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Making money with your facebook page sounds like a good idea, right?  Affiliate marketing is one of those tricky things that seems like a really good idea and then winds up being really difficult to figure out.  Personally, I know next to nothing about it except the very basics of how it works: you put links to peoples’ businesses on your page, people on your page click on them to go to said business, and you make a fraction of the profits as a sort of finders’ fee.  It sounds simple and easy and I have absolutely no idea how to get into it.

Hyper Fb Traffic

But, the lure of being able to make money on the internet doing stuff that I do anyway is too strong to ignore, so I keep looking into how-to sites and tutoring courses to see if I can’t figure it out and get in on this.  One of these tutoring courses is the hyper fb traffic system, which I’m taking a look at to see if it’s any better than the others.  This is my honest hyper fb traffic review.

Product Name: Hyper Fb Traffic-trafficfb
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Trial period:60 Days

The hyper fb traffic system  is a course designed by David Blaze and Simon Adams to train new affiliate marketers who are using facebook as a platform.  The course is almost entirely video, which has it’s pros and cons, and is divided up by topic section.  The videos are the bulk of it, but they feature both talking heads and, more valuably, screen captures of what it is they’re teaching you to do yourself while a voiceover explains what it is they’re doing and how you can imitate it.  It also includes the ability to sign up for an online “webinar” and access to the hyper fb traffic review warrior forum, which lets buyers talk with others who have bought the system and compare notes.  Depending on the behavior of the other buyers, it could just be a nice hyper fb traffic bonus, or it could be supremely valuable, but there’s no way to predict for sure as it’s dependent on the behavior of other customers.

The advantages the hyper fb traffic system has over some of it’s competitors that I have experience with is that it’s entirely video based.  Rather than a series of guidebooks and links, everything is more or less easy to find and then have explained to you step by step.  There’s a video on how to make a social network, how to set up your clickbank account, even how to upload a marketing video to youtube.  You don’t have to figure much of anything out, just find the right video and play it, and it will explain everything.  I found this to be the single biggest advantage of the hyper fb traffic system, because it’s never as confusing as text instructions can be.

hyper fb traffic system

The format of the videos is a mark in it’s favor too.  I’ve taken courses by video online before as well, and while I tend to prefer videos to text, sometimes a guy talking to his webcam in front of a sheet hanging from the wall isn’t really any better.  The main reason is that even if somebody is explaining something carefully, they can still leave out details that are important to somebody who’s not as familiar with whatever they’re doing as they are, or can get off topic with random comments.  Hyper fb traffic instead uses screen captures as the visuals of it’s videos while the audio explains what it is the viewer is observing, so it’s much more like a walk through than an instruction manual, and it’s much easier to follow along and mimic the teacher.

The hyper fb traffic system’s videos’ strength are also their weakness, a little bit.  If you’re experienced with the internet already and don’t need any help with things like embedding links in youtube videos or making custom urls for longer links, then some of the videos can seem like they’re belaboring the obvious.

They’re appropriately named, however, so if you’re in a rush to see how the hyper fb traffic makes money rather than the setup steps you can always just skip them, but there’s usually at least one or two hints in every video that will be handy, so you won’t really want to do that, and might wind up sitting through a fairly long description of how to choose thumbnails for facebook posts rather than something you’re actually hoping to learn.  For beginners, this is probably an advantage, but it got a little bit tiring for me.

Remarkably well, actually.  Most of the affiliate marketing how-to’s and training programs seemed like they were fairly obviously set up for their own benefit, as a sort of meta-joke that got their own affiliate marketing out there by pretending to be an article telling people how to do affiliate marketing.

The hyper fb traffic system delivers exactly what it promises, which is how to increase traffic to your affiliate marketing links and make money with your facebook account.  It doesn’t go very far in scope beyond that, but it doesn’t say that it will, and within that premise it exhaustively shows every step of the process and how to get it done in a pretty fool-proof manner.  It gets some points just for being what it says, and the videos are really quite effective, so I think I’ll have to recommend it.

First-time affiliate marketers and people new to the internet.  Some of the videos will be focusing on the details of processes most internet savvy users already know, and the process itself is probably already largely known to successful affiliate marketers, but for new folks just trying to get into it, like yours truly?  It seems pretty well targeted.

Well maybe.  If you’re hoping to get into internet affiliate marketing and you have a facebook page you can use, hyper fb traffic has definitely got some handy stuff in there for you.  It makes no guarantees, though, and presumably to make really good money at this sort of thing you’ll have to stick with it and spend a lot of time doing it.  It’s a time investment and costs some money, so if you’re not serious about directing facebook traffic to affiliate marketing links as a thing you want to spend time doing, there’s probably other things you should do with your time.  But, if that’s what you want to learn how to do, the hyper fb traffic system definitely teaches you how.

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