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How to Read a Man: – 7 Deadly Mistakes that could Ruin Your Relationship

Unless you are one of the extremely lucky people who is still with their first love then you will have experienced at least one breakup in your life whether it was you or your partner who ended it is irrelevant.

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Usually at the start of relationships things go extremely well, butterflies before each new meeting, can’t stop thinking about the other person etc. Then the “Honeymoon Period” is over and slowly but surely those quirks that your man had can soon become irritating habits that need to be changed!

The attention he once lavished upon you now seems to have faded, sure he may still express loving feelings, but he just seems to be lacking the initial passion that you felt when you were getting to know each other.

Of course things will be different know that you have gotten to know one another better, but why can’t he just show you that little bit of extra attention every now and again that would make you feel so special?

You must understand first and foremost that men and women think differently, it is impossible to try to get a man to think the way that a woman does and to try to do so would only end in frustration on both sides.

The two sexes complement each other in so many ways, you can and should be able to bring out the best in one another and not be their worst nightmare!

Here are 7 deadly mistakes to avoid for a better relationship

  1. Loving Conditionally
  2. Expecting him to change
  3. Expecting him to make you completely happy
  4. Not taking care of yourself (Mentally and Health wise)
  5. Not knowing how to communicate the right way
  6. Not understanding what he needs from you
  7. Not getting help (Outside support system)

If you are reading this then you probably have an idea about the above topics and how you can avoid them, however if you would like further info.

How to Read a Man Why Men Lie

Most women at some time or another and more than likely to this day, feel that their man either has or is lying to them about certain things.

Unfortunately your gut instinct is probably right, MEN DO LIE! Women of course are capable of lying also, but I believe the general consensus is that men lie more often than women.

I think most people have had an argument that has escalated because of a lie that a man has told and then been found out, with the women saying something like “Why didn’t you tell me truth in the first place”? and the man replying “Because I knew you would react like this”!

In the How to Read a Man by Mark Scott, click here to visit site, you will discover that the 4 main reasons that men lie are as follows:

1. He feels that you won’t understand him or his situation.

When a man fears that he might be misunderstood, or worse, not understood at all, he feels the need to lie. When he fears that you might not see things the way he sees them, he thinks lying is the best option. He will do this whether he’s just met you or has been married to you for decades. In fact, he may do it more the longer he’s known you, simply from the fact that he knows what things will bother you and what won’t. He doesn’t want to get into a situation, where he has to convince you or make you understand. When he thinks that you won’t “GET IT,” he lies.

2. He fears that you will judge him.

This is the primary reason why men lie all the time. As humans we don’t want to be judged, we don’t want someone to place a negative tag on what we did or how we did it. When he knows that you won’t see things the way he sees them and will judge him for it, he will lie.

3. He wants to avoid confrontation.

Men don’t deal well with emotionally charged situations. They will do anything to avoid an emotional argument or confrontation with an angry or teary-eyed woman. As a result they lie to avoid a disagreement.

4. He doesn’t think that you can handle the truth.

This is the biggest reason why men lie to you, and sometimes for the right reasons as well. There are times they know that certain things or issues are not things you might be able to handle; things like his past relationships or his sexual history.

So men lie when any one of the above mentioned reasons is triggered. After a while it becomes second nature. The more he lies, the more he feels the need to lie. It’s a pattern that grows with time. Believe it or not, though, he’s probably not any happier about it than you are!

How To Read A Man Like A Book Download

It is very rare that men actually lie because they are “up to no good”

Mark goes through all the above examples in more detail as well as describing methods which can be put in place immediately that will naturally inspire him to lie less and be more truthful with you!

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