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EZ Web Business Builder 2 Review

Internet marketing systems that promise to make you millions of dollars online are notoriously full of fluff and hype.  Even though most of us realize that get-rich-quick schemes are merely . . . well . . . schemes, Internet marketing systems somehow convince us otherwise.  They teach us to go against our inner intuition and lead us to believe that maybe – just maybe – THIS one will work.  They get us to believe that this program is like no other program out there, that it is the latest and greatest thing on the world wide web.

ez web business builder 2 review

EZ Web Business Builder 2 has made a tremendous impact on people conducting business on the Internet.  It has a huge following already, with many proclaiming it one of the best resources for learning what to market online and how to do it effectively.

So is it any good?

Internet marketing is like those “Reality” TV series that will not die.  More and more flood our airwaves, and they are just dreadful.  Yet producers still pump millions of dollars behind the shows because people simply cannot get enough.

But how good is THIS program, and is it worth your time and money?  The following review of the work from home product should give you an idea of whether this program suits your needs.

Jim Danielss EZ Web Business Builder 2

My Honest Review of EZ Web Business Builder 2

The program was created by Jim Daniels, the second version of a program of his from almost a decade ago.  Jim’s story is unremarkable at best and I had never before heard of him, but he did not strike me as a fake person performing for a video take featuring an over-hyped program.  Jim is a real person who used to work close to where I live in the New England area.  He, like me, has tried many variations of online marketing until he tweaked this and that to create something that worked for him.

When I heard this, I found it plausible because of what I know about what I had seen out there on the Internet myself.  Yet, watching what I call the “grab-your-attention” pre-purchase video, I could not figure out what sets him and his program apart from others out there who say they found something better that “really” works.  However, I must say, it was put together very well.

I figured the answers would be in the program itself.

It consists of a highly informational – and in-depth – e-book paired with a series of short, to-the-point informational videos designed primarily to get a person to change his or her perception about Internet marketing as a scam by way of teaching exactly what Internet marketing is.  It is a series that is only as long as it needs to be, and it is designed to ensure that a new or seasoned online marketer has an idea of what it takes to succeed on the world wide web.  During my review, the work from home product offered such information as:

  • Exercises for selecting the right niche for you – not the same old guessing method
  • How to choose your domain name for your website
  • Word Press setup and customization videos in remarkably succinct detail
  • Ten ways to monetize your website

You will also learn a variety of tips and tricks for monetizing your website according to what the website goal or content is.  The system has a solid amount of information, which does help explain why it is such a popular choice for new Internet marketers.  It also comes with a variety of extra information, as well as an action plan to help you get started immediately.

The system hosts a wealth of information, along with bonus tips that is making it very popular.  Of all my work from home product reviews, the EZ Web Business Builder 2 was a pleasure – the system is easily one of the hottest and up-to-date.

EZ Web Business Builder Benefits of the System

Easy-to-Understand Information.  Key to the system is the way the information is presented.  The combination of e-book and ultra-short videos make it far more valuable than the traditional series of hour-long videos that are of poor quality and in no particular sequence – which is what most of the other programs use.  Everything that Jim presents is set out in a very straightforward, easy-to-grasp manner, and the videos make it much easier to absorb and remember the information.

Bonuses.  The bonuses are about some great topics.  Most other guides either provide no bonuses at all or they call something a bonus that is widely known already.  This program has guides that are genuinely helpful, such as specific resources for outsourcing work that fit the budget of people struggling for cash – dirt cheap.  The guide even lists specific people to help with you, and it still reveals exactly how you can do the work yourself.


Cost.  This program has one of those prices that at first glance made me think “there’s no way I am getting all of this for that price.”  But Jim says right in the pre-purchase video that it is a one-time fee – no dropping in price to devalue the product, and no upselling a purchaser to death (although, as a benefit, there is extra help for the true newbie if you require it).  While it would be nice if the system was less expensive, the reality of the market is that the guide is competitively priced overall, making it a better value than it appears.  No gimmicks, too.

Weaknesses of the System

Super Long E-Book.  Even though the book is truly helpful, it is a bit overwhelming because you will find yourself wanting to get started immediately.  Do yourself a favor and take it one chapter at a time and the 160+ page book will seem less daunting.

Action Plan Is Weekly.  The plan itself is a bonus.  However, as I mentioned above, you will find yourself wanting to put the plan into action immediately because Jim makes it easy to understand why and how and when to take certain steps.  Patience is a must-have with Internet marketing, and learning this lesson with the weekly action plan is really a hidden bonus.

My Overall Thoughts and Review of Work from Home Product

There is some hype behind this new version of the system, which is why so many people are seeking an unbiased review in order to get an idea of whether or not it is worth the purchase.  The question is this:

Does THIS system live up to the hype?

Quite possibly, if you have not yet delved into the Internet marketing world and want to take large baby steps – strides easy and small enough to understand, but long enough to make some real moves on the world wide web – then . . . YES.  This system is for you.

This program seems good to me, as a veteran online marketer, and it seems simple enough for a newbie.  For many people, it will only be the beginning because there is always a chance that you may want to get supplementary guides or information – even though there is no need to.  I was tempted myself because it was what I was accustomed to doing.  Not this time – it simply is not necessary to seek outside information with this all-in-one system.

The EZ Web Business Builder 2 is a solid program, and there is no reason why you should have to look elsewhere after purchasing this product for a one-time, non-repeat fee from a guy who does not upsell, as promised.  While it is difficult to say at this early date whether it lives up to its potential, it is well worth the purchase for those of you looking for ONLINE MARKETING HELP – not online marketing hype.

In my review, this work from home product gets an A and that is simply because I never give the very top grade (I learned that years ago from a crabby college professor).  To purchase EZ Web Business Builder 2, check out Jim’s introductory video here.

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