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Paid Social Media Jobs Review – Best New Career

Paid social media jobs review, what is it? Is it a scam? No my friend, it is anything but a scam! Paid social media jobs like Facebook , Twitter , YouTube or even LinkedIn jobs are as real as what a Car salesman job is. Or a Clerk at a bank even. Paid Social Media Jobs has an online Training Course to train you and show you how to become a Social Media Manager / Consultant. Then you go to the Jobs Marketplace and post your jobs that you can do. Like manage a Facebook page or a Youtube or Twitter account. Companies supply you with the info and you just post the info their accounts.

Product Name: Paid Social Media Jobs-SOCIALPAID
Publisher Web Site: http://paidsocialmediajobs.com/
Trial period:60 Days

paid social media jobs for free

There is also a Job Section where you can Apply for Jobs, so depending on your Skills and Experience, alot of people apply for these jobs and they go quickly though, you could be working for alot of companies and earn up $800 per week per company. Some pay more and some pay less, it just depends on the type of jobs that they require you to do. You can Choose what you apply for, but I personally prefer the standard Jobs Marketplace where I post my own Services that I offer to these companies.

Paid Social Media Jobs – become a Social Network and Media Manager

Basically, Paid Social Media Jobs will provide you with everything you need online to know everything about Social Media Marketing. In order for you to get paid to work on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube etc. If you need a new Career and are looking for the best jobs possible, before you make up your mind, look no further!! With Paid social Media Jobs, you will be given all the training and information about becoming a Professional Social Media Network Marketing Manager / Consultant. You then post jobs that you are willing to do in the Jobs Marketplace like simple Facebook Jobs, Twitter Jobs, YouTube jobs, LinkedIn jobs etc. This Jobs Marketplace gets over 60 000 visitors p/day which means lots of business for you!! They also supply you with a bunch more Job Marketplace types of sites where you can also do Social Jobs etc.

Paid Social Media Jobs – Social Network jobs like facebook jobs, Twitter Jobs, Youtube Jobs or even Linkedin jobs and more!!

So, you are probably wondering how can you become a Social Network Manager if you don’t have any experience? Well, guess what? It’s very, very simple with Paid Social Media Jobs!! Facebook jobs, Twitter jobs, YouTube jobs, and LinkedIn jobs are the best jobs and also very simple and easy to do jobs. If you know how to use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn then you are halfway there.

Paid Social Media Jobs are the best jobs and is in very high demand!

Basically, there are thousands upon thousands of companies around the world who are realizing the power of the Social Network users. These companies are spending $1000′s a month on normal people like ME and YOU to promote their Companies, Websites etc. on the social media networks! Whether you do FB Likes, Comments on Posts, YouTube Video uploads and comments, it doesn’t matter. Paid Social Media Jobs Customers provide you with the information that they want YOU to promote and you just basically do for them what you have been doing for yourself on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube or LinkedIn!! That’s it, very SIMPLE!!!

paid social media jobs uk

Paid Social Media jobs are the best jobs get paid $10 – $100+ per hour!!

These are the Best Jobs ever!! If you are serious about a career change my friend, you don’t have to look any further!! The social media market is growing out of proportion and Social Media Network Managers are so in demand because of that! You will earn anything from $10 to $100 + an HOUR!! If you do the whole training course with Paid Social Media Jobs, you will be an expert in Social networking and media promotions. You will be able to sell your services to any company, regardless of the company’s size or country! Yes, you will only be working online from home, doing Facebook jobs, Twitter jobs, YouTube jobs or LinkedIn jobs! You can work on your own time schedule, this means – no more BOSS breathing down your neck etc.

Yes, whether it is a Facebook job, Twitter job, YouTube job or a LinkedIn job, you get to work from home on your computer through Paid Social Media Jobs! You will be your own BOSS, deciding your own income!! You will log in to your Paid Social Media Jobs account, go to the Jobs Marketplace and see what jobs are to be done for the day and get paid straight away for it, after completion off course, and paid straight into your bank account or Paypal account! It’s just brilliant!! You can earn $100 + per DAY!!

So, what do you get when you join Paid social Media Jobs?

****The 4 day Training is only for people who have no experience of how to do social media marketing – If you know what Your doing, Skip Straight to posting Jobs In the “Jobs Market Place”

I signed up for the $47 membership. I got in and realized there’s a 4 day training program. I was surprised, to be honest! Once you are in, you will find loads of informative/training videos about what paid social media jobs are and how to do them. This was very interesting. I didn’t know how big this market is!! (I signed up a while ago, so the process might be slightly different by now)

Paid Social Media Jobs Marketplace – BOOM, in your face Us$$$$ Dollar Extravaganza!!!

So, I could see the Social Media Manager tutorial which teaches you a lot. I gained access to all the downloadable materials that I could study more to understand more about the paid social media jobs inside. It took me a couple of days to get through everything and then I decided to test it out! I went to the Live Jobs page and posted my 1st easy job, comments on a few posts for $10 even though there were jobs for much more than that! I just wanted to try out the system first.

So, I got to work and finished the job very quickly and earned my first income from Paid Social Media Jobs!! Wow, so easy and quick!! I wasn’t a Social Media manager yet, but there are so many jobs available already like, FB likes, comments on posts, comments on YouTube videos etc. I wasn’t able to quit my job just yet, but well on my way to earning money online by working from home and changing my career by becoming a Social Media Manager!! These are truly the best jobs ever!!

paid social media jobs-sign-up

If you know how to post on Facebook, upload videos onto Youtube and send Tweets on Twitter, then you can do this job very easily and start earning very quickly, within days, WORKING FROM HOME!!

Important NOTE: Paid Social Media Jobs has a serious advantage. This is HIGH CLASS! Here you Post Jobs for Facebook, YouTube account management etc. and you can Charge up to $100 per job. Paid Social Media Jobs Marketplace receives over 60 000 visitors p/day. This means there is more than enough customers to go around for every one. Also, you can pay $10 to have a Job featured and be at the top of that job niche’s page!

So, don’t delay if you are serious about finding the best jobs online and want a real career change, then try out Paid Social Media Jobs. They ROCK!!

Get instant access for $47 now and Start your NEW CAREER!!

So, there you have my review about this company, I hope this will be sufficient for you to make a decision on your future!! Good luck and remember, you have a 60 Day money back guarantee, should you for some reason feel that this program is not for you.


  1. i just signed up for this and i already paid for it but still i don’t have access on the site. can you help me?

    1. The reviews above seems very interesting but how can this be legit when you signed up and paid off already then you cannot even still access the site? Will you show us how this really works because we prefer to earn income to working from home. We appreciate your feedback.

  2. Is this age based for someone below 16 years old ? And what credentials do you require ? And what job benefits do you offer ?

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