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Paleo Diet Food List

The approved paleo foods take their cues and inspiration from our ancestors and the ways they used to live and eat. It’s not about totally enacting the era of the caveman, but instead it’s fueled by medical research, modern science and common sense. The paleo food diet will focus on whole foods, lots of healthy fats; grass fed free range meats and eggs, lots of seafood and fish, veggies, fruits, seeds and nuts. Believe it or not, there are many different versions of the paleo diet so be sure to carefully research the type you’re interested in, in order to experience the maximum results and benefits.

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The Paleo Foods you can enjoy

If you are into diary, processed sugars, grains, or even legumes, then you have to make a choice to give it up as the diet exclude all these. This diet excludes grains, dairy, processed sugar and legumes. There are many different version of Paleo diet, and some of them do include diary such as butter and kefir.  Most people love the paleo way of eating because it’s focused on organic and local produce and good food farming practices.  The paleo diet also promotes stress reduction, functional fitness, healthier sleeping habits, adequate sun exposure and so on. This diet isn’t a set of strict rules, it’s more of a framework and guidelines that allow you to slowly adapt, based on your own fitness goals, age, gender and current lifestyle. It’s considered a very holistic approach to well being.


List Of Paleo Diet Food

Here is a guide to list of Paleo foods that that you can eat if you follow this diet.

The allowed Paleo food list

Poultry and meat: Only the grass fed and free range meat.  It is not only a more ethical and kinder way to consume animal products, but it’s also high in nutrients because of the way the animals are fed and raised in a natural environment.

Seafood and fish:

Try to eat only wild caught if possible.


Only pasture raised, and free range whenever possible.


All veggies are approved with the exception of starchy vegetables.


Only fruit that is low in sugar.  High sugar fruits such as mangoes and bananas should be eaten in moderation.

Paleo Recipe Team

Foods to Eat in Moderation during the Paleo Challenge

Seeds and nuts

These are very nutritional.  However, both nuts and seeds are packed with omega 6 fatty acids, which can be pro-inflammatory if they’re consumed in large quantities and not balanced out by equal amounts of omega 3’s diet intake (which are found in oily fish such as sardines and salmon, leafy greens and eggs).

Herbs and spices

High intake of these are encouraged.  As for salt, use only Celtic salt or sea salt to get the most minerals.

Healthy fats

Only take healthy fats such as coconut milk or cream, coconut oil, butter or ghee, olive oil, duck fat, macadamia nut oil, avocado oil, sesame oil and fish, poultry and grass fed meats.

Natural sweeteners

Molasses, raw honey, dark chocolate, and rice malt syrup can be consumed in moderation and they can be used as a substitute for refined sugar when baking.

Fresh green peas, green beans and corn

This falls into the legume/grain category, but for some people they’re totally fine to use every now and then, especially when they’re in season.

The amaranth, buckwheat and quinoa are less harmful but they’re still dense sources of carbs and should be carefully prepared in order to remove some of the anti-nutrients. Soak these grains in salt water for eight to twelve hours, rinse them using cool water, and cook well before consuming. Chia seeds can also fall into this category.


For example vinegars, mustard, aged balsamic, olive oil mayo, low sugar tomato paste and sauces, gherkins, olives, pestos, capers and salsas are fine, just be sure that no preservatives or chemicals have been added. Wheat free soy sauce and naturally derived oyster sauce is okay as well, but only in moderation.


When you have an urge to bake, you can use certain substitutes so you won’t have to go without. You can use tapioca flour, coconut flour, nut meals, chestnut flour and sweet potato flour.

paleo recipe team reviews

Foods Not Approved for the Paleo Diet

Take note of the following foods to avoid while on this diet. Grains are a big no-no, especially anything with gluten. White rice is the least harmful of all the grains and it’s usually added to dishes on occasion for a little variety, but it’s still very high in carbs. Legumes include chickpeas, lentils and beans. There is some debate over whether some legumes are safe when consumed in moderation and if they’re prepared properly. Carbs and refined sugars such as pasta, bread, white sugar, high fructose syrup, artificial sugar, fruit juices and sodas are not allowed. Most dairy, especially low fat dairy and milk are banned.

Some versions of the paleo diet will allow certain dairy products, such as unsweetened yogurt, butter and aged cheeses. Processed fats and cooking oils such as soybean oil, canola oil, sunflower oils, vegetable oil and margarine made with these oils should be avoided. Most alcohol types are not allowed on this diet, unless they are clean non-grain based spirits or dry wines.

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