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Clickbump Engine Clickbump Theme

As you probably already know, the Clickbump Engine / Clickbump Theme from Scott Blanchard for WordPress is the single most powerful niche site theme ever created. Try it out and you’ll see why. Here’s a review.

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If you build any sort of niche websites, especially Adsense and affiliate/review sites, the Clickbump Engine / Clickbump theme from Scott Blanchard is a perfect and necessary addition to your repertoire of niche site tools. The Clickbump Engine theme has literally been the backbone of all my niche site building efforts and successes, as well as other aspects of my business, including review sites (ironically, this site utilizes the Clickbump Engine theme on the Inoved template), Adsense niche sites, “offline” local business websites, and other general information sites.

The Clickbump Engine theme itself is just extremely streamlined and seemingly effortless in terms of installation, setup, and implementation. After trying many so-called “Adsense-optimized” WordPress themes like Heatmap, Prosense, Bluesense, Thesis, and others, the Clickbump Engine theme simply blew them all out of the water. Right out of the box, it looks good, it works, and it’s so easy to set up!

And I haven’t even touched on the amazing CTR (click through rate) you’ll achieve with this theme. If you use it for Adsense, prepare to have your profits soar like you’ve never seen before. Not only is it great in terms of CTR, but it is also great for actually getting the site ranked in the search engines. Paired with the famous Jumpstart plugin and SEO! plugin, sites that utilize the Clickbump Engine theme simply cannot be beat in the SERPs!

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Features of Clickbump Engine / Clickbump Theme

  • Literally create fully functional “sniper sites” in minutes.
  • 12 templates in 1 theme
  • Simple setup with or without Jumpstart
  • Super fast load times
  • Point-and-click backend
  • Extremely flexible
  • No need for extra SEO plugins
  • Compatible with Clickbump SEO
  • Automatic “silo” site structure
  • SEO- and Adsense-optimized right out of the box.
  • One-time fee, no subscription
  • 60 day no-risk guarantee
  • Much more!

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