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Should I install a pole at home?

Having a pole at home will not only skyrocket your skills and improve your moves, it will help you stay fit, tighten your body, and help you burn more calories and stay that way forever! Almost all professional and world class pole dancers own a personal pole installed at their homes, not only does this increase their chances of “getting on the pole” and exercising, it actually teaches their bodies to stay tuned up and ready to do any dance moves without having to work your way up for it as your consistent exercises will keep your body active and full of energy.

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Having your own personal dancing pole will certainly boost your skills and abilities and will surely help you stay fit and healthy to perform your dances. Dance poles are now available through dance clubs, sports and fitness shops, and you could also order one online through reliable resellers and have it delivered to your home. Such poles can be very easy to install yourself, all you would need is a scredriver to attach the top and bottom of it to your floor and cieling! Consider buying your own personal dance pole for the following reasons:

– Exercising: having a pole at the comfort of your home will increase the chances of using it and therefore will speed up your learning process and help you improvise new dances when you have some free time during the day. Consistent pole dancing exercises will help you perform better, to say the least!

– Fitness: having a dancing pole at your home will also help you burn more calories! Many pole dancers who enjoy having a dancing pole at home report that they have lost more weight than when they had limited time to exercise on one at their dance club or fitness center. The average 30 minute pole dancing exercise can burn up to 400 calories, making it easier for you to manage your weight while developing your pole dancing skills.

Product Name: Pole Dancing Moves

– Fun: we all know it, having a dancing pole at your home was one of your earliest dreams and now it can be easily attained as dancing poles have become very popular and very easy to buy and install yourself. Every time you have a party or a casual gathering, expect your friends to ask you to show them some moves or even see them irresistably clinging on to it and trying to be like you! Having a pole at your home will certainly fire up your parties and differentiate you from your friends!

pole dancing moves name list

You can still do your exercises at your dance club, but be sure that having a pole at home is will be a very good investment in the long run. Think of the benefits you will gain from just having a dancing pole at your home. Increased stamina, increased fitness ability, and better performance and a lot of fun for you and your friends!

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