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My honest opinion of Jon Rhodes’ Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Program

You’ve come to the right place if your looking for a comprehensive review of the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy program designed by hypnotherapy expert Jon Rhodes.First and foremost, I just want to clarify that I will be giving you an unrestricted, unbiased and honest review of Mr. Rhodes’ hypnotherapy weight loss program.  What you’re about to read are the ESSENTIAL details you need to know before grabbing a copy of the program yourself.

Product Name: Gastric Band Hypnotherapy-gabahy
Publisher Web Site:
Trial period:60 Days

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Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Program Overview

Jon Rhodes’ Hypno Band Weight Loss System works with the intent of suggesting to your subconscious mind that you have gone through a surgical gastric band procedure. This, as most of you are aware is where an inflatable silicone device is placed around the top portion of the stomach, in order to help weight loss. The placement of the band creates a small pouch, at the top of the stomach.

This pouch holds around half a cup of food. (The typical stomach holds about 6 cups of food.) The pouch fills with food quickly, and the band slows the passage of food from the pouch to the lower part of the stomach. As the upper part of the stomach registers as full, it sends the brain a message that the entire stomach is full. This helps the person to be hungry less often, feel full more quickly and for a longer period of time, eat smaller portions, and consequently lose weight over time.

Although Hypnosis Bypass Surgery is safer and less invasive than other similar types of surgery such as stomach stapling, it is still not without its risks. Also the high costs involved are also a potential barrier to many people. Hypnotherapy can remove these barriers by offering an alternative. Instead of actually going through with this surgery, a clinical hypnotherapist works with you to convince your subconscious mind that you have undergone this procedure.

They guide you into a state of deep relaxation and talk you through the procedure as if it is actually happening. On a conscious level you will be aware that you have received hypnotherapy, but on a subconscious level the subconscious part of your mind will tend to believe you have actually received the surgery. With your subconscious mind convinced that your stomach has a gastric band fitted you will feel less desire to eat food, and the portions you eat will be much smaller.

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What’s included in Jon Rhodes’ Gastric Band Hypnotherapy program?

The program consists of digital media you download to your PC. You’ll get access to a zip file that contains all of the following:

  • ‘Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Band Pre-Op’ – MP3 – Run Time: 12:.42 min
  • ‘Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Band Fitting’ – MP3 – Run Time: 10:32 min
  • ‘Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Band Inflation’ – MP3 – Run Time: 14:45 min
  • ‘Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Reversal’ – MP3 (should you ever wish to remove the band) – Run Time: 12:10 min
  • ‘Gastric Band Hypnotherapy’ – PDF E-Book Guide – 6 Pages

The following additional materials are also included in the program:

  • Sensible Eating Hypnosis MP3
  • Exercise Motivation Hypnosis MP3

Who is Jon Rhodes and what about his background?

In digging around the web quite a bit, here is a typical comment I have found about Mr. Rhodes. This is from American Chronicle and the full posting can be found here: http://w

“Jon Rhodes is a well respected clinical hypnotherapist and runs a free hypnosis and meditation site at Jon is passionate about the provision of healthcare and knowledge to all. He works in a rehabilitation unit for people suffering from severe mental health disorders, and teaches “Life Skills” in colleges across the UK.”

In all my digging, I have not found anything negative about Mr. Rhodes or his hypnotherapy programs. I can tell you that he is also responsible for the HypnoBusters website that is full of programs to help with everything from motivation to working to stop smoking. HypnoBusters is in the news every now and then, but again in a positive light.

He notes on one of his websites that he was trained by the London College Of Clinical Hypnotherapy in 2002, and that he built up a thriving practice around the North West Region of England. And as noted above, started off working in the metal health field. Many of the people he worked with suffered from severe mental illness such as schizophrenia. He enjoyed helping people and decided to train as a clinical hypnotherapist with his therapeutic background to draw from.

gastric band hypnotherapy review

My honest opinion regarding the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy program materials

E-book :

This guide is a very short 6 pages of reading. However, it is very well done. Professionally printed, logically outlined and without a single typo! (That’s rare in the days of digital media). I strongly suggest that you read this guide before listening to the audio portion of the program. Pay special attention to the sections covering: ‘How the sessions work’, ‘How to use the sessions’, ‘Weight loss and mind set’. Again, in my opinion this is one of the better e-books I have run across.

Audio sessions:

I found the audio segments of the program to be well recorded. The only difficult part was getting use to Mr. Rhodes English accent. Once you have that down, these are easy to listen to with clear noise free recordings that are produced with music and sounds to help you in reaching that deeply relaxed state. Using headphones of some type will really help with these they help to block out external background noise in your home.

I found that these audio sessions do deliver on their goal of providing a personal hypnotherapy experience. An experience that I found to be quite pleasant and very relaxing. So, these have my approval as well. Also, note that I listened to each of these tracks two ways: First, objectively to judge the quality of the recording and secondly, in the active role of a subject, desiring to lose weight.

My personal experience with this hypnotherapy program

In general, for all the audio sessions I listened to; including the one on relaxation mentioned below; I found the experience to be very relaxing. The sessions all spend about half their time talking you to a state of deep relaxation, once there suggestions are given that detail the purpose of the session.

For an example, in session one of the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy program, once you are at the part in the session where you should be pretty deeply relaxed, Mr. Rhodes has you very specifically detail the interior of the clinic you are visiting. Everything from the color of the carpeting to the layout of the office and examination room. This detail is what your subconscious mind absorbs and convinces it that you really had this experience, even though your conscious mind knows better.

For me, almost all the time, I would ‘fall asleep’ about two-thirds of the way through and be woken up by the part of the session that is supposed to wake you up. I wouldn’t realize this right away, but then it would dawn on me that at a point, I no longer heard Mr. Rhodes talking or the music. After I was fully awake, I would take the time to listen to the session objectively and was surprised to hear all the specific detail in the session that I did not remember. That was a funny feeling. But the session itself is not scary or frighting at all…..Instead it is really relaxing!

I can say without question that Jon Rhodes’ Gastric Band Hypnotherapy program is NO SCAM. Everything from the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy website, to the program materials themselves are very professionally produced with care.

If you really want to move ahead with your decision to loose weight, I honestly believe that this h ypno band weight loss system and program help you reach your goal. Because of the author’s generous 60 – day money back guarantee, you have enough time to go through the entire program to see if it will work for you. And if not, a quick email will get your refund on its way to you. So, the only thing you can lose here is the weight you are wanting to get rid of once and for all. Moderately priced, the entire program is way cheaper than even diet shakes for a week, let alone what the cost of the actual surgical procedure would be. Comes with a 60 – day no quibble money back guarantee.

Big suggestion

If you are really unsure if hypnotherapy will work for you, click on the video below and spend  a few minutes watching a full length session by clinical hypnotherapist Jon Rhodes DHyp for FREE. With this session on ‘Deep Relaxation Hypnosis’, you will experience the steps actually taken to help you reach a state of really deep relaxation.  (This, in fact, is what let me to investigate the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy program further, as I found the Deep Relaxation session worked very well for me). This way you can experience a REAL full-on session and will know for a fact if hypnosis for weight loss will work for YOU.

Good luck on you efforts to drop those pounds. I hope that my website has helped you.

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