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So exactly what are you getting when you buy Microcap Millionaires?

I want to provide an unbiased view on the increasingly popular penny stock guide, “Microcap Millionaires” and tell you my experience in using this system and my honest thoughts about it.

Please don’t go ahead and buy this system without reading this review to the end. It’s not long, but I truly believe it’s important for you.


And with the stock market and financial world in desperate straights – you can REALLY stand a great chance of making money with penny stocks now more than ever.

I believe these are ESSENTIAL details you need before making a decision on whether to sign up to the Microcap Millionaires service.


Product Name: Microcap Millionaires-STOCKSITE
Publisher Web Site:
Trial period:60 Days

Microcap Millionaires appears as “yet another” penny stock picker. Let me say at the outset that Microcap Millionaires is NOT a get rich quick scheme. And frankly, after reading outlandish claims from many who offer these systems I can say from experience that I have NEVER encountered one such scheme. They are scams rather than schemes.

So how much better – or worse? – is Microcap Millionaires from other good stock picking services on the market?

In my view it comes down to the quality of the advice being provided and the service delivered. In the case of MM it is top level on both counts. Matt Morris, the man behind the service, actually responds to personal emails, which is one of the tests I apply to verify the bona fides of these people.

His service provides quality stocks and this is something I pride myself (over years of lost money and misguided advice) in being able to select myself.

His system involves a couple of devices that stand up to good scrutiny – his “reverse mergers” technique is robust and effective, for instance.

My Likes and Dislikes

Perhaps I should start with my dislikes over the system. Frankly, I don’t like the over-hyped talk on the sales page about how much it can make. And – to be brutally honest – I don’t think those are really true. Talking about turning a few hundred dollars into a million in just a few weeks is nonsense! Sure, it can happen but let’s be realistic here.

This is a system that delivers email alerts that can generate several thousand dollars a month to you. Isn’t that enough? In my book any such system is worth it’s weight in gold and this is inexpensive for the advice it delivers.

I was also a little unimpressed with some of the presentation and the overwhelming information that initially came through – both of which have been improved.

For instance, now Matt will provide some video updates as well as the email delivery so you really get a good feel for what is happening and it makes it totally simple and enjoyable as an investment process.

My likes? The Hit Rate

Easy, that one. His hit rate. This guy is capable of hitting some selections right out of the park. He starts by providing some free selections for you (you can get them by signing up) and goes from there.

The penny stock selections are excellent. I really take hours of time going through financials and Matt’s system has picked a whole bunch that I either overlooked or would never have seen.

In summary – it’s not a million-dollars-in-7-days or any such scam.

It’s a quality hot penny stock picker that is systemized – something anyone serious about investment in the stock market needs.

A system is great. It is something you can rely on. BANK on.

I recommend it to you.

Believe me when I say I’m simply not going to waste time with a service that doesn’t deliver. Who can?

First of all, What Exactly is MicrocapMillionaires?

MicrocapMillionaires is a paid service a team of expert investors have come up with where the customer or novice investor signs up for their newsletter paying a monthly membership subscription and getting the hottest stock buys and sell with strategy on entrance and exit.

Microcap Millionaires was developed by Matt Morris. You will get hot reverse merger stocks  and daily stocks alerts with this membership. The membership can be cancelled at any time and you will never be billed again.

Matt Morris claims he doesn’t hype his service and it is just out there to anyone that would like to take advantage of stocks that the majority of the time turn in big profits and big pockets for any investor that listens  to benefit from the service trading guide.

MicrocapMillionaires is a simple program that finds cheap micro-cap stocks that are  ready to blow and make good returns.

Member that buy this newsletter subscription simply stick to it and are loyal and provide greater services to the original owners that have created it so they are expanding with bigger and better things for investors to find good investments.


MicrocapMillionaires is it a scam ?

The answer to this question is not really. Microcap millionaires runs off of a a simple concept.

The key is to find cheap microcap stocks (or penny stocks) right before they are about to “breakout”. The stocks could jump from 50% to 5,000% in a short period of time.

Who should buy MicrocapMillionaires?

Microcap millionaires is perfect for anyone who is looking for ways to make money with microcap stocks but doesn’t want to spend hours doing the research. So you can spend more time with kids, pay for vacations, or even pay the rent and bills etc.

The greatest thing about Microcapmillionaires is that they tell you exactly what to do so you can’t fail. You can picks via email telling you exactly what stock to buy, when to buy it, and when to sell it. They also give you daily updates on the picks so you’re never in the dark.

See What Others Have to Say

“MicrocapMillionaires offers a great service.I am really profiting from it.The lazy way”
Actual Consumer comment  on microcapmillionaires video testimonials

“Just wanted to say I love this service! I’m already on course to make more from investing than I am from my job thanks to your picks of course.I appreciate you getting back to me so fast also when I ask a million questions–lol.Keep the great picks coming!”

Portion of actual user review  on

“You really need to go through the example process in order to see how this works and how easy it seems to be. According to the rest of the sales page you’ll receive email alerts of these Reverse Mergers right from the Microcap Millionaires. So instead of actually spending the hours on end doing all the work yourself, someone else will be doing it for you. Sounds like a plan right?”

The Bad Points

Obviously, MicrocapMillionaires’s not perfect. Here’s what I didn’t like about it:

  • Over-hyped sales paged. From their sales page, you would expect to be a millionaire in no time. In fact, the example they use is you can quickly turn $200 into $1 million in 30 days. This will not happen  . With Microcapmillionaires expect to win 66% of the time and average 150% per winning trade.

The Good Points

  • Personal email support. Unlike other stock picking newsletters, They actually take pride in answering emails in timely manner…not ignoring member.
  • Weekly updates covering all of hottest current stock picks, with an easy to read spreadsheet that covers every one of their current picks. They also produce video analysis of our picks from time to time, just to break up the monotony of reading email jargon & so you can actually hear voice and feel
  • Paid members are alerted to new MM picks at least 24 hours before non-paid subscribers, which usually means you get into +100% gainer stock picks at lower prices (bigger gains for you).
  • Entry points and Exit points. These give you a clear and concise strategy for trading every  one of their stock picks so you don’t have to guess when to buy or sell.
  • Some of Microcap Millionaires biggest stock picks are NEVER sent to non-paid subscribers. Example: IMEN ran 2000% in late April. This stock was alerted 2 weeks before the breakout, and only to paid members.


Last Word

I tell you the truth about MicrocapMillionaires. Does it actually work and who’s it for? I have all the details, plus the good points and bad points.

I recommend that you should give it a try, there’s way to many of his member making a lot of money following the microcapmillionaires stock trading advice.

There is also a full 8 week money back guarantee if you want to paper trade to make sure it will work for you.

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