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Perfect Uninstaller Gets Totally Exposed!

Well, that’s what you are about to find out in this No Fluff, No Filler review about this uninstall software.

Trial period:60 Days
Product Name: Perfect Uninstaller-RECOVERYER
Publisher Web Site:

Note: Keep in mind that his is a review, if you are looking for the offical site, visit:

No Virus! I’ve read lots of rumors that this software contains a virus. Well, I can tell you right here and right now that this is false and untrue.

I myself use NOD32 anti-virus and I scanned the program and it found 0 treats. So if you’ve read anything about the Perfect Uninstaller containing a virus, then it’s a lie.

Perfect Uninstaller

What Exactly Is The Perfect Uninstaller?

To start off, let’s talk about what this uninstall software actually is. As the name already says, this program is designed to help you to remove any unwanted programs or applications. Whether you want to get rid of a virus scanner or a msn program, this uninstalling software will help you with that.

A program like this can be perfectly used when you manually try to remove a software program but for some reason it fails to work. Because when doing it manually, you really can’t force an uninstall, but with an uninstall software like this it is possible to remove a program or an application by forcing it out of your computer.

Note: It’s recommended to download this uninstaller so it’s easier to understand the features that I’m about to tell you.

The Perfect Uninstaller And It’s Features

The PerfectUninstaller contaiins a total of 8 features. Every feature is a little different then the other but it basically comes all down to one thing. Helping you to remove unwanted programs and applications.

Here’s a list of the features and I will explain each feature for you.

  • Uninstall When you click on this feature, you will start a typical uninstall from an unwanted application or a program.
  • Force UninstallIf the typical uninstall failed, (you know, when applications or programs are made in a way that’s it really hard to remove), then you can go to the “force mode”. Just as the feature’s name already says, it will force the unwanted application or program out of your computer.
  • Special Uninstall This feature will track down applications or programs that are consider special to uninstall. What this means is that these applications or programs need a special uninstall process and the Perfect Uninstaller will provide that.

Note: If you don’t see a program in the Special Uninstall feature but you know it’s there, you only have to fill out the application form, enter the details and submit it. it takes around 2-3 days for the support team to get back to you.

trial Perfect Uninstaller Full

  • Startup ManagerThis button helps you to access an application startup manager. This feature will give you control over apllications executed by Windows Startup. These applications can easily be enabled or disabled by a checkbox.
  • Clear It This feature is quite useful for after the uninstall. Always after you uninstalled an application or a software program there still will be files in your registry. The “Clear It” feature helps you to easily remove these registry files.
  • Refresh This button helps you to keep your applications window updated so you don’t have an out of date view of your application.
  • RegisterWhen you click the “register” icon, you will be taken to a register form that will unlock the program’s functionality.
  • UpdateWhen you click this button you will be able to see if there’s an update available or not. However, if you go to options you’ll be able to let the Perfect Uninstaller software notify you when there’s a new update ready to be installed.

How The Perfect Uninstaller Program Works

So now that you know what this uninstall software is and what the features are, you now want to know how it will actually helps you to remove programs and unwanted applications, right?


the first thing that’s needed is to isntall the uninstall software. This works very easily.

Firstly, you’ve got to Download Perfect Uninstaller. It’s only 3.29 MB so the download will go fast and smooth.

Once downloaded, you’ll be taken to the setup wizard automatically which looks like this:

Once you are on the setup wizard, you got to click next, accept the agreements, select a folder where you want the files to be installed in to, select or deselect the option to add an icon to your desktop and click on next.

Now the installation will start. This takes only around 5 to 10 seconds. This is because the software has a small file size. (3.29 MB)

So once the installation has been completed, you’ll now be able to see the Perfect Uninstaller’s main screen which looks like this:

this is how the main screen looks like, all the way up, there’s where you will be able to sleect a feature.

In the middle, you’ll see a list of programs and applications that’s installed on your computer.

On the right you will get a small explanation and information about the uninstaller, how it works etc.

How To Remove Programs With The Perfect Uninstaller

So now that the program is installed, I will show you exactly how you can easily remove a program with the uninstaller.

  • Step 1 Select the program that you want to remove, Perfect Uninstaller has tracked down every single application on your computer. For this example, we will select “Registry Fast”.
  • Step 2 Once you’ve clicked on “uninstall”, you will now be brought to an information page where you’ll get specefic information about the application or program that you’re about to remove.
  • Step 3This step is basically a sit back and watch how the uninstall program removes the application step. From here on the uninstall software will start removing the program or application that you have selected. It will uninstall the program and it will also scan through the registry to find any files related to the program that you’ve selected.

The screenshot aboves explains exactly how the Perfect Uninstaller will remove the program that you’ve selected. Frist it will use the original uninstall program, then it scans through your registry to remove the entries of the program and after that’s done, the uninstall software will scan your drivers to check if there’s any file left.

  • Step 4 In this step the Perfect Uninstaller has removed the program and it’s now scanning for any left over files.

perfect uninstaller for windows 7

Successful Removal –After the scan has been completed, you will get a note that the uninstall was a success.

This is how easy the Perfect Uninstaller software works. You select the application or program that you want to remove, you click on uninstall, the uninstall software directly starts removing the program by doing 3 things.

  1. The Perfect Uninstaller software starts removing the selected program by using the original uninstall program.
  2. The uninstall software will scan through your registry to search for any entries that are left from the removed program.
  3. The uninstall program will scan your drivers to find any left over files from the removed program.

Once this has been finished, you’ve successfully removed the program, application or software file that you wanted to get rid of.

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