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Does The Fat Burning Kitchen Really Work

The Fat Burning Kitchen also argues that there are foods (sometimes considered unhealthy by the masses) that help you rapidly accelerate your weight loss.

There are two “groups” of people who want to lose weight.

The first group wants to make slow, gradual progress with slow, gradual lifestyle changes.

fat burning kitchen review
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Trial period:60 Days

The second group wants faster results. They want to lose all of their excess fat and look as good as possible, as quickly as possible.

And they are okay with making all sorts of lifestyle changes to get there at the speed of light.

If you’re in group #2, The Fat Burning Kitchen is right up your alley. It’s a strict diet plan consisting solely of foods that make you burn fat at the fastest rate possible – and that’s just the beginning.

We’ve downloaded and read the book. This is our review. We’ll recap everything below – if you want to lose weight fast and are sick of ineffective “feel good” approaches that rarely get results, read on.

5-Bullet Overview

  • 120+ pages of foods that will inherently help you lose weight – as well as foods to avoid at all costs
  • A breakdown of exactly what you need to eat and when – follow the guide to the letter and you will see results, period
  • Promises drastic fat loss within the first month of use – you can view the user results by clicking here
  • Almost 1,000,000 readers of The Fat Loss Kitchen + Mike Geary’s other fitness products
  • Can be downloaded instantly from the main website

The problem that The Fat Burning Kitchen addresses

Walk into any supermarket and you’ll see certain buzz words printed on the majority of products there.

  • Natural
  • Gluten free
  • No artificial hormones
  • Etc

But despite having these buzz words, the foods themselves are vastly different. You might see “natural” hummus, frozen pizza, eggs, and crackers.

That doesn’t mean each of those foods will help you lose weight, though. Not even close.

Fat Burning Kitchen

Some might even make you gain weight.

You need to cut these foods out. The Fat Burning Kitchen goes so far as to argue that if you’ve overweight, there are certain foods that you should not be eating under any circumstances whatsoever. Some of them are obvious, but some aren’t so obvious.

It’s not all bad, though

That’s the basis of the book.

How certain foods help you lose weight

Certain foods can be “used up” more easily by our bodies.

Imagine that you’re eating dinner and you have the choice between these two meals.

  1. Grilled chicken with sauteed vegetables
  2. Burgers, buns, french fries, and a side salad

#2 isn’t necessarily an unhealthy meal, but you can’t argue that you’ll feel a lot healthier after eating meal #1.

That’s because those are foods that are natural to our bodies – we can handle them with ease.

They’ll be converted to energy and not stored as fat.

And that is the ticket to weight loss – eating foods that are natural to your body’s composition. In fact, you can sometimes increase the amount of food that you eat on a daily basis and still lose weight very quickly… if and only if you eat these types of foods.

The Fat Burning Kitchen plan: every food is a fat-burning food

The goal of The Fat Burning Kitchen is to “turn your body into a fat-burning machine” by planning out meals and snacks consisting of only fat-burning foods.

You really will be a fat-burning machine. If you’re eating foods that can easily be used by your body for energy, none will get stored as excess fat and you will very quickly get rid of any excess weight.

In the end, that’s the goal – removing your excess fat as quickly as you possibly can.

You accomplish that by simply following The Fat Burning Kitchen – eating certain foods frequently, and not eating other sorts of food at all.

You do have to be consistent. You can’t afford to binge on cookies and cake three times a week. But if you follow the program with dedication (or at least semi-dedication), you can expect to lose weight at a faster rate than you thought was possible and have more energy every single day.

It’s also a lifestyle guide regarding weight loss

Unless you’ve hired a nutritionist to handle your dietary changes, you’re probably still wandering aimlessly in your weight loss journey. Sure, you might be buying foods that seem “healthy” to you, but really, besides the marketing behind certain products, you’re in the dark.

The Fat Burning Kitchen will remove all of your confusion around food – and it will give you the information needed to live a healthy lifestyle. Add in the healthy lifestyle with your perfect diet and you have a recipe to lose all of your fat in 2-3 months, similar to how countless users already have

Some of the things it covers:

  • Your diet and energy drinks – what to drink for energy if you’re a caffeine addict (many caffeinated drinks will make you gain weight rapidly)
  • All about eggs – and why full eggs are better for weight loss than egg whites are
  • Complete Guide to Sweeteners – if you have a sweet tooth, this is absolutely essential to read
  • Which fruits and veggies are okay non-organic – so you can actually buy the healthy stuff without paying an arm and a leg

What to expect + who should read TFBK

You should expect to change quite a bit in your diet and lifestyle – and you should expect to be rewarded handsomely for your efforts.

Here’s how it works: Michael Geary, the author, has a 60-day money back guarantee. Try it for 30 to 60 days and if you don’t lose a drastic amount of weight (and keep it off), simply email him and he will give you your money back.

(Since he doesn’t specify what “dramatic” means, what he actually means is that you can email him at any time (within 60 days) and get a full refund.)

But most don’t ask for refunds – unless they never take action, that is. Those who take action on the course always see body fat percentage reductions in the double digits within 60 days of starting – that’s why the guarantee is that long.

fat burning kitchen food list

Following are the five advantages of having a good read of this book

1. Prevent Diabetes, Weak Immunity, Heart Diseases, and Others – The book covers all the info you need to know about these common disease and hence will convince you to give up on eating the unhealthy stuff and hence, to avoid these diseases.

2. Know About Nutrition – The book contains a complete info about the nutritional value of the various common eatables.

3. A Healthy Replacement Is Waiting For You– The book covers all the healthy replacements to the unhealthy stuff and hence, helps you to eat good and healthy.

4. No More Obesity and Faster Aging – Faster aging and obesity are two of the most common unhealthy conditions that result due to unhealthy nutrition. Hence by replacing your poor diet with a high-nutritional diet, you’ll able to avoid these unhealthy conditions.

5. Cherish Your Life – With the all new good nutritional diet you can probably have greater level of physical fitness and as goes by the saying “A healthy soul lies in a healthy body”, you’ll be definitely able to enjoy the beauty of life to its max.

Read it, see if you like it, and if you do, start tomorrow.

We’re not going to make any outrageous claims like everyone will love it no matter what, but it doesn’t really matter – if you get sick of it (or just randomly change your mind), email Michael for a full refund and you’re done.

Good luck, and pat yourself on the back for being in group #2 – the group that wants to take real action and lose a considerable amount of weight.

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