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Hypnosis Certified Review 2018

This post will provide you with a thorough Hypnosis Certified Review so that you can decide whether or not this product is for you. Keep in mind this is just a review site.

Product Name: Hypnosis Certified – hypnocert
Publisher Web Site:
Trial period:60 Days

Advanced Hypnotist Certification

Hypnosis Certified  An Overview

This course provides hypnosis training for a ridiculously low price via an online hypnosis course. The site offers a number of programs including basic hypnosis, advanced hypnosis, and several neuro linguistic programming courses (NLP) courses.

While many of the courses were initially priced in the $400 – $1500 price range they are now being offered for under $100. I purchased and reviewed the material for both the Basic and Advanced Hypnotherapy course.

Upon completion of the course, (takes between 7 weeks – 1 year) students will receive hypnosis certification via the American Alliance of Hypnotists. With this certification you will be allowed to practice hypnosis in most major states.

Hypnosis Certified Review: What Comes Included?

Once I had purchased the course I received access to a private members area (consists of forum & 10+ YouTube videos) as well as several supplementary ebooks. The primary ebook is the main study book. It consists of 7-8 and weekly assignments. You will have to complete the assignments every week and email it to the creator of the course, Steve G. Jones, so that he can check it and approve it.

The other books included in the package are useful supplements. These include hypnotic scripts, inductions, business guide for hypnotherapists and case studies. I found it impressive to receive all of these text books for a total of $50.

Who Is This Course For and Why Is It Special?

I’m writing this hypnosis certified review because for the right person, this product is special. The people who will most find it useful are those that want to learn self-hypnosis, those that want to become hypnotherapists or those that are simply interested in getting ahead by improving their persuasion and influence skills.

It’s special because it is the most affordable way possible to become a certified hypnotherapist. To give you some perspective, most live in person hypnosis courses cost between $2000-$4000. The online course provided costs under $100.

Granted, you will probably get more individual attention from a live course but considering what you receive for the price that you pay it is totally worthwhile giving Hypnosis Certified a shot.

Additionally, Steve G. Jones, Hypnosis Certified teacher and founder, is one of the most respected names in the game. His material is spot on and you can tell he is passionate about his craft.

Hypnosis And NLP Certification

Insider Info: Analogue Marking

One of my favorite techniques expanded on within the course is the idea of analogue marking. This means slipping in your message covertly and tactic in order to aid the client in their health.

For example, if you just went up to someone and told them to scratch their nose they’d probably just like at you funny. Heck, they’d probably even think you were a weirdo. But if there was another way.

What if instead you said: “When learning to cook from scratch, it’s best if you’re willing to ask someone who knows.” Imagine that you said this while giving your nose a slight scratch. The individual you are talking to may find themselves scratching their nose.

When you use this technique properly you will be able to do wonders in terms of the health/healing of your clients/patients. Additionally you’ll find that you have just become a better communicator overall.

What are some of the BAD parts of hypnosis certified?

  • After purchasing the product I found myself on Steve G. Jones email list. I was suddenly receiving an email from him daily. Luckily, after I unsubscribed from the list it did not happen again.
  • At first it was difficult to find where all of the downloadables were. The link was actually inside of an email he sent. It wasn’t obvious at first but once I found it, I received all the content without a problem.

What are some of the GOOD parts of hypnosis certified?

  • You will become a certified hypnotherapist for under $100 rather than spending thousands of dollars.
  • You will learn the skillsets to become a successful hypnotherapist, both in terms of skillsets and in terms of how to actually run your business.
  • The techniques that you learn will not only be useful on patients/clients. They will also be useful for yourself. You’ll learn how to interrupt your own negative patterns and replace them with ones that work!
  • This course provides an opportunity for a whole new career path should you chose to accept it. The harder you work, the more benefits you will receive.

Overall Opinion

I definitely recommend Hypnosis Certifeid and I believe that if you actually do the course thoroughly and diligently you will receive the benefit.. I hope this Hypnosis Certified Review has been helpful for you. Best of luck in your quest!

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