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Magic Article Rewriter – Like Having a Magic Wand

A benefit included with Magic Article Rewriter isn’t even part of the software download or instructions, but it has a lot of valuable content. I noticed several links to videos in one of the registration information emails I received after purchasing the product. Anxious to get started, I proceeded with downloading the software and getting the registration completed.

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Product Name: Magic Article Rewriter-OKRULIK
Publisher Web Site:

Unfortunately for my learning curve, I did not return to that email until spending considerable time struggling to figure out the steps for generating quick, high quality, rewritten articles. Once I went through these short videos, the “system” for this article spinning product became much clearer.

The videos provide instructions on the buttons and how they are used, adding multiple synonyms, inserting replacement synonyms at all the same synonyms, adding and using tokens, and more. One of the interesting features shown was how to import a list of tokens into your article rewriter and a demonstration of the huge change that occurs when tokens are applied. And finally the use of the export button which converts the format of the article to what is required for different article submission sites. All of these features massively increase the uniqueness of articles and the speed of rewriting articles.

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In all, there were four training videos. I am sharing one of them from YouTube below; in my opinion the best of the four was an interview with the Magic Article Rewriter creator, Alexandr Krulik, demonstrating and explaining some of the more advanced tools.

If you are like me, and several people who left comments on YouTube, you will struggle with Alexandr’s accent. However, since this is a video showing the actions one step at a time, it helps you understand what is being said more easily. My purpose with Magic Article Rewriter Review is to honestly give you my unbiased opinion of the product. I hope you will find this video helpful in deciding whether the Magic Article Rewriter is the right article spinner for you too.

Magic Article Rewriter Review – My Honest Opinion

Welcome to my webpage. You are at the right place to read an all-inclusive review of Magic Article Rewriter which was developed by Alexandr Krulik.

As a purchaser and user of Magic Article Rewriter myself, my objective is to give you an honest and unbiased review of the product. You will learn the essential details you need to know about the product so you can make an informed decision if you choose to acquire it.

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What you will actually receive with Magic Article Rewriter

Custom database – In addition to some pretty amazing software to make article spinning a cinch, you will have a custom synonym database of 30,000 words that make rewriting for unique articles so much more useful. Beyond single word synonyms, there is a database of over 12,000 phrases for replacing, substituting and combining to produce quality content multiple times. Having phrases in the synonym database is considerably more beneficial than a database of single words.

Define Synonyms Button – This feature is a huge time-saver. Press the Define Synonyms button and the software analyzes and highlights all the synonyms in the article that consist of phrases in the Magic Article Rewriter database. Click on a highlighted phrase and it is selected and ready for you to add variations.

Replace All – Another efficient feature is the Replace All function. After selecting synonyms for a word or phrase, clicking on Replace All will automatically replace all those same words or phrases in the article and replace them with the alternatives you have chosen.

Spin Tokens Button – Tokens allow you to save spun text for using repeatedly. For example, spin a word like “help” and select multiple synonyms and save as a token. The next time that word is in the article, the “Use Token” button is clicked and the selected word is replaced with the token. Once you have a database of tokens, you can use another option to automatically apply all available tokens and all words which are saved in tokens will be replaced.

Mass Rewrite Article Button – You can produce up to 1,000 unique articles from one spun article with this feature. Combining the multiple features of single word and phrase database, multi-level spinning to spin sentences and then words within the sentences and spin tokens in the Magic Article Rewriter software will make the articles most unique.

The traffic booster methods you will discover with Magic Article Rewriter

With all the possible ways to generate traffic, most traffic booster systems don’t work. That is because there are already too many people doing them.

Article writing is the exception. I repeatedly learn of internet marketers who are making a full time living sharing information on their websites and blogs. Search engines, and Google in particular, tend to recognize and reward the websites that deliver regular, original content with higher page ranks. The primary way they accomplish this is by spinning their own original articles into 100s of unique articles to be widely distributed on the internet.

Submitting unique (previously unpublished) articles to the hundreds of internet article directories will generate backlinks to your website and move your site up in Google’s rankings. Another benefit is that each of those backlinks leads your potential customer to your website, increasing your ability to build a list and to sell your product.

What I don’t like about the product

It is embarrassing, but I have to admit that I initially struggled to figure out exactly how to use Magic Article Rewriter. I discovered the User Guide at the “Help” button, but it is very simplistic and incomplete, leaving me wondering “what do I do next?”

Fortunately, there are several videos at YouTube that were helpful. I would suggest some patience (not my strong suit!) and experimentation. I was successful in using the tools built into Magic Article Rewriter, it was just a learning process that took longer than expected.

What I do like about the product

Once I figured out how to use all the features of Magic Article Rewriter, I was quite impressed with the genius behind this software.

  • The substantial synonym database makes it easy to insert a variety of appropriate words or phrases for article spinning.
  • The Tokens tool, once developed by the user, makes article spinning faster and easier.
  • The Define Synonym button is awesome! This is my favorite feature in that it instantly identifies the phrases that are in the synonym database, making it faster to add replacement phrase options.
  • The Combine Articles feature has unlimited possibilities for creating unique articles from your own original articles or PLR articles.

Overall, what do I think?

I started this Magic Article Rewriter Review project with deep-seated skepticism about using an article spinner. My earlier experiences with other products had failed to convince me that spinners could generate quality articles that would pass the “smell test” for unique articles. I have to admit that Magic Article Rewriter has proven to be an exception.

I stopped posting my articles at the article directories when I learned that Google ignores the same content posted on multiple websites and may even view it as spam. I determined that it was a huge waste of time and energy as well as putting my site at risk of being removed from the Google index.

Learning how Magic Article Rewriter creates original content has reassured me that using article spinner software is an opportunity that I was missing out on to shortcut getting traffic to my website. My only regret in purchasing Magic Article Rewriter is that I did not opt to purchase the package of Magic Article Rewriter and Magic Article Submitter. I guess that will be my next purchase so I can enjoy submitting hundreds of article to hundreds of article directories at the click of a button.

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