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Resources and help for people struggling with paruresis, shy bladder, and bashful bladder. Having anxiety about using a public restroom or your inability to urinate isn’t something you need to live with when effective treatments are available.

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Paruresis Help Download

Help for Paruresis, Shy Bladder, and Bashful Bladder

Paruresis, also know as shy bladder or bashful bladder, is a common but often misunderstood fear of using the bathroom.  Paruresis effects primarily men, but it can effect women as well, and it most frequently impacts attempts to urinate in public settings.  The goal of the Paruresis Treatment Institute is to educate sufferers on their condition, as well as being a source of advice and support.

It is our belief that effectively coping with and treating paruresis requires a 3-step approach:

  • 1.  Get the RIGHT Information

Paruresis is not an illness, it doesn’t mean you’re weak, strange, or a coward, and it certainly isn’t something you need to struggle with permanently.  Shy bladder is simply  habitual anxiety that leads to the unavoidable physical consequence of having difficulty urinating.  Unfortunately, it is a fear that is very seldom openly discussed, and this leads to myths and misinformation being spread.

Paruresis is far more common than most people think, it has been estimated that as many as one in seventeen men are effected to some degree.  Paruresis has varying levels of severity, with some sufferers only having difficulty in busy or crowded public bathrooms, while others experience difficulty urinating even while in their own home if someone else is present.

Although paruresis is psychological in nature, the physical symptoms of anxiety results in it actually being MORE DIFFICULT to urinate the harder the individual tries by causing the urinary valves to tense.  Even when the sufferer feels like their bladder may burst, they are still unable to urinate, and no amount of willpower is typically helpful.

  • 2.  Solve the RIGHT Problem

The first step we recommend taking is being evaluated by your physician to rule out any physical or medical causes for your difficulty urinating and associated anxiety.  Once any physical explanations are ruled out, it is critical to determine what it is specifically that is at the root of your shy bladder, what paruresis treatment expert Rich Presta has coined your “core shy bladder fear”.

Presta, author of the Paruresis Treatment System states, “Knowing what is at the root of your paruresis is incredibly helpful in developing an effective treatment approach and one of the first things you’ll do in my program for conquering ‘bashful bladder’.  When we systematically pull back the layers of your anxiety and look for the true underlying fear we often find that the sufferer is ultimately fearful of being evaluated or criticized while urinating. They may also be sensitive to othersʼ perceptions of the smells and sounds associated with elimination, despite there being no “acceptable or non-acceptable” performance criteria when using a public bathroom. The resulting anxiety from these thoughts and feelings is incompatible with and can actually physically prohibit urinating. When we know your core fear that is causing your paruresis, we can treat it much more quickly and efficiently than by treating only the symptoms or manifestations of the anxiety like most therapies target.”

Paruresishelp Review

  • 3.  Start the RIGHT Treatment

Deciding what form of treatment is appropriate for your paruresis is a personal choice, but there are a few frequently chosen possibilities.

Traditional therapy may be what you are most comfortable and familiar with.  During traditional therapy, the therapist will likely use talk therapy to identify and help you cope with your anxious feelings that result in your shy bladder.  We recommend selecting a therapist or psychologist who specializes in treating paruresis and is familiar with the unique challenges of the condition.  Unfortunately, finding a professional with a background in treating paruresis can be challenging if not impossible. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is often found to be an effective therapeutic tool used in treating anxiety disorders in general, so you may choose to find a paruresis specialist with familiarity in this approach.  You may begin your search for a qualified therapist through the phone book, an online therapist’s directory or association, or from a friend or other personal recommendation.

You may find that you benefit from a reputable self-help program that you can use conveniently in the privacy of your own home, at your own speed.  Comprehensive and high quality self-help programs for paruresis can be found online for under $100, a small price to pay for your freedom from your fear and the opportunity to live life without limitations.

Some self-help programs are directed at anxiety disorders in general, but we recommend finding a self-help treatment program designed specifically for paruresis.  Most programs will consist of written material, but other more advanced and thorough programs will also include some audio components you can listen to and learn from. You may have several options available to you and should select a program that you feel is best for your preferred learning method and individual needs.

Some individuals who can afford the expense and inconvenience of an individual therapist do enjoy the personal interaction that you don’t necessarily have with an in home self-help program. An individual therapist does give you a certain amount of accountability and personalized support that a self-help program has a difficult time duplicating. However, professionals that specialize in the treatment of paruresis are exceedingly rare, and the chances that you live in an area where one exists is remote. While there are certainly many mental health professionals who have experience treating general anxiety and panic, in our opinion, the unique considerations posed by paruresis require someone who has a deep understanding of treating paruresis, and unfortunately, there are only a small handful who meet that criteria in the United States.

Similarly, there are many different self-help programs for treating general anxiety disorders, but very few that are engineered specifically for paruresis, which makes an incredible difference in the program’s ultimate effectiveness. The self-help program that we recommend, is the Paruresis Treatment System.

The author, Rich Presta, is known as one of the pioneers in the treatment of shy bladder, and is considered one of the most respected and influential authors on the subject of paruresis anywhere in the world. His Paruresis Treatment System is one of the very few developed specifically for paruresis and earns our highest recommendation for its remarkable effectiveness, easy of use, and cutting edge step-by-step therapeutic techniques and innovation. You know that you can trust the program by its sheer volume of worldwide use, but it also includes an exceptionally generous return policy and 100% money back guarantee.

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