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Do Comprehensive SEO Audit of the Entire Website – SEMrush Review

SEMrush is a service for competitors research that displays highly equipped, rich and updated search results for any domain’s competitors, keywords, backlinks, organic search positions, paid advertising, video advertising, product listing advertising and much more.

SEMRush Review

With SEMrush tool you can analyze your organic search competitor’s positions in Google, discover your competitor’s search ranking secrets, get long tail keyword ideas from huge lists of keywords database, drive backlinks from your competitor’s backlink providers and rank down your competitors for your industry level keywords with search engine marketing strategies.

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A Strategic Formula of Building Powerful Online Marketing with SEMrush

Staring with your online marketing plan is not an easy task exactly the way you think can’t be an ultimate solution for you online business. The era of Guesswork is over…today people rush for powerful and brilliant systems for online marketing that make sure 100% guarantee of success.

No matter what you industry is you will find a Lot of competitors in your market though the ratio may vary based on competitive density for specific industry. Suppose, the competition level of Internet Marketing is too complex and higher than the competition level of health, foods, nutrition, fashion, style etc.

Every market has competitor otherwise a market cannot grow up and everyday millions of businesses grow up also fall down in a standard comparison.

So you have to get a tool that can provide you a complete analytics report for your competitors and help you understand how your competitors are ranking higher in Google organic search results pages, how to steal their ranking factors and rank them down for your industry level search keywords.

SEMrush is the perfect Search Engine Marketing and Competitor Analytics tool that can provide you all the essential marketing tools to build up a powerful marketing campaign for your online business.

With SEMrush you can break down your competitors organic search ranking positions for any keyword and drive unlimited potential traffic to your website or blog.


Here’s what you get with SEMrush Analytics Tool

  • Get a complete idea of your website domain organic search positions in Google
  • Learn how your competitors are growing for common keywords
  • Which keywords drive them most traffic and to specific landing page
  • Steal long tail keywords from your competitor’s keywords data
  • Drive unlimited backlinks from your competitor’s backlink referrer domains
  • Get Ad Copies report for your advertising competitors
  • Create Projects for your own websites

+tons of other search engine marketing services.

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Focus on Long Tail Kewords

In “Organic Search Positions” report you have more than 137K of organic search keywords that drive most traffic to Moz.com. Here I will go for very potential long tail keywords that of course cover following objectives

  • Keyword Length: We know a long tail keyword consists of 3 to 4 words even more than that. So you will pick up those keywords that contain at least 3 words as a long tail keyword.
  • Less KD: Keyword Density must be less than 70 that can ensure your probability of getting better ranking for the target keyword in Google organic search results. Remember the lesser Keyword Density the higher ranking probability.
  • Search Volume: The target keyword must have 1000+ search volume in last 12 months records
  • Results: Also focus on search results volume, the larger search results mean higher competition and comparatively smaller search results mean lower competition.

Filter Long Tail Keywords

With filter tool you can discover more word matching phrases. It’s a handy tool that any user and perform custom word search

To filter specific keyword simply click on “Filter” button

From the left first option is default as “Include” and no need to bring any change here

In second dropdown lists choose “Keyword” and then choose “Word matching”

Now enter your niche specific keyword say “seo audit” and press “Enter” button on your keypad or click “Apply”

You will be represented all the available keywords including phrase “seo audit”

You can make this custom search more personalized by choosing other options from second dropdown lists except Keyword like Keyword type, Category, Pos., Volume, Traffic %, Costs %, CPC etc.

Also you can choose other filtering options from third dropdown lists except Word matching like Exactly matching, Begins width, Ends with etc.

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Crash Competitor’s Backlink Data

Till now we have learned how to find out long tail keyword ideas from our competitor’s organic search keywords positions using both phrase match keyword and related keyword searches. We also learned how to optimize content for organic search engine ranking for any given keyword in our niche.

Now we will crash our competitor’s backlink data and find out very potential anchor texts that meet our website or blog’s content so that we can drive backlink from the domain referrer our competitor gets backlink.

To analyze competitor’s backlink data first of all choose “Backlinks” under “Backlinks” section (on left navigation panel) and type “Moz.com” as our competitor URL then hit “Search”

You can see that Moz.com gets 122K+ backlinks from number of top pages around the web. Taking a glimpse of backlinks nature you see almost 75% links are follow links and 99% links type is text link. So here you have great potentiality of gaining follow links if you can curate content like Moz.com and grab backlink provider’s attention.

semrush trial

Scroll down the page a little and you will see a gigantic list of backlink providers who point to Moz.com for referring users to specific page using anchor texts. Now we will analyze backlink analytics data.

  • Page Score: In the data table you see first column begins with number of page scores. Here page score stands for importance of web page in a 100-point scale (from 0 to 100) and is based on the quality and volume of links pointing to this page. This also means the higher the score the higher the quality of the page. Page Score is calculated in the same way as Google’s PageRank
  • Anchor Text: Text used in clickable link to direct visitors to a specific page.
  • External Links: The number of links pointing out the other websites from a source page
  • Internal Links: The number of links pointing out the pages within the same website
  • Type: Backlinks type

So from this widest link data we will pick up targeted source URLs based on their clickable anchor texts indeed we will select those anchor texts matching our niche.

Tips on how to select anchor texts to reach your targeted link providers:

  • Anchor Texts Suitability: You will go through specific anchor texts that match your website content and the backlink provider may consider giving you link as well.
  • Target URL Prominence: Your second most focus would be measuring target URL’s content quality, page authority, users satisfaction rate, blog comments and overall organic search positions in Google.

Remember you will only request for backlink to a referrer domain when you think your article can exceed your competitor’s article in many cases such as

  • Content Quality
  • Page Authority
  • Users Satisfaction Rate
  • Blog Comments
  • Social Shares
  • Google Organic Search Positions etc.

Once your blog post can satisfy above things you can easily grab attention to your competitor’s backlink providers and they will love to link back to your pages for your target keyword.

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Filter Backlinks Data to Get Specific Results

With advanced backlinks filter option you can search for very specific backlink source that you’re interested to build links as well.

To use filter option simply click on “Filter” button and do following

From the left you don’t need to bring any change in first option as we’re going to search backlinks not excluding any data, so this will remain as default “Include”

From second dropdown lists choose

  • Anchor: If you want to search for anchor texts
  • Referring Domain: If you want to search for referring domain only
  • IP Address: Select this if you want to search for IP addresses of referring domains

From third dropdown lists choose “Exactly matching” to get results that match your search term

Finally click “Apply” or press “Enter” from your computer keypad.

Competitor’s Advertising Research

In this part I will go through paid traffic that Moz.com receives by paid advertising campaign with Google Adwords. Remember Moz.com gets paid traffic through text advertising displayed in Google search results pages and they don’t run display advertising campaign such Google Adsense ads. [Report from SEMrush]

So here we will analyze paid search traffic that Moz.com receives from various paid search terms in Google SERPs.

To analyze competitor’s paid traffic click on “Advertising Research” and type Moz.com as our competitor

From the following data I see Moz.com has 4.2K keywords, 9K traffic and $33K traffic cost under Advertising Research. So this 9K traffic comes from paid advertising campaign from over 4K search terms.

Let’s analyze the paid search positions report

  • Ad: The ad sample displayed for the given keyword
  • Keyword: The keyword driving users to the website from Google’s paid search results
  • Pos: The position of the domain in paid search for the given keyword at the specified period. The number in brackets shows the previous positions.
  • Block: The place on the SERP where the ad appeared (top, side, bottom, blocks)
  • Volume: The average number of search queries for the given keyword in the last 12 months.

The other correlations are common to you as I have discussed them earlier.

semrush blog

Understanding Paid Advertising

To understand paid advertising you can use your mouse to hover over “ad” link and you will see highlighted text advertising for the given keyword.

To get more reports about ad placement in Google search results pages simply click on “Block” and you will see most recent report about ad placement in Google search results for the given keyword.

Ad Copies Research

To get widest lists of entire paid advertising report by Moz.com simply click on “Ad Copies” and you will see 149 total ad copies.

Now choose any “Ad Copy” in your niche and click dropdown button to get extended idea about paid advertising campaign.

I have chosen the first Ad Copy and clicked on dropdown button

Now I see more than 600 queries work to display Moz.com text advertising on Google organic search results pages.

If you notice carefully then you will see almost all the search keywords are long tail keywords with average 1000 monthly search volume and very good CPC value. The interest of search queries is also good. So you can use these keywords in your lists to work on long tail SEO and drive highly potential traffic to your site.

For future search marketing purposes it’s recommended that you export this data in Excel or CSV format.

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Product Listing Advertising Research

Product listing advertising is an actionable way to grab potential customer’s attention from Google search results pages and directly promote them products to buy from a trusted vendor. In this advertising competition you will mostly find the eCommerce giants like eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon and millions of other eCommerce companies.

So in SEMrush product listing advertising section we will search for an eCommece giant eBay.com and get in their analytics report about paid search traffic and traffic cost.

To get started click on “PLA Research” and type ebay.com in search box then click “Search”

In PLA Research analytics report we see eBay.com has 1.5M keywords and 1.2M ads running with PLA advertising campaign with Google Adwords.

In Paid Search reports we see total search keywords are 1.6M and eBay.com gets 1.6M traffic from paid search results spending approximately $846K.

Scroll down the page a little you will see a widest report about 1.6M product listing ads are running through Google Adwords.

Let’s analyze the product listing ads positions

  • Ad: A sample of product listing ad displayed for a given keyword.
  • Keyword: The keyword that triggers product listing ads to appear in Google’s paid search results.
  • Pos: The position the domain’s product listing ad got in paid search with the given keyword at the specified period.
  • Volume: The average number of search volume for the given keyword in the last 12 months.
  • URL: The product listing ad’s URL pointing to a landing page on which a promoted product is presented. You can click the arrow sign to view the landing page or click the link to open the Overview Report for the URL.
  • Product Title: The title of a product listing ad that represents the name of a promoted product.
  • Price (USD): The price of a product promoted via Google Shopping
  • Trend: The interest of searchers in the given keyword during the period of 12 months. The metric is based on changes in the number of queries per month.
  • SERP: A snapshot of the search engine results page (SERP) for the given keyword.

So you have a got a rough idea about product listing ads positions in Google organic search results pages.

SEMrush Beta Versions Tools

This is very important to note every SEMrush user is that three competitor research tools

Video Advertising

Email Analytics (currently closed)

Display Advertising

Are now in beta version so you may find errors in analytics reports as still developers trying to develop these tools and these three tools are launched for testing purposes.

SEMrush Email Analytics tool is shut down due to unexpected technical difficulties, so SEMrush authority decided to close Email Analytics tool.

But still you can use other SEMrush services that are highly equipped and able to bring you updated results in your market.

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SEMrush is an actionable competitor analytics tool which is currently ranked #1 search engine marketing tool by SEO gurus in the planet. SEMrush can provide highly equipped, rich and updated report about your organic search competitors in Google. SEMrush analytics database is updated on hourly basis so you can get the most recent organic search competitors report with just a simple search.

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