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Reveal The Steel

My Reveal The Steel Review is finally here. Let’s take a look at this fitness program. Perhaps the reason why you are reading this article is you mainly want to lose some pounds of weight and build muscles. Yes, that can really happen but it takes a lot of courage to achieve so.

Product Name: Reveal The Steel-crudefit79
Publisher Web Site: http://revealthesteel.com/
Trial period:60 Days

Reveal The Steel Reverse Pyramid

Well I supposed you browsed, and seen testimonials saying product x is exceptional and effective. Some may even say, “I lost 10 pounds. because of brand y” or “This product is amazing for trimming my ever-expanding waistline”. Sure thing they are convincing but the truth of the matter about these products and program is that it may not deal with a healthy weight loss and only impacts a temporary result that you can’t escape later on.

Easily outshining the competition in the weight loss industry, Clint Nielsen developed the Reveal The Steel workout program which is the ultimate key to being fit and lean since this helps your body burn calories throughout the day. In general, it is designed with conjunction of the right energy controlled diet and proper exercise.

 The Essence of Reveal The Steel

 About 34% of the adults over the age of 20 are obese and 34% are overweight. On the other hand, 18% of the adolescents between 12 and 19 years old are obese. This makes sense on why you are here. Well anyway, I don’t want to be exaggerated but the real essence of Reveal The Steel program is to turn you into a body of a superman.

The program plan is to be used by both men and women regardless of age and aims to promote a healthy and lean body. This is more on showing how to kill a few pounds of fat and living with a balanced exercise and diet. Therefore it’s all about balancing activity and calories, exercise and the kind of lifestyle is a part of its equation.

When an individual understands this fact which is reveal in the Reveal The Steel program, it is now easier to have an effective weight loss management, plans and goals. Lets’ continue to look at this program with my Reveal The Steel Review.

 Why And Who Should Use Reveal The Steel?

 The human body is composed of different cells, tissues and microorganisms that have different structure, size, density and weight. So therefore, the cells and tissues that you have will contribute to your overall body weight. As a matter of fact, females have higher fat percentage that men has, this is because women have the ability to produce a baby; which on the other hand, requires the extra fat in order to produce, insulate and protect the baby.

Basically, Clint designed the program appropriate for everyone; men and women. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, there’s always a diet and a program that suits you best.  Reveal The Steel program provides countless benefits including:

  1. Increases metabolism
  2. Strengthens bones for men and women
  3. Increases the size and number of myofibrils per muscle fiber
  4. Increases muscle endurance
  5. Provides balance and coordination
  6. Increases self-esteem
  7. Reduce the risk of coronary artery disease
  8. Reduce threats of kidney stones and lessens the risk of strokes
  9. Reduce the risk of heart disease and reduce constipation
  10. Keeps you relax and gives a restful sleep
  11. Blood pressure decreases
  12. Protect against different kinds of cancers: stomach, colon, and others
  13. Increases the amount of tendinous and ligamentous tissues
  14. Others benefits may also include good psychological well-being, quality of life and other health practices.

 Anything that is introduced to the human body affects it in any way. It can be a short or a long term effect that may change or alter the composition of the muscle or the overall well being of a person. Let’s continue with my Reveal The Steel Review.

Reveal The Steel Pdf Download

The Reveal The Steel Stages

What makes this program different compared to other programs or gizmo is that it revolves around simple but crucial stages that are concentrated to have a continuous progress. In each stage, there is a specific goal that needs to be accomplish so that you can proceed to the next one.

Just like the concept of any online game, every time you move up to the next level, the task that needs to be done is slightly harder compared to the previous one. This makes a sense on being flexible enough to conquer additional stage and allowing your body to develop stronger.

Each stage contains at least two and a max of six routines. For a clearer overview of what these routines are, you may try to access the Reveal The Steel complete program guide.

  •  Weeks 1-8. This is the first stage and is also known as the Crude Reverse Pyramid Training (CRPT).  From the word itself, CRPT is much like the pyramid style but of course, in reverse. The main concept is to add weight while slowly decreasing the number of reps that you do. I believe this is an effective method in developing muscles and boosting strength.
  • Weeks 9-12. Stage two is the Alternating Split method. This is more on gaining strength; the main target is to increase the primary glutes muscles, hip flexors, hamstrings, hamstrings, abs and calves.
  • Weeks 13-17. Also known as the Pyramid method plus the muscle gain. The third stage of training is advance since you will be training with short rest and great volume of work out to lose fat.
  • Week 18. The final stage is designed for hard-core trainers only because it involves depleting glycogen and reducing water in the skin. Glycogen is multi branched polysaccharides which are long carbohydrate molecules that stores energy.

If you think that you want to improve more without going through the glycogen depletion, you may extend the third stage for another week or so. It depends on your stamina and how lean do you want to be. Take note that if you want to maintain your body, you have to go over the stages again. You may also tweak it a little and add some exercise for a better physique all year round. Let’s continue with my Reveal The Steel Review.

Reveal The Steel Stack Kit Review

Reveal The Steel Right Diet And Nutrition

As a human being, we need nutrients and minerals to provide us the energy in order to do our daily activity patterns. Thus, having a healthy diet means to have the correct portion size of food and treats. This is something that comes from a good dietary practice such as healthy food choices not just today but over the time and not from diets that will make you feel deprived when it comes to eating.

The good thing is, Reveal The Steel right diet and nutrition also talks about ‘The Best Dieting Method’, ‘The good & Not So Good of Food’, the 70-30 rule, ‘Sometimes’ foods, Macronutrients,  Supplements and everything related to proper nutrition. Poor dietary habits can result to serious medical condition.

Another factor is excessive exercise and those eating disorders like Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa which can result to being overly fatigue; irregular menstrual cycles for women, osteoporosis and cancer diseases. Let’s look at Rep Ranges now with my Reveal The Steel Review.

Reveal The Steel Rep Ranges

According to Clint Neilsen, rep ranges will not dictate the amount of fat-loss you’ll experience. Yes, that is definitely true since even with low rep range, fat lose can still occur.

  • High range (15-20 and above reps) The idea about high rep is that it mainly helps you lose fat and develops a muscle more “toned”.
  • Moderate and low range (3-5 and 8-12 reps). Unlike the high rep, moderate and low range rep is more focused on building muscle and increasing the strength.

In the complete program of Reveal The Steel, you will know why it’s a wise idea to use both to lose fat, build muscle, increase your strength or improve your fitness.

 My Final Thoughts About Reveal The Steel

The common problem about finishing a certain program is that sooner or later you can’t maintain the outcome at the end of the training. This is something true and most of us would not work it out for the rest of our lives.

However, the reveal the steel  program is great due to its natural simple to do routines that you can stick in the long run; but I think that the best weight loss program that each of one has is called “discipline” because it’s all about having the control over

your lifestyle, diet, nutrition and exercise. Being healthy, lean and fit is a matter of choice, some may even say it’s hereditary but it is more than that. Any weight loss program is only a guiding method on trainings, science and most especially, a guide on how to change a person’s behavior to achieve the desired goals.

Anyways, what made me say that Reveal The Steel program is something that you can stick to is because of the following reasons:

  • It is a program in the form of periodization. Periodization is the system that is followed by athletes in which the fitness is built in stages.
  • A goal is set in every stage. Goals are very important because it keeps a person sharp and focus. It also motivates a person to do the task and is the reason why you will enjoy the training and eliminate boredom.
  • It combines the rep ranges. The last but certainly not the least reason; it’s essential to stimulate every fiber in the muscle. A lot of fitness conscious people will limit the range of rep causing them to prevent progress in all areas.

Well I hope you find my reveal the steel review helpful and useful.

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