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SEO Pressor Review – How Good Is It?

If you’re looking for more info on SEO Pressor, then you’re in luck Writing articles for your own websites is an effective marketing strategy and is easy enough to do. Once you get used to writing articles, you can make one in under an hour. The problem with this marketing strategy is that despite the good quality, there is not enough exposure to get the websites on top of every search engine in the planet and attract prospective clients or customers.

Product Name: SEOPressor Connect – WordPress SEO Plugin-seopressor
Publisher Web Site: http://seopressor.com/
Trial period:60 Days

seopressor vs yoast

Despite good quality articles, many websites remain under the radar of search engines. This is where SEO Pressor comes in. This is a plugin used to show you what element is missing from your articles in order to get higher rankings. It presents several criteria that an article must meet in order to be useful in building ranks. One of the most important criteria is for an article to focus on long tail keywords. Long tail keywords ensure that the article would catch the attention of internet surfers and have hi rankings in search engines.

According to the SEO Pressor blueprint, you must focus on the H1, H2, H3 tags and keywords in an article. There must be a bold, italicized, or underlined keyword in an article for at least one time. You must also remember to set and image ALT tag to contain the keyword. Keyword density must reach at least 1% since it is normally less than 3%. A well-optimized article containing all these elements is great for search engine optimization.

What It’s About

SEO Pressor is a great tool and a must have when it comes to internet marketing. It works in a very simple way to help you optimize your articles. The first step in using the SEO Pressor tool would be to load the article in your WordPress blog site and use the SEO Pressor to rank the keyword that you would use. Switch to your back office panel window and you will see a checklist of the suggestions that this plugin generated to help you make your article more SEO friendly. The most common suggestions would be to add an H1, an H2, headings, pictures, or internal links within the article. This plugin will also calculate the density of the keyword and provide with the overall rating.

Although most internet marketers already have background information regarding search engine optimization or SEO, the SEO Pressor tool could save them time in copy-reading their articles. They would not forget to add an item or a link and would make fewer mistakes in posting articles. It would save them time in determining the ranking of their chosen keywords as well. One does not even need to have SEO background knowledge to use this tool. They will be able to learn it along the way as they optimize their own articles.

seopressor and yoast

The SEO Pressor comes with step by step tutorials so that people who don’t have SEO ideas can still use it and comprehend the processes that it takes them into. Internet marketers can train assistants using the SEO Pressor so that they would not have to do everything plus, they would not need to outsource for search engine optimization. They can have their own quality articles that will rank high in search engines without relying on other people and paying them.

The other benefits of choosing SEO Pressor among other things in the market are that it has licensing for a single site, one domain, and lifetime updates. It will never be obsolete as the updates are always available once you purchase the product. What’s even better is that you can get all these for a onetime payment of $47.00 plus excellent customer support. SEO Pressor also offers the same type of support with unlimited license in multi sites and unlimited domains with free installation for $97.00. What’s more is that, you’ll have no difficulty in running the program; all you have to do is download it, no more time consuming installations and synchronization required.

Aside from helping you optimize your articles, SEO Pressor actually calculates the worth of your website based on SEO score. It operates on the same principle as a superior application like Google Analytics so that what the results say is quite near the actual ranking the page would be in with its contents. The current version of this plugin is compatible with WordPress 3.0, something that other products have a hard time achieving. This plugin evolves with the new version of the blog to make sure that it is always compatible.

SEO Pressor Conclusion

With SEO Pressor, outsourcing for the sake of SEO is a thing of the past. Sure there are a lot of great writers out there who could come up with brilliant articles for your website for a certain price, but not all of them is capable of coming up with optimized articles that are search engine friendly. With a very low price and wonderful features, downloading SEO Pressor is a great move for internet marketers. SEO Pressor is also quite an investment since a onetime purchase would entitle you to a lifetime of updates.

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