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Sandy Gilad is the founder of Instant Switch, that helps people find purpose and get their lives back on track.She experienced her own demise when she got married, divorced and left with almost nothing.

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She used to live, what she thought was the life of her dreams. It took a toll on her psyche and a mountain of debt. She felt alone and sad.

To keep her sanity, she started working with kids at a day care. Then she had one of those days when her personal problems interfered with her work. Jacob, one of the kids she handles, said “Time to change that channel, Sandy.” It surprised her because whenever any of her kids feel down, she’ll say that to them.

She had an epiphany. In order to change her life, she needs to change the way she looked at it. Then her luck turned around, little by little. Then she found some her lecture notes from Dr. Gil Noam, a world renowned professor and an expert on “resiliency”. Through this she began to make manifestation something that is suitable for everyone.

The Instant Switch Download

What she discovered there is a way to flip automatically your subconscious blockage. Using this method, your subconscious patterns of fear, doubt and negativity vanish. After which, your emotions and what you’re trying to attract will realign.

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