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The Holy Grail Body Transformation

If you’re not familiar with the sport of body building, you probably don’t recognize the name Tom Venuto. That’s okay, because you’ll be familiar with Tom after reading this review. You see, Tom is a weight loss and nutrition guru who’s known worldwide for his best-selling eBook, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.

Knowing that he’s an expert in his field, I jumped at the chance to review his The Holy Grail Body Transformation ebook. But, before I go any further, let me first make a few things clear.

Product Name: Holy Grail Body Transformation-thegrail
Publisher Web Site: http://www.holygrailbodytransformation.com/
Trial period:60 Days

Holy Grail Body Transformation Pdf

First, while the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (more info) program has been highly successful, this new work has been considered based only on its own content. Whether The Holy Grail Body Transformation proves to be as good as his previous work will depend on what it alone has to offer.  Second, it’s also important to note that Tom Venuto’s books, regardless of how well they’ve done commercially, are not for everyone. This review makes no guarantee of specific individual results.

The Holy Grail Concept

A term “holy grail” is used to describe a sacred object, often one that proves to be elusive. In the world of weight-loss, the elusive and sacred object is the idea of permanently shedding excess fat and replacing it with muscle. Venuto’s Holy Grail Body Transformation is firmly rooted in the fact that losing fat and gaining muscle simultaneously is indeed possible. His claims run counter to the thinking of most of the others in his field, but his results back up his claims with impressive visual evidence.

Tom Venuto spends quite a bit of time refuting some commonly held myths that have been perpetrated on our culture in recent years. One of those myths is the idea that genetics determines whether or not a person can lose weight and build muscle. Perhaps critics believe Venuto’s physique is only a matter of the gene pool from which he came, but he staunchly defends the principle that his program, and other similar ones, will work for just about anyone. To date, Venuto’s programs have helped thousands of people; from those who needed to shed just a few pounds all the way up to people losing 250 pounds or more. His first ebook alone has been read by roughly 200,000 people.

The Methodology Behind the Holy Grail Program

Venuto believes that when most people casually mention a desire to lose weight, they probably mean more than what they’ve said. In all likelihood they’ve seen a TV or magazine ad which stirs in them the desire for a lean and strong body. Let’s face it; thin is in, but flabby is still unattractive. Venuto understands this principle and wants to show you how to lose the fat AND create a lean, muscular machine.

Venuto’s nutrition advice is perhaps the most important part of his program. He instructs readers about something known as “within-day-energy balance,” a concept that has been foreign to nutritionists and trainers until just recently. Applying this concept to weight loss and muscle building involves a structured diet that Venuto developed through years of trial and testing. As his programs become more widely circulated in the mainstream, Venuto’s diet and nutrition concepts stand to change the way we think about weight loss programs.

In “Holy Grail” Venuto isn’t afraid to state his belief that many diet experts and nutritionists of days gone by have been flat wrong with their advice. He’s also not afraid to call out the charlatans who make millions by claiming to have a miraculous, “quick-fix” method for weight loss and muscle gain. There are no such quick fixes. Building a lean, strong physique is hard work that requires dedication and planning.

With this ebook, Venuto gives readers an overview of his concepts and program. Not a lot of detail, but just enough to whet the appetite and cause a spark. He knows that people willing put forth the effort to get the rest of the information are the ones most likely to succeed. Those who aren’t, would probably not follow through anyway.

Holy Grail Body Transformation

Two Reasons to Give Venuto a Fair Shake

There are a ton of “experts” in the field, all trying to make a quick buck off people trying to lose weight. So what is it about Tom Venuto that should cause readers to think that he’s any different than the rest?

First of all, Venuto has been at this since 1989. This is not only his passion, it is his livelihood. If he spent years making false claims only to be disproved by poor results, his reputation and business would suffer. Tom’s not in this to fail. When you succeed, he succeeds. That’s what it’s all about.

Second, and more important I might add, is the vast amount of evidence supporting the information in Tom’s program; evidence by way of actual, physical results in the lives of real people – evidence that began with Tom himself as the first test subject.

What’s more, Venuto’s reputation in the body building and weight loss community precedes him because he gets results. Unlike other programs that have come and gone over the years, Venuto’s has remained for more than two decades. And when his program has needed tweaking in the past, Tom has never been hesitant to move in different directions or seek new ideas. Whether as a body builder, personal trainer, nutrition expert, athlete, or motivational speaker, Venuto practices what he preaches.


Holy Grail Body Transformation Conclusion

As the old proverb says, nothing worth having comes easy. That includes a good physique. Losing weight and adding muscle takes a lot of hard work, dedicated effort, and mental and physical toughness. Tom Venuto’s program works because it employs the proven methods missing from so many other programs.

With obesity as big a problem as it is, more people could change their lives if they took Venuto’s ideas and made them their own. I, for one, am very impressed with The Holy Grail Body Transformation, and I recommend it for everyone who needs to lose weight and build muscle.

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