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Government Auctions – Can you really save big money?

Can you really save up to 90% of your next car or home through “secret” government auctions?Our independent review finds out the truth about such claims and whether your time and money is worth spending on such websites, and how these “hidden” goldmine auction sites really work…

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Let’s face it, cars and homes are expensive. They always have been and always will be. When times are tough, sales slump for both of these things. However, they are also two of the biggest social status symbols that money can buy, and let’s face it – they bring us so much joy and memories, don’t they?

They are both things we must buy sooner or later, and we’re often on the lookout for better models, newer locations, or simply just a change.

The problem is that when looking to get a deal, we’re often forced to put on our bargaining hats, or deal with awkward private sellers. Quite often, we’ll end up paying through the nose for a new home or car, because of fees, middle men, or simply because we got talked into it.

It’s no wonder then, that so many people are turning to auctions to get past the hassles and extra costs of buying cars and homes the traditional (and costly) methods.

Why is this so important?

The great thing about auctions, is that they can make you a lot of money when you resell the goods later on, because you can get such a great buying price that other buyers can’t. You might not plan to do so, but it’s a great asset to have under your belt if you want to quickly “flip” a car or house for a nice chunk of money.

Either way, we all need transport and homes, but times are tough and that’s why auctions are perfect for budget concious consumers.

And because privately buying can be unreliable, time consuming and can loose you money, auctions are a welcome break from all of this hassle, which can not only save you a headache, but a lot of cash too.

gov auctions

But Why haven’t you found these auctions already?

The problem is, the best auctions are hardly ever advertised. If they were, then there would be too much competition and the bids would shoot up as a result.

After all, auctions that are widely advertised, are usually overrun with competitive buyers and it makes the whole experience more of an intimidating battle with many trade experts who can afford to outbid most regular bidders.

the problems with “normal” auctions…However, buying from auctions can often be a real hassle and very costly too. That’s because most actions are designed to make a profit.

But I’ll let you into a little secret – there’s one type of auction that secretly sells cars and homes at 90% less that what other people have to pay.

Yep, 90%…

Welcome to the world of government auctions. Government auctions are fantastic for picking up bargains, because they don’t care about profits, they just want to cover their costs, which is why you can find cars and homes at up to 90% off retail price.

You see, the reason why the government has cars and homes to auction is because of raids on criminals, repossessions, confiscations due to back taxes and other reasons for impounding vehicles. The government does not want to hold onto this seized property. They are interested in recouping the monies that they have spent or are owed.

The problem is, these secret government actions aren’t advertised widely, because the government doesn’t have the budget or the interest in making them that public…because they’ll lose their own break even profits.

That’s why most people have probably never heard of them, and why those that can find these auctions, are literally laughing all the way to the bank.

So the question remains, where can you find these government auctions near you?

There’s a website called which solves this problem for you.

You see, not only does it save you time trying to hunt down these government auctions by yourself, but it is not made public so there’s little buyer competition going on either.

Instead of visiting individual government websites or local places, you get to scan a huge database to see where the next auction is being held locally.

This is information that other people in your city will not usually have access to, which gives you 1st dips and the biggest possible discounts on hundreds of cars per day.

How this website helped me (and will help you too!)The benefit of getting access to the website is that for a small one time fee, you will be able to access the worldwide database of government actions at any time you like. That means, if you want a car or home at stupidly low prices, then you’ll have exclusive closed door access to where they are going to be auctioned off for pennies on the dollar.

It’s up to you how to explain your “flush” spendings to your friends and family…I can’t help you there!

With the is particular, the auctions feature cars that are all clean and have clean titles so that you can virtually sign and drive away in, if you are the winner of the auction.

These auctions are happening all the time all over the US and is certainly one of the best websites providing government car and home auction services around.

For the single access fee, you literally get access to thousands of live Government and public auctions across the US, saving you many hours of research in locating reputable “offline/live” and “online” Government related auctions relevant to and available in your area.

And we’re not talking cheap trash that nobody wants to buy here either, we’re talking about all sorts of makes and models that come up for auction on a daily basis.

It truly is a legal loophole to save yourself thousands of dollars on your next purchase. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a lot of people buying low on these auctions, and then selling high on eBay or privately, for a full time income.

And don’t forget it’s not just cars, as the website in particular, also offers action listings where a wide variety of government seized properties, from high class cars, houses, up to surpluses of machines, furniture and office items are available to virtually steal for yourself, at a fraction of the asking price.

Government Auctions Bad points

It’s not perfect however, as you do need to know what you’re looking for, or you could end up being tempted to buy something that you’re unable to look at first hand. This goes for any action I suppose, but worth mentioning regardless.

Also, I would say that if you’re a novice car or first time home buyer, then you may need to swat up on your auctioneering skills before getting too heavily involved in big money investments, along with doing a little bit of research into the car or home before you commit.

Government Auctions good Points

The benefits of using the website far outweighs the small asking price, certainly in my opinion anyway.

Not only can you save as much as 90% on cars and homes, but you’ll also save a ton of time not having to search up and down the country by yourself. Simply log in, search the database and hey presto – you’re in business.

Furthermore, because the competition from other buyers is much lower, thanks the website being privately run (and not open to the general public for free), this means that you can often bid in less pressured environments, and have a wider range of choices to bid on (and stand more chances of winning more bids too!).

Who is it right for?The really is for anyone on a tight budget who wants exclusive access to a service which provides a real beneficial way to find “secret” auctions.

Whether it’s a new car or a brand new home you’re in the market for, there’s so many listings of legit and large auctions, that you’ll be spoilt for choice.

I’d also say that the service offered at is perfect for people already comfortable with the auction buying environment, who are sick of being outbid on their dream cars, homes etc.

Add to that, anyone with little time, looking for a dream car or home at a fraction of the cost of what everyone else has to pay, would find the a great way to save time locating these otherwise hard to find auctions.

Overall ConclusionAs you can see, government auctions really are a legit way to find a bargain. However, you must still be prepared to bid aggressively and know exactly what you want, if you are to avoid paying through the nose, or on the other hand, losing out to something which you can see the value in.

With their rise in popularity, more and more websites are trying to emulate the original directories for government auction sites such as, but to this day, we haven’t seen a directory which can match the ease of use, wide range of searches and listings in once place.

Whilst not designed for non- US bargain hunters, the fact is that if you’re living in the US and you’re looking to save significant time and money on your next car or home, then you’d be doing yourself a total injustice if you ignored the saving potential found through

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