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What are the improvers salsa moves to Learn?

People often say that listening to music is the most preferred form of stress buster along with exercising and dancing is up there with these two as it combines the two. It is better than stoically sitting and listening to music and it is much better than plain hard exercises. There is a fun element to it that both of them on their own cannot give.  Salsa dancing is one of the most enjoyable dance forms there is. It is done with a partner and it is even more fun.

Salsa dancing for beginners can be a little tough to learn but once you get into it and learn a few steps you can really try a few of the improvers salsa moves to make it even more fun. They are no longer difficult as you are already familiar with the pattern of the dance and you have a very good grasp of the basics. Another thing is that these moves can be tweaked and played by you and made to suit your convenience. So given below is a list Improvers salsa move  s steps.

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Improvers salsa moves

  • In the improvers stage that you will learn some advanced timing techniques and how to better adjust your body movement. Improvers salsa moves steps will always include a partner as you will learn how to lead and follow effectively. Learning the timing techniques is essential to become well versed with the other Improvers salsa moves that is being learnt by you. After all salsa is nothing if not timing based.
  • Another important move that you learn in the improver’s stage is turning moves. Turing and spinning move with your partner is a very important part of salsa. You need to have good control of feet and both the partners must have a clear understanding between each other. The turning of the partner needs perfect coordination. There is a cross ended spin which is the basic turn and is essential for most of the salsa moves following this technique. Footwork is the key.  Sometimes it is also called a Salsa Swing move; it takes in a sweeping break. Since it uses each other’s momentum to make the turn partner trust and understanding is very important.  Salsa Swing move is perfect for getting further in learning more moves.

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  • Another turning and spinning move is two arm wrap which involves both the cross ended turn combined with a loop into the neck of the partner. It is fairly simple if you learn the cross ended loop well. A particular move is the Sombrero which means hat in Spanish is called so for the reason that of the method that the man loops the hands over his partners head which looks like a hat.  This move is also an extension of the move called pretzel as it involves the turn that has some further turning for the lady.
  • Another important move is called the Butterfly. It also has various other names like the crucifix and the titanic which comes from the iconic image of open arms. This position is also called so as it involves the open armed position right after the turn which is a very interesting step. The step is of course considered very romantic as it mimics the perfect love scene in the move which is one of the greatest scenes ever. It also looks like the crucifixion of Christ which is where the other name comes from.

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