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Magic Article Rewriter and Submitter Review

There is a number of article rewriter software currently on the market; however Magic Article Rewriter is one of the best that I have found. In this Magic Article Rewriter review I will explain to you why I think that the Magic Article Rewriter is one of the best.

The Magic Article Rewriter is a spinning and article rewriter software program that was designed by Alexander Krulik. By using this software program, I was able to easily and quickly rewrite my original article, and get several unique versions. In addition to being an article rewriter, the Magic Article Rewriter is also an article spinner; this simply means that the software is able to place spinning tokens within your articles.

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Product Name: Magic Article Rewriter-OKRULIK

Product Name: Magic Article Rewriter-OKRULIK
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In this Magic Article Rewriter review, I will also cover what I believe are the three primary benefits of the Magic Article Rewriter.

  1. The Magic Article Rewriter features a thesaurus that has approximately 30,000 synonyms. You will also find that you can add your very own synonyms to the database. Once you have added a word to the existing database, you will be able to use that word any time you wish.
  2. Secondly, this great article rewriter software program has the ability to replace both phrases and words. The software will automatically distinguish phrases that have synonyms in the database; you will then be given the opportunity to manually select the replacements that you want to use. With just the click of a button, you will be able to spin your original content, and also rewrite and mass rewrite dozens of variations of your original content.
  3. Due to the fact that you are the one who is in control of spinning and rewriting, you will find that the Magic Article Rewriter does not create content that is unusable. You are the one who determines which synonyms to use to replace specific phrases and words, and you even have the ability to manually rewrite whole sentences. Therefore, you will be able to create high quality variations of your original content.

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Here are some other features of this great article spinner and rewriter that I thought were worth mentioning in this Magic Article Rewriter review.

  • A large thesaurus database that you can add your own synonyms to. You have total control over the quality of the thesaurus.
  • The Magic Article Rewriter is able to rewrite and spin sentences, phrases and words.
  • Due to the fact that the process is manual, you will be able to produce high quality spins and rewrites.
  • The Magic Article Rewriter supports nested spinning; therefore, you are able to spin phrases into sentences and words into phrases.
  • This software program never crashes.
  • It uses spinning tokens according to the article directories that you need to submit your articles to.

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