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Magic Submitter Review – 6 Ways to Use Videos to Get Ranked In Google

The easiest way to use Videos to get ranked in Google is simply uploading video on YouTube. It will be indexed by Google but it hardly guarantees first-page appearance in search results.Visit Magic Submitter Review to learn more on youtube domination.

Google only knows the video exists. Anyone who clicks on the YouTube video will not be taken to your website but YouTube. If your aim is to drive as much traffic as possible to your website, YouTube video uploads are not a winning strategy. A wonderful alternative to use videos to get ranked better in Google and other search engines is doing video search engine optimization.

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Video SEO makes sure video content has been found in Google and has been indexed successfully. Once specific keywords have been searched on the search engine, the video content you have will be displayed. There are 6 ways this is done to use videos to rank in Google.

Video content

Google is quite flexible on what video content means to the search engine. This means actual footage can be used as video but PowerPoint animated slides, slide shows and screen captures among other content works as well. The reason is that Google does not really see the video content and thus relies heavily on other metrics, such as meta-data in determining the content a video includes.

Text and embedded videos

To use video content to rank better, help Google and other search engines to understand better the content of the video by adding some copy on the video’s page. This can be done by writing an introduction on it and having it before the video. You can also add a transcript to the page under the video. A transcript can be got from SpeechPad and other services. In case you would like to have the transcript added in other areas across the web, save it as a txt file.

Video sitemap

In a website’s pages, Google uses crawlers in indexing and discovering content. However, Google does not recognize or read flash that well and lots of video content remains invisible to search crawlers. To use video content to rank better on Google, the video can be submitted to the search engine through Video Sitemap. It looks more like XML sitemap but specifically formatted for video content. It only has the video content information and submitted through Webmaster Tools.

Title/Title Tags

During video ranking, the match between video title and search keywords is supremely considered. Google does allow submission of other metadata like keywords and descriptions but they hardly have any authority on your website’s search ranking. If the video’s title matches the page’s title tag, Google will respond positively, a major factor on how videos help a site to rank in Google’s search engines.

Long tail video SEO

To perfect video SEO and influence your website’s ranking through video content, target specific longer tail types of search terms. For example, a video titled “Man” might not find its way in the first page of Google ranking but a video with the title “The Man with a White Hat” will likely ranked better in the algorithm of Google. Google cannot ascertain the video’s actual content and it is better to submit the same content for a number of times using different titles matching searchable terms.

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Video backlinks

To make use of videos to rank better in Google, building links for the video content is recommended by getting the most authoritative links. If you have no time, outsource it to a link builder by searching for social bookmarking professionals who can do it for a fee. After one week the work would have been done and within one month the rank of the video content would have improved.

Videos have an advantage over website SEO. They are much easier to rank on the first page of a search engine than a website. This means competing with rankings of well established sites is possible through correct video optimization to give videos a chance to help a site rank well in Google.

Magic Submitter Overview – What Exactly Is Magic Submitter?

Magic Submitter is a powerful software suite that you can do the work that is almost equivalent to several virtual assistants, with Magic Submitter you can save on costs relating to SEO and more. This software can assist you in doing several things, such as creating web2.0 properties, submitting to social bookmarks, RSS Submissions, Document sumissions and more. The Biggest Feature about this software is that you can schedule your tasks that you want to do on any given day and the software will run the tasks that you’ve setup in the background.

Magic Submitter also has options to use Captcha Services such as DeathByCaptcha, BypassCaptcha and others. With these services enabled, you do not have to manually solve the captchas on your own, someone else in the background will do it for you. These captcha solving services are fairly cheap and you can buy them in 10 thousand lots for less then $15. 10,000 credits can last for quite a while if you use them only for submissions only.

Inside the software you will also find many helpful features such as proxy harvester and platform harvester, it enables you to find proxies and websites of various platforms such as social bookmarks(pligg sites), blogs, article directories, micro blogging sites, forums, link directories and the list goes on. There is a lot to offer with this software, where you may be spending thousands of dollars on hiring Virtual Assistants to do link building, this software suite can do it for you at a fraction of the cost. In fact you can outsource it to just 1 VA to do all the work because this software saves you time and money!

Magic Submitter also creates reports for your campaigns so that you can keep track of what is done.

Oh I almost forget, there is a huge database of training videos to help you understand how to use magic submitter efficiently, you can go through them at your own pace. There is also a support forum where you can post your issues you’ve encountered, there are many helpful users as well as the staff there to help you.

You can test it out and if you don’t like it you can cancel it at any time.

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