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How to Make Money on YouTube

If you have ever thought about how (or if) you could make money on YouTube, you’re not alone. Hundreds of marketers have contributed to YouTube and some are still looking for ways to monetize their efforts. Here are some easy, useful ways you can start generating profit on even your simplest videos.



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Promoting Your Site

From a marketers perspective, YouTube was seen mostly as a promotional tool for your website. It is still used that way by many people. When posting videos, you would include a link in the bio or signature that would link back to your site. Generally speaking the videos were designed with the ideas of brand awareness and providing information about your marketing niche with the end goal of being able to cash in later. This is the most common way to use YouTube, but using it in this manner means it ends up being just another way to generate traffic.

If you decide to use YouTube, you need a niche market that benefits from the creation of a lecture or seminar series. You will also need to use high quality sound and video when you use YouTube as a market tool.

Becoming a YouTube Partner

After Google purchased YouTube, they implemented changes to improve advertising as a major aspect of the site. Similar to the way Adsense works, you can now place ads in your videos and get paid whenever someone clicks on those ads. In order to become a YouTube partner, you will need to submit an application for your site and get approved. Once your site is approved, you can start making money by opting in to the partner network with every video you post. This is probably the simplest way to make money on YouTube.

Gather Email Addresses

Email marketing has proven to be on the foundations of Internet marketing and YouTube can be a valuable tool for gathering email addresses. It is not possible to put an opt-in email list capture form on your YouTube videos, but you can put a link in your bio or a watermark on your video that links to a squeeze page. This is not a direct way to make money directly from your YouTube videos, it is a way to help capture email addresses. Those email addresses can be far more valuable than any cash you might be able to make directly from your videos as they can lead to future (and much more) income.

Affiliate Marketing

If making money on YouTube is new to you, affiliate marketing can be a great starting point. To use this money making method, you need a simple video editing tool that will allow you to add a watermark to your videos. You can use this method in either of two ways. The first way is to create your own productions with tips and strategies and pitch a more complete product youself. The second way is to take an existing video (many affiliate programs offer these) and add your watermark to that video and upload it. The second option is the easiest, but make sure you only use videos you are legally allowed to use.

YouTube’s New Rental Options

YouTube hasn’t implemented it yet, but they have a beta version of their new rental system that they hope to implement soon. If you give regular seminars or lectures, or you produce and upload your own viral videos, the rental system will allow you to charge a rental fee for each video in your series. For people creating videos with high level (and there for more expensensive) production values, this new rental system has the potential to be a great money maker if you have content to sell.

YouTube has been one of the most foundational pieces of the social and viral web for years now and it has allowed marketers from around the world to work out and implement more and more interactive money making strategies. As a foundational piece of Internet Marketing, it is time to learn to use YouTube as part of your online business. The potential is absolutely immense!

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