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Pregnancy Miracle Review 2018

The Pregnancy Miracle Program includes:

  • The 277-page Pregnancy Miracle eBook

Plus these Bonuses are included at no cost:

  • BONUS #1: The Ultimate Guide to Relaxation eBook
  • BONUS #2: From PMS to PPD eBook
  • BONUS #3: 7000 Baby Names With Meanings eBook
  • BONUS #4: Pregnancy Week by Week eBook
  • SUPER BONUS: Free 1 on 1 Counseling With Lisa Olson for 3 Months!

Product Name: 47 $ Pregnancy Miracle-pregnant7
Publisher Web Site:
Trial period:60 Days

Pregnancy Miracle Book Online Download

After reviewing the entire package, I feel that the Pregnancy Miracle Program is very complete on its’ own, with over 250 pages of incredibly useful information. The four bonus books make this an even more attractive program, and the email coaching will be worth the cost of the program on it’s own for some readers. I personally found the Baby Names book to be great fun and very informative, as it shares the meaning and origin of many different names.

Pregnancy Miracle Basics

The Pregnancy Miracle program is a holistic and natural program. Lisa Olson integrates both Eastern (Chinese) traditional medicine with modern Western medicine, to provide a comprehensive approach for those who find themselves unable to get pregnant.

The guide begins by explaining some lesser-known facts about getting pregnant, and explains where things can go wrong. Once this foundation is given, there are 5 steps that make up the core of the plan:

  1. Create a healthy and balanced environment for conceiving (before and after ovulation).
  2. Enhance your chances for fertility by using diet, vitamins and minerals that optimize pregnancy.
  3. Utilize acupuncture and herbs to balance your energy
  4. Ensure a healthy body with an internal cleanse
  5. Support your organs through simple acupressure techniques

STEP 1: Create a healthy and balanced environment for conceiving before and after ovulation: From pages 100-105 the guide explains how you can prepare your body for conception before, during and after ovulation. It shares tips on which activities to avoid and which ones to include. Some of these tips may surprise you!

STEP 2: Enhance your chances for fertility by using diet, vitamins and minerals: On pages 106-133 Lisa explains that foods and supplements all have certain energetic qualities inherent in them. Further, certain nutrient-rich foods support the hormones needed for pregnancy to occur, while others are neutral, or may even lower your pregnancy chances. By following this guide you can increase your chances for conception.

STEP 3: Utilize acupuncture and herbs to balance your energy: From pages 134-170 Lisa emphasizes the value of acupuncture and herbs to support your organs and your body’s energy flow. One quote in the guide states that, “According to researchers in the Fertility and Sterility journal published by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (2002), a woman who undergoes acupuncture before fertility treatment is twice as likely to conceive than those who do not.”

STEP 4: Ensure a healthy body with an internal cleanse. On pages 171-207 you’ll learn about a short cleanse that will clean any toxins from your body and prepare you for pregnancy. Plus the feeling resulting from this easy cleanse will hep you feel lighter and like you’ve got a fresh start for you and your baby.

STEP 5: Support your organs through these simple acupressure techniques. On pages 208-214 you’ll learn how to support every organ in your body through targeted acupressure techniques that you can do at home.

Note: Most of these steps are intended to be taken after you’ve been tested using Western medicine. In this way you can be sure to eliminate any immediate infertility issues such as no or low sperm count, or uterine problems. The guide also suggests that you may want to enlist the help of an Eastern/Chinese naturopath, as well. There is a questionnaire included, so you’ll feel more informed when you discuss your history with a professional.


  • Excellent background about pregnancy and fertilization
  • Uncovers and dispels some common pregnancy myths
  • Proven program that is backed by a large number of testimonials
  • Provides a wealth of information, yet uses a straightforward, 5 step program
  • Helpful bonuses included
  • Highly cost-effective when compared to cost of fertilization and other reproductive techniques
  • Common sense plan for healthy, long term living
  • Includes 1 on 1 consultation with author!


  • Requires lifestyle changes
  • While thoroughly researched with excellent results, program is not designed by a medical doctor, therefore is recommended that you consult a professional while following the program. ( Note: Lisa Olson is a Certified Nutritionist, however.)

The Pregnancy Miracle Program is right for you if:

You are committed to becoming pregnant and appreciate a holistic, cost-effective and comprehensive pregnancy support solution. By holistic, we mean that you’re open to a program that could combines traditional Eastern healing therapies, some lifestyle changes and modern medical solutions to ensure the highest chance for a safe and enjoyable pregnancy.

Pregnancy Miracle Lisa Olson Pdf

My Take:

Lisa Olson has a compelling story in her challenge and successes with getting pregnant. Today she’s a mother of two after having invested over five years in researching and documenting her process. She has put together a unique, holistic program for becoming pregnant, as well as providing tips for carrying your baby successfully to term. When compared to the high cost of invasive solutions like In-Vitro Fertilization, the Pregnancy Miracle is a viable alternative to increasing your chances of getting pregnant.

As a bonus, Lisa not only provides this 5 Step plan to help you conceive on your own, but she also goes a step further, by adding a section on special circumstances, such as age and pregnancy – and an update on fertility products in the marketplace. By providing this additional information, you’ll be better prepared to communicate in the often-confusing world of Eastern and Western medicine professionals. This knowledge will help you to understand all your options, regardless of the solution or solutions you select.

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  1. good day Mrs Lisa, am writing you from Nigeria in Africa, am in need of your book as you said it can treat all types of infertility, but the problem ma now,is that I don’t have money at hand to pay for the book and am sure the book will help me, please I don’t know if you can help me to send the e-book to my email address below, God bless you, I have been battling with infertility for years but pray if God can make me a mother of living children through your book

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