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No Nonsense Muscle Review – What You Need To Know

This is our No Nonsense Muscle Building Review. If you want the Official Page of No Nonsense Muscle Building, Click the Link Below.

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No Nonsense Muscle Building Results

No Nonsense Muscle Building is a comprehensive guide on how to grow muscles fast and safely. It has information on how to develop muscles and how nutrition is important to your overall health, plus how resting is just as important. This program is for all people, including novice to expert body builders, because it is adjustable for anybody’s fitness level. The book is easy to read and straight to the point especially when it explains on what does work, what does not, and the most common mistakes that almost everyone makes. The nutritional part of the book explains on what you need to eat and when is the best time to eat. The book has a lot of information that will help you to meet your fitness goals.

Here is my No Nonsense Muscle Building Review!

What Is It?

The first thing No Nonsense Muscle Building book explains on how important rest truly is. When you get the book, it tells you to take a week off from working out, so you are fully rested before you start your new workout routine. Read the book during this rest period to get familiar with all the information that resides in this book.

Some information in No Nonsense Muscle Building book is about myths. Like, you cannot build muscle unless you have the right genetic. This is truly false, anyone can build muscles and being lazy is not a good excuse. To have defined muscles you must lift heavy weights, this is the only way to grow massive amounts of muscles.

To grow muscles you need to get enough rest, eat nutritionally load foods, and lift weights. This is the basics and the book explains all these steps and how to meet them correctly. No Nonsense Muscle Building is not just your ordinary book, it has information that is not in bodybuilding or fitness magazines.

What I liked!

No Nonsense Muscle Building explains how to grow muscles the natural way without the use of expensive products or supplements other than vitamins and protein shakes. You will learn the most common mistakes that body builders make and how to avoid them. Calorie intake is very important, you need to fuel your body to renew and rejuvenate your body. There is a calculator on how much calories you need to generate your new muscles, and it will surprise you on how much calories you will need. It’s not only about how to grow muscle fast, it’s about a total life changing attitude. It covers your workouts, nutrition, and rest. When you combine all three into your routine, you will become a muscle-building machine.

Vince Delmonte Beginner Workout

What I Didn’t liked!

Like most books, they sometimes have too much information and becomes a system overload and No Nonsense Muscle Building is no exception. Having the book broken down for experience levels would have made the reading easy to understand. However this is not the case, because all information for a beginner, intermediate, or advance weight lifter, were combining all together. So you will need to read the book over a few times to understand it completely.

Overall Thoughts!

This book covers all the basics that a beginner or intermediate will needs to grow muscles fast and experience body builder will find information on how to gain an edge on their competition.  I like the fact that it doesn’t promote the use of supplements, because they can become expensive and some are very harmful for your health. I like No Nonsense Muscle Building because it is direct to the point and easy to understand.

Vince DeLmonte Fitness Report can really help you to improve your health and fitness, check out No Nonsense Muscle Building!

About Vince DelMonte

Who is Vince DelMonte? Do a search on the internet about muscle building or body building; you will see the result referring to Vince DelMonte. He is a trainer and instructor on how to increase your muscle mass. He is the author of the No Nonsense Muscle Building Program. This program is designed to help people like you and me to gain muscles without the use of drugs, and supplements. It comprises of strength training, nutrition, and the appropriate amount of rest.

Endurance Runner

Vince DelMonte started out in endurance training; he was a cross country runner. This endurance training made is body lean and from this he got a nick name Skinny Vinny. When his career of running was over, he pursued professional body building. He found advice from a patron at his church. Using this new information he was able to add 41 pounds of muscle in just 24 weeks without using supplement or drugs. From this dramatic transformation, he became a Professional Fitness Model. His story has been publicized many times and he has devoted himself to help other to have the same dramatic transformation.


Vince DelMonte body’s is cut with very well defined muscles that are rock hard. He has a BMI (body mass index) of 10 percent fat. He practice what he preaches and from this his body speaks for itself. Some authors will write about muscle building and only to find out that they have not worked out. They are scrawny and flabby. Vince DelMonte has gained a very well reputation of being trustworthy and that his products are not just another scam or fad. No Nonsense Muscle Building Program is very well known and has been endorsed by many people.


Vince DelMonte has several Degrees and Certifications such as an Honors Degree in Kinesiology (the study of body movement) from the University of Western Ontario; PICP Certified (Poliquin International Certification Program) and has been a fitness trainer for more than 10 years. From all his hard work and studies he has been feature in many fitness and health magazines. He has been in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Reps,, Inside Fitness, FitnessX, Ironman, Fit&Firm, World Physique, and Power House.


Vince DelMonte has issues with the body building supplement industry. There are many magazines that are owned by these supplement companies. These magazines are focused on selling their products and not focusing on what really works. Vince designed the No Nonsense Muscle Building Program from his own experience by using the progressive overload system. He was able to accomplish a buff body with well defined abs without using these so called miracle supplements.

He was a skinny guy who had to work hard at muscle growth. His No Nonsense Muscle Building tips tell the truth about how to promote massive muscle gain and dispel the myths that state you need supplement A to get big and supplement B to get bigger.


Vince DelMonte has a reputation of a no nonsense body builder. He uses the muscle overload to promote muscles. He has studied the movement of the human body and is certified on the proper training techniques. He is genuinely concern about your health and life. He has gone from a skinny guy to a professional fitness model. He has seen everything under the sun on what works and what doesn’t. Gain from his experience and hard work to get the body that you would love.

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