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Ejaculation by Command

As a partner, you definitely would not want the idea of not sexually satisfying your better half because you are suffering from premature ejaculation. There are thousands of men who end up suffering and having low self esteem because of sexual dysfunction. Although it may not be your fault that you are suffering from such, your partner may end up unsatisfied with your sexual relationship which may lead to other problems involving your relationship.

There are so many ways on how you can naturally manage your condition aside from the use of medications. However, you may already be tired of all these methods especially if you do not find them truly effective.

Product Name: Ejaculation By Command-ejcommand
Publisher Web Site:
Trial period:60 Days

Ejaculation By Command Full Download

Nevertheless, you should not lose hope since your problem is certainly manageable and treatable. There is a specific product which has helped a lot of men just like you, in making their woman feel good and contented. But this is not about taking pills or drugs. In this review, you will surely realize that there is real hope for premature ejaculation sufferers to gain back their masculinity.

You definitely want to be in control of the time of your ejaculation. According to scientific studies, most men are supposed to ejaculate using the same timeframe. Men are programmed to have the same sexual climax but due to several conditions, time may vary. Some men may ejaculate with just a little stimulation while others require a whole lot of work to ejaculate.

Having premature ejaculation can be a very embarrassing problem since you may ejaculate just before you penetrate your sexual partner. Normally, ejaculation happens during the climax of the sexual act which usually happens in conjunction with your partner’s climax. In this stage, both the woman and the man will be at the peak. But when premature ejaculation happens, only the man will experience sexual gratification, leaving the women unsatisfied. There are so many relationships in the world which has ended just because of this problem.

Ejaculation By Command Download

Ejaculation by Command

The Ejaculation by Command is a downloadable e-book which has presented the best way on how you can effectively treat your condition. It has been created by a popular sexual advisor Lloyd Lester. Lots of individuals have posted testimonials and reviews on different websites and blogs saying that the product had saved their sexual life and marriage. In the book, the author had discussed several facts about the condition as well as the ultimate treatment which you didn’t realize to be the only effective way.

The primary factor on how to ejaculate by command is to control it. Everybody knows of the brain as the command center of all the processes of the body. This means that if your brain controls the time on which you ejaculate and if you know how to control your mind and thinking, you will be able to control your ejaculation. Sex is an exciting event. If you can control the excitement sent by the stimulations to your brain, you can ejaculate anytime you want. You can also last longer in bed if you want to.

The principle sounds easy. But the process is quite complicated. You will learn the three easy steps on how to control your brain and command your ejaculation when you purchase the book written by Lloyd Lester. After which, everything will be quite easy for you and your partner.

Ejaculation By Command Review

Pros and Cons

There are many advantages of having the product but there are some disadvantages as well. The pros of having the Ejaculation by Command are the following:

  • It has been written by a reputable sexual advisor.
  • It is downloadable and can be stored in any portable electronic device.
  • It does not involve the use of any synthetic medication, which means that you are not at risk of developing any side effects.
  • There is a 60-day money back guarantee if you see the program to be ineffective.

The cons of having the Ejaculation by Command are the following:

  • Since it is a book, you have to read it. You should also stick with the methods presented to enjoy best results.
  • You should be open-minded to accept the methods.

In a man and woman’s relationship, it’s your duty as a man to sexually satisfy your woman. Do not let premature ejaculation bring you down. Purchase the product and see how you can become the best man for your partner.

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Ejaculation By Command

What man wouldn’t grin from ear to ear at just the thought of being able to please a woman, and to satisfy her in ways women only dream of in bed? The ability to make her drip wet and scream your name sounds appeasing, doesn’t it?

The problem is, for too many guys, this kind of bedroom excitement is over before it starts! As soon as penetration begins, it’s over, and you are left embarrassed and humiliated that you couldn’t last long enough to make her cum, and please her in bed.

Product Name: Ejaculation By Command-ejcommand
Publisher Web Site:
Trial period:60 Days

Now this is where Lloyd lester comes in. He provides a step-by-step program which trains men to take control of things in the bedroom, by showing them how to control ejaculation during the heat of the moment.

And before you know it, you’ll have turned the tables on your early ejaculation forever, and transformed your bedroom skills (and sex life in general) for the better. (If that’s what you want.)


“The Good”

Not only is Ejaculation by Command one of the best and most comprehensive guides for men to last longer ever written, but it is the ultimate guide of doing so naturally.

Lloyd explains in simple English how you can beat your own personal issues with premature ejaculation through natural conditioning and training of your mind and body.

You might think Ejaculation by Command may be hard to follow, but actually it is one of the most easy-to-read books ever printed.

But Lloyd Lester gets deep!

He describes his personal experiences with PE, and includes extremely helpful details, techniques and exercises you can follow along with that will help improve your sex life immensely. Just like he did

Your lack of self-confidence will become a thing of the past — you will last longer, and learn how to add minutes (lots of them) to your lovemaking skills.

Even if you don’t experience premature ejaculation, but you just want to brush up on new tips and tricks to add to your already great sex life, Lloyd Lester’s book is for you too!

Unlike others, Lloyd lester doesn’t try to solve PE (premature ejaculation) alone. He takes a more holistic view of the issue and your sex life in general.

That’s why on top of curing your rapid ejaculation, he also gives you amazing tips on how to please a woman faster, and make her orgasm — even if you are always used to climaxing long before your lovers in the past.

 “The Bad”

There is so much information included (good thing), that it may seem overwhelming at first glance (bad thing). A lot of the time, men just want to jump straight in to using techniques, without reading the fundamentals. But it’s VERY important to understand each aspect of PE, and the entire male sexuality.


Because once you have learned the basics, you will have a MUCH better concept of the techniques and strategies used, and they will flow more naturally than if you try to jump straight in to using them without knowing why, how, or what you are doing. Don’t you agree?

Over the years, men have been scaling the ends of the world trying to come up with a natural solution to PE. Not anymore. Ejaculation by Command raining contains fabulous and remarkable practical suggestions to help men last longer naturally.

In fact,you may even find some of the tips are familiar, which should make you more comfortable and at ease with the program itself.

As you read page by page of the guide, you’ll see that Lloyd does a kick-ass job of putting this book together. Not only is it full of incredible information, but it’s a definite one-stop shop for tips for much longer-lasting pleasurable sex.

Does Ejaculation By Command Work

“The Verdict!”

The bottom line is, this book offers practical and extremely solid information. It’s one of the best step-by-step programs for men ever made, arguably.

Want more endurance in the sack? DONE!

Want to sexually satisfy and fulfill your ladies wildest, wettest dreams? DONE!.

Upon reading the book, you’ll finally have the ability to unlock your raw power between the sheets. Lloyd just guides you through it, and helps you build up your own confidence and sexual competence.

So if you are ready to become a master love-maker, Ejaculation By Command tutorial is the book to help you do it.

If you are tired of disappointing your woman in bed, get ready to take the reigns when it comes to PE, and GET READY for a life full of extraordinary long lasting sexual pleasure, and sexual compliments too!

Straight of the bat, you may notice at first there is an amazing amount of information within this book. First, you learn the fundamentals of PE.

It really makes sense, if you want to PERMANENTLY rid yourself of this problem, you must start here. You will find the different reasons sex is usually very short-lived (and why it can be so embarrassing).

You will also get an insider’s look at myths, misconceptions and lies which cloud the truth behind PE. This will allow you to build the basis of a more confident, much longer-lasting performance which any woman would enjoy.

Once you have mastered the fundamentals, you will take a look at the second part of the book — the good stuff. Lloyd slams on the emergency break here, giving you all the necessary knowledge and tools needed to re-train yourself and re-wire your sexual-switches.

This gives your body and mind the ability to last MUCH longer between the sack, but at the same time, be able to give your lady friend an erotic, pleasurable experience like no other. She won’t even know what hit her.

Ejaculation By Command Download

Pills? Who needs them?!

Creams and Lotions? A thing of the past!

The key to Lloyd’s impeccable methods is PRACTICE. Your sexual stamina, like any other stamina-hungry adventure (running for endurance, washboard abs, etc.), can and WILL be improved if you follow the training and conditioning just as Lloydlester lays them out for you. It’s really that simple.

What separates Lloyd’s Ejaculation by Command from any other stamina training program?

I thought you’d never ask. Lloyd not only understands and acknowledges learning techniques that help you last longer are important to your sex life, but also points out that becoming your own master of your “inner mind” (gaining sexual confidence) aids in lowering a woman’s threshold for orgasms, – making them climax quicker, and always before you.

That’s right.

And one of the absolute best ways hands-down to build up your sexual self-confidence is to build lovemaking COMPETENCE. It is SO important, in fact, that Lloyd has dedicated an entire chapter teaching you how to enhance your sexual skill set.

On top of that, he also offers two BONUS eBooks – full of tips and tricks for mastering a woman’s orgasms, which is more “Firepower” and arsenal for you while you are in the sack.

Anyone can try and sell you something that offers an “over-night” solution to PE. The truth is, it takes time, effort, and a willingness to commit to gain long-term (and permanent) solutions to premature ejaculation. It takes PRACTICE.

Have you ever read a self-improvement book before? If so, you know anything worth doing, is worth doing right — and should be expected to take time.

If not, you should be wary of buying anything that promises an “over-night” fix. That’s like someone promising you will win the lotto.

Having said this, Lloyd knows we all want FAST RESULTS. Because of this, he offers an EXCLUSIVE bonus — a book which reveals his most 15 tried-and-tested tactics for “emergency” situations. Tactics you can put to use TONIGHT and put up an enviable performance in bed.

So you can hop in bed right away, and test them yourself, while you practice for long term as well.

Ejaculation by command resource is an amazing find, and if you are lucky enough to run across this opportunity, you’ll have the chance to please ladies, and leave your friends, (and hers too), wondering what the hell it is about you that allows you to be so wonderful in bed… And why it’s not happening for them

No more embarrassment. No more unfulfilled nights. Just pride and satisfaction in your ability to make love all night, and please your lover in incredible ways.

Lloyd doesn’t just stop there. You see that’s the amazing thing about him. He truly cares about bettering your sex life. That’s why he also has EIGHT amazing and powerful bonuses for you AT NO EXTRA COST!

Lloyd Lester Ejaculation By Command Book


1. Exclusive Companion Audio Edition

Don’t like to read? No worries! The entire program is also available to you through Lloyd’s 14 professional audio tutorials. If you’d like to listen in the car on the way to work, no problem. Hook up your MP3 to your stereo, and you have a great and powerful tool right there with you on the way to the office.

2. Emergency Tactics to Last Longer

Lloyd’s program offers a PERMANENT SOLUTION TO PE. While this solution can take time and practice, Lloyd knows when nature calls, it’s time to go. Tarzan needs Jane in the bedroom — TONIGHT! Lloyd gives away 15 great and amazing emergency tested tips, which will boost your stamina at a moment’s notice, and give you and your lady friend a longer lasting night of erotic pleasure.

3. Quick Start Guide

This little start up guide quickly puts it all into perspective to help you breeze through tips, techniques, and tricks which are explained in the “core” of the program.

4. Premium Lifetime Updates

Lloyd does what Lloyd does best. He knows there is ALWAYS room to improve – and regularly updates his materials, so you will NEVER have to worry about missing a new tip or trick!

5. Priority 1 On 1 Email Support

There are very few products on premature ejaculation which offer after sales support. Lloyd knows that you are ALREADY frustrated, you need all the help you can, and don’t need any more complications when it comes to getting this right. That’s why he offers his customers exclusive access to his very own private email, where you are able to ask ANYTHING related to the program.

He responds to his customers within 24 hours, and takes the time to personally answer each of them, to show he is there for you, and cares about your situation. Why? Because Lloyd lester has BEEN there, DONE that. Now it’s his turn to help you beat PE for good.

6. Advanced Sexual Mastery Series

If you want to be great lover, you must go beyond just building your sexual stamina. Competency breeds confidence, sexually speaking. This is the “master key” to developing outstanding endurance and lovemaking capabilities. This means you must learn to give a woman an erotic fulfillment, such a pleasing experience in bed that will stay with her, long after you’ve cum, — even if you only lasted a few seconds.

Lloyd Lester knows this and that’s why he gives away THREE EXCLUSIVE’S — THAT’S THREE BONUSES in his sexual-competency series that teach you how to make a woman curl her toes and make the big “O” face every man longs to see. Talk about an erotic ejaculation when you see your woman filled with pleasure!

1. Raunchy Sex Secrets — Transforming Your Sex Life Wickedly & Sensuously

2. Female Orgasm Secrets — How To Give Any Woman An Insanely Powerful Orgasm(s)

3. How To Stimulate The G-Spot And Give Any Woman An Intense, Full Body Squirt-Orgasm

a video demonstration completed by Jason Julius — a female orgasm expert, and great long-time friend of Lloyd’s.

The bottom line is, Ejaculation by Command offers you an amazing, solid, practical guide full of information. It is one of the best and most complete systems of learning to beat your PE. Do you long to be an erotic and superb lover? A lover with the natural ability to hold off your climax as if it were by command? To keep your woman pleased all the time? If this is what you dream of, look no further.

CLICK this link => and download your Ejaculation By Command Guide NOW, It’s the only guide you need to achieve this dream.

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