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My Personal Review of Ps3lightsfix

My PS3 recently succumbed to the dreaded Yellow Light of Death, which in simple terms means the motherboard has seen better days and has decided to overheat. I immediately called Sony, and they told me the charge for repair would be in excess of $150, but I thought this cost was ridiculous considering the overheating problem was caused by Sony, not me!

Product Name: PS3LIGHTSFIX.COM: PS3 Repair, PS3 Repair Guide-ps3fix
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Trial period:60 Days

PS3 Lights Fix

A friend of mine recommended, after his PS3 also broke down and got the Yellow Light of Death. In summary, advertises that they can fix a range of PS3 problems, ranging from the Yellow Light of Death, to Blu-Ray reading errors, to error code solutions.

They provide DIY (do it yourself) guides and videos to fix these problems at your house today at a fraction of the cost in sending your PS3 to Sony! They claim to offer one-on-one personal support, which actually proved to be true after Rob personally assisted me via email with a problem I was having in my repairs.

ps3 lights fix by rob sheffield

After purchasing access to the program based on my friend’s recommendations, I was blown away at the amount of resources Rob Sheffield (owner) provides. Rob provides many guides which are thoroughly and well written with many detailed images and detailed descriptions.

I liked the fact that the guides were assembled in an easy step-by-step format for novices like myself who have no idea how to even open a PS3! The videos proved to be a helpful aid in repairing my PS3, with high-quality videos and very clear audio helping me follow these videos. I also liked that Rob actually took the time to answer my emails thoroughly and with care in mind!


ps3 lights fix download

But what really captivated me was the money-back guarantee. Rob stated that if I did not successfully repair my PS3, then I would be granted my full money back by a reputable third-party payment processor, however, thankfully I successfully repaired my PS3!

Overall, my experience with PS3LightsFix was excellent! I would highly recommend this program to those who wish to save money in repairs, and even to those who are repair novices! Visit today!

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