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Simple Golf Swing Review – My Honest Opinion

You have come to the right place to read my unbiased Simple Golf Swing Review.

Why am I writing this?

Well, before I picked up my copy of the golf swing guru there weren’t any valuable reviews of the best golf swing guides. Now having seen the book for myself I wanted to help others who are in the same position as I was by creating a simple golf swing review.

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I want to make it clear from the start that I am going to give you an impartial view of my experience of David’s book. In this simple golf swing review I will give you the all the CORE information you will want including the good and bad points. So if that is something you don’t want to hear then you may as well leave now.

This is a simple golf swing review site. Click here to visit David Nevogt’s Golf Swing Guru Official Website.

So what is my simple golf swing review really all about?

Golf Swing Guru – The Simple Golf Swing is all about how to really improve your golf swing. It will help you improve your golf swing techniques and start to see real difference to your scores.

This is a very simple step-by-step guide that removes all complications and gets you back to basics to make your swing more consistent and more powerful.

Over the last 3 – 4 years this guide has helped thousands of golfers to banish their demons and reduce their gross score by 6 -10 shots and finally break through the magical 80 shot barrier.

At 30 years old I have now been playing golf for over 15 years. I was consistently an average to high handicapper. I have spent many years experiencing the lows of golf. Before I created this simple golf swing review I had spent a lot of money on golf lessons in my time and learnt to play golf with many different professionals.

This led to a lot of confusion and not much progress and ultimately a lot of golfing depression. I needed a simple swing system and found this in David’s guide. My last season was my most successful yet dropping 6 shots from my handicap.

By using David’s very simple swing system I am now a lot more consistent, I now hit the ball further from the tee and most importantly of all I now really ENJOY playing golf.

Why is The Simple Golf Swing so revolutionary?

David Nevogt teaches that for us to improve golf the swing, the golf swing has to be kept simple. Too many swing thoughts result in complication and lack of consistency. In this simple golf swing review I want to share some of the problems and how he covers the solutions.

  • For example, he talks about how everyone wants to swing it like the professionals but not everyone has the physique to swing it like Tiger. The solution? The simple golf swing is designed so anyone, regardless of ability, can swing the club. He has based it on a shortened back swing using the spine as a fixed axis which places less pressure on the lower back. This creates a more solid impact, more consistent results and less overall strain the body.
  • Even if you are a golfer in fine physical shape it takes hours and hours of practice to groove and master the conventional swing. This can be very complicated and hugely time consuming. Who has that kind of time? I know I didn’t. The solution? The Simple Golf Swing review removes all unnecessary movements getting you back to golf basics. Scrap it all. Instead he teaches a fundamental movement that gets the club back to the ball and gets it there fast. For example, thinking of a wrist cock at the top of your backswing can throw you off your timing. Without timing you won’t have a simple golf swing, or indeed, a powerful golf swing.

Are there any bad points to mention?

I like to be honest and unbiased to all my readers and this simple golf swing review is no exception. I have found that not every product is free from its flaws.

  • David’s methods are considered by the mainstream to be UNORTHODOX. You will need to read it with an open mind and be prepared to accept change to start seeing the results and losing your golfing depression.
  • Once you have read the Golf Swing Guru you will need to put into practice what he teaches. Don’t expect to walk on to the course straight away and shoot the round of the life. Spend a little time on the range, familiarising yourself with your new golf swing techniques.

Simple Golf Swing Training

And of course the good points about Golf Swing Guru

  • It makes for a very enjoyable read. David’s coaching knowledge really is apparent and it keeps you eager to read on as more simple but effective techniques are revealed.
  • He has lots of photos to clearly demonstrate each of his techniques so you can easily imitate each process.
  • He very effectively focuses on the Set Up, the Grip, your Alignment and Timing to name but a few important points.
  • This book isn’t just for the high handicapper. He also focuses on how even the more experienced lower handicapper can benefit and strengthen their game by employing his simple swing secrets.
  • It really is completely different to any other product in this niche. I have read many best golf swing guides promising to improve my golf swing and get out of rock bottom golf over the years and this is by far the simplest, most effective and enjoyable guide I have read.

So overall what do I really think?

The Golf Swing Guru – The Simple Golf Swing review is in my opinion, the best golf swing guide for quickly and effectively improving your golf swing and getting out of your golfing depression. David really can help you drop 7 strokes in 2 weeks.

I have never witnessed results like I have seen from employing this guide and I have read my fair share of guides in the 8 years I have been reviewing products online.

If you’re really down in the dumps and you’re playing rock bottom golf and you’re really committed to sharpening your swing then I recommend you get yourself a copy of the Golf Swing Guru. You really won’t look back!

I’d love to hear of your success stories.

Thanks and I hope my simple golf swing review has helped you.

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