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FAP Turbo Overview – Is Fap Turbo a Scam Robot?

Since its release in 2010, FapTurbo remained popular among forex traders the world over. Not surprising, given how effective and successful the program has proven to be. Designed as forex robot software that operates on autopilot, FapTurbo does all the trading, so a user doesn’t have to spend all the time online following on their trades.

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What makes FapTurbo unique in the forex auto pilot programs category? A number of things:

1. It is build with high scalability, meaning you can trade with as little or as much as you can possibly imagine.

If you’ve ever tried opening a forex account, you know just how limiting lack of capital can be. Not so with the FapTurbo software. It allows you to trade with as little as $50. Of course you can go lower than that, only that the profits wouldn’t amount to much.

2. It is the most accurate and most profitable system in the market.

Following 11 years of backtesting, FapTurbo beats all other programs in performance and profitability. The back test results are themselves impressive, with 0.34% reported drawdown and over 99% winners to mention a few important statistics.

3. It is designed to accommodate high trading activity.

If you have used most forex software available (both free and for pay), you will agree that finding a program that supports intense trading activity can be frustrating. The developers behind FapTurbo sure knew what problems to solve, because they came up with a program that can sufficiently handle up to 20 trades a week. Now, that is a bargain.

4. With this software, you can trade up to three different currencies. This is another first that you rarely get with other programs.

5. Spread and Session Indicator.

With this program, you will no loner have to beat your head over bids and prices at any given time. The software shows you the current spread as well as the history of the spread in an easy to read chart. Simply put, it makes it easy for you to know what your odds are at any given time.

6. Everything is customizable.

While the program comes with default settings, you can customize all the settings to work with your style of trading. Talk about giving you full control of how you trade. That is what FapTurbo gives you.

Is FapTurbo really as easy to use as you make it sound?

Yes it is. No technical know-how is required to run the program. The only requirement on your part is a trading account, which you open through a broker. Once you set up the account and download the software, set up the necessary screens and you are ready to begin trading.

You will not be fumbling in the dark here, as the program comes with video tutorials that are clear and informative. They feature step by step instructions on how to set up the program, which will be easy if you follow the steps as indicated.

Additionally, you can contact the FapTurbo customer support center, available on email and phone day and night. Once you purchase your software, you automatically receive a link to the FapTurbo VIP area, where further assistance can be sourced. I have to say that this is the first forex program that I have heard few complaints about.

The highest percentage of users seem happy, even satisfied with the results from the program. This can be explained by the automated risk scaling feature, which protects users from losses. The beauty in using this program is the assurance that your loss will not run beyond a certain figure or percentage.

Additional features working to ensure that the amount of potential loss is controlled are the Built-In Loss Prevention (BILP) and High Spread Protection System (HSPS), both of which work to maximize your profits.

FAP Turbo claims to double your money every single month using a forex robot, otherwise known as an expert advisor. What I like about this product straight away is the Live proof from 3 accounts that are published on their website for all to see, these accounts update live on their website every 15 minutes. There is no cover ups here, they don’t even have to provide backtested results because as they say “The proof is in the pudding”. Forward trading is the way to get indication if a expert advisor really works, backtesting never can predict what is going to happen in the future.

Also they have provided live results from 3 different size accounts, which demostrates the flexibility of FAP Turbo. People who are looking to invest are all at different stages so gives a peace of mind that system works on any size account. People can start with as low as $370 right up to $10,000 – it is totally up to you!! Compared to their previous product ForexAutoPilot is looks like they have come up with a new system that is very reliable and produces consistent results. Also what I like is that the robot looks to have great money management programmed in which is key to staying on top. Nothing worse than making lots of successful trades and then one large drawdown takes away all the profit you have made.

If you like some technical info on FAP Turbo check out the following information:

  • 9 Years back tested
  • 9,645 Total trades
  • 95.9% Winners
  • 5,000 Net Profit
  • 0.35% Drawdown

In the back-test the robot averaged about 48% profit per month (5,000% divided by 102 months which is 9 years)

In live trading, FAP Turbo has actually made at least DOUBLE that… on every one of the 3 accounts.

fap turbo forex

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Fapturbo Conclusion

FapTurbo is on offer at a one-time price, with no recurring payments and no monthly billings. For anyone interested in making money in forex trade, this is a real deal. Start with a demo account to get a reflection of how you could perform when trading in real money. All in all, you really have nothing to lose, because FapTurbo comes with a 60-day money back guarantee that is unconditional.

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