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The Handcrafter’s Companion Review

This Page is a Jane Church’s Handcrafter’s Companion Review –Click Below if You’re Looking For:Jane Church’s Handcrafter’s Companion is a comprehensive guide to creating spa-quality products. The guide is written in a step-by-step fashion friendly enough for the beginner handcrafter.

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The Handcrafters Companion Book Review

One of the primary benefits of The Handcrafter’s Companion is that buyers can potentially profit from the skills taught in the guide. While the spa industry is currently the fourth largest leisure industry in the U.S. there is plenty of opportunity.

The Handcrafter’s Companion is made available in one easy download. That download link is provided immediately after the purchase is made. The ebook can be printed with Adobe Arcobat Reader once downloaded.

The Handcrafter’s Companion claims that customer can make their own spa products for pennies on the dollar with the recipes and step-by-step instructions given in the guide. Can making spa-quality products really be this easy?

What Can You Expect From The Handcrafter’s Companion Guide?

The guide is a 44 page ebook complete with over 126 step-by-step spa product recipes. Recipes range from handcrafted soaps to lip gloss. Customers that all ready own bath and body businesses have reported multiple return on investments. There is also a quick start guide included with the product for those with no previous experience.

Over 8 years of experience was put into designing The Handcrafter’s Companion as well as the marketing tips included. Tips on how to market spa products are included for those seeking to turn their hobby into a second income. A few of the important details are safety, product labeling, packaging, and building a brand for yourself.

Download The Handcrafters Companion Pdf

Of cousre you will not need to build your brand if you are only planning on creating your products as a hobby. If you intend to earn a second income from handcrafting, developing a brand for yourself may be the single most important thing you do next to creating quality products.

There are two areas which The Handcrafter’s Companion stands out from other similar products. The first is, the 22 low cost and no cost promotional ideas. In this section, readers are giving a key tips that will help them promote products with a small budget. Many businesses fail in their first year due to this obstacle. The second is the source and supply list. This is Jane Church’s rolodex of industry suppliers, along with instructions on how to source raw materials, packaging, and many other essentials.

Recipes included in the guide:

  • Handcrafted Soaps
  • Bath Teas, Additives & Soaks
  • Spa Treatments
  • Bubble Baths & Bath Bombs
  • Butters, Balms, Lotions & Creams
  • Scrubs, Polishes, Salts & Masques
  • Home Fragrance Products
  • Potpourri and Sachets
  • Aromatherapy Blends

Jane Church is a veteran handcrafter. The reason that she created The Handcrafter’s Companion is because there were no guides or recipe books available when she began making homemade soaps, bath bombs, body scrubs, bath salts, bath teas, home fragrance products over 8 years ago.

Review The Handcrafters Companion

Many of  Jane Church’s  initial experiments started with basic recipes and later become her own unique products.

The Handcrafter’s Companion has received many review from satisfied customers, and there is no risk with the 60 mony back guarantee.

I believe  this ebook receives so much praise because of the user friendly download as well as the easy step-by-step instructions provided in the guide.

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