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Have Fun Belly Dancing Your Way to Fitness!

Belly dancing is typically more energetic than other styles of bellydance which make it a good aerobic exercise that improves breathing and blood circulation. Although commonly known as bellydance, most other parts of the body are involved making it a really good whole body workout.

It is also known as Eastern dance and though not part of Western culture, this hasn’t stopped it becoming very popular in countries around the world as a healthy aerobic exercise and used by some for weight loss.

Belly dancing

Edward Laskowski M.D. comments “Belly dancing and other types of dance can be good exercise for weight loss. In fact you can burn as many calories belly-dancing as you can walking, swimming or riding a bike” Edward R. Laskowski M.D. is a Mayo Clinic physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist.

What makes belly dancing so popular as a healthy exercise is that it is also fun, and if you are enjoying yourself while exercising you are more likely to continue. So many other exercise regimens are thought of as something that has to be done rather than something that you enjoy doing.

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Belly dancing is suitable for any age, shape, or level of fitness, although as when beginning any type of physical exercise program it is best to take it easy at first. If someone does have a particular health issue a bellydance teacher would advise of any moves that were unsuitable.

To learn the exotic art of Belly dancing it is best to find a class if possible, but if you don’t have a class nearby there are also Dvd’s and some good advice online.

Belly dancing could well be the answer if you are not only looking for a way of keeping fit, but having fun too!

Belly dancing moves are generally performed more quickly and athletically than other styles, and can feature leaps and floor work by the more accomplished dancer. For fun and fitness, only the basic moves need be used, making it accessible to more people.

Even though it is known as belly dancing, many other parts of the body are used, the hips and pelvic area being very prominent.

  • Some Basic Moves
  • Hip circles (the full moon)
  • Hip shimmy – shaking the hips quickly
  • Hip punches – thrusting the hips
  • The shoulder shimmy
  • The arms are moved in snake-like motions.
  • The hips, belly, and shoulders are rolled in rhythmic undulations as if riding a camel.
  • The dance steps move forward, backward, side to side, and in circles.

For the more flamboyant Bellydance moves such as the backbend and the drop, the dancer needs to be physically fit, stretching exercises are needed for good condition of the leg muscles and joints.

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There are many more belly dancing moves and each dancer will have variations of the moves, and develop their own particular style of dancing. The Belly dancing moves aren’t meant to be performed or looked upon as erotic dancing, more as entertainment in which someone expresses their dancing skill, sensuality, and sense of fun.

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