searcher and full of information to help someone make the buying decision, and to do that, you need to learn the right way to start in your career.

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