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Do you suffer from Paruresis, also known as Shy Bladder Syndrome and Bashful bladder? It is known by a few other names too such as Shy Kidneys and Pee Shyness. If this describes a problem you’ve got, then you have come to the right place. Regardless of whom you are or why you are here and reading this, I will write as if I’m talking to you, mostly, as there is a good chance that you have come here looking for help or advice.

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Paruresis can be an unbearable phobia that affects more people than you may realize. Its condition is characterized by the inability to urinate while in the presence of, or when worrying about the presence of other people. The condition presents a serious issue with regards to going to the restroom in public places, especially if it is an unfamiliar place, and where unfamiliar people may be using the toilet also. This causes a strong feeling of anxiety and can become a serious inconvenience for people, both men and women, suffering from it.

In order to overcome bashful bladder syndrome, there are a few treatments options that can be utilized, but few of them actually work well. Sadly there is not one magic pill to cure paruresis as it is far more complex than that. The most successful paruresis treatment is a system created in conjunction by both doctors and psychologists, and is one that takes the sufferer one easy baby step at a time through the treatment. Shy bladder syndrome is a psychological problem that causes a physiological response.

The thought of being in close proximity to other people while attempting urination tends to be the leading cause of paruresis, but it is not the only trigger that can prevent people from having the ability to easily and effortlessly empty their respective bladders. It may seem as though, based on this trigger of the condition, that paruretics rely heavily on being excessively shy, fearful, embarrassed about urination, or worrying about failing to urinate to actually be able to do it.

Sadly, shy bladder syndrome is much more complex than simple feeling of embarrassment or being afraid of exposure. For some sufferers, an inability to pluck up the courage to go to the loo for fear of being heard using the toilet is enough to cause a serious inconvenience. Whilst traveling long distances on an airplane or train for example, one can experience serious discomfort because of bladder shyness and kidney issues can arise from holding in urine for extended periods of time.

Among the paruretics that suffer the most are those who are afraid of being heard using the toilet even in their own home unless the house is empty or everyone else is asleep. The hindrance comes from the fear of others, even loved ones, hearing the sufferer urinating.

Many people afflicted with this condition claim that it developed during their formative teenage years, but studies show that paruresis has the potential to strike during any stage of life.

Since this condition varies widely in terms of the age of people it affects, and also in terms of the respective severity of a paruresis case, it is a condition that does not have any concrete or constant causes. In other words, this is a condition that is suffered by a wide variety of people, and for a wide variety of different reasons and causes. Some individuals will attempt to mitigate the effects of this condition by forcefully holding in their urine, abstaining from drinking liquids, or constantly seeking out restroom facilities that will allow them to be completely alone while urinating. As should be apparent by these coping methods, this is a condition that can seriously restrict an individual as they move through the day to day actions and routines of their lives.

When cases of paruresis become severe enough, it creates a situation wherein a sufferer really cannot overcome the effects of the disorder without the assistance of a therapist, psychologist or group support outlet. It often takes sufferers of this condition long periods of time before they can finally overcome the effects of paruresis, and in some cases, they never do and are forced to live their entire lives under the shadow of this unfortunate urinary condition. It is easy to see how as even the thought of doing something about it can be very scary but systems have been developed to make it much easier for people to get paruresis treatment that won’t cause much anxiety at all.

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Paruresis Treatment Options

When considering paruresis treatment options, group therapy, psychologist sessions, and one-on-one therapy outlets are seen as some of the most effective methods for alleviating the oppressive and even debilitating symptoms associated with having a bashful bladder. In cases when someone absolutely has to urinate in the presence of others, such as a drug test or some other kind of urinary screening process, the administration of anti-anxiety drugs like Xanax or Valium is sometimes offered as a solution. While these kinds of drugs can sometimes allow for a pee shy person to have a brief window of unobstructed urinary ability, they are typically only band-aids and not fundamental solutions to the problem. Prescribing these kinds of drugs can have fairly serious side-effects and create unwanted psychological and physiological conditions and are not recommended as a paruresis treatment.

Shy Bladder Syndrome can seriously take over and control your life, stopping you from enjoying what other people take for granted, such as going to birthday parties or to cinema to watch the latest film. Not only that, as you get old, you will have to use the toilet more frequently. Steps need to be taken right now to give you time to overcome paruresis so you can enjoy the rest of your life.

No matter the severity of a paruresis case, the only real shy bladder cure is one of taking that first baby step to checking out the easiest to deal with system there is – one that will help you take those very small baby steps to a far better quality of life. Imagine how much better life would be without paruresis!

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