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Is Click Bank Pirate the Ultimate Solution for Internet Marketing Newbies?

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I decided to sit down today and write a review on CB Pirate. This is quite the revolutionary product, and I think it will help a lot of people out.

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First, a little foreword about myself…I’m a fairly new internet marketer, meaning I’ve only spent a few months learning about this kind of stuff. It’s really interesting, and I like what I see. However, there is also a huge learning curve, and I can easily understand why 99% of people can’t even make $1 online.

Because of this reason, I got a bit excited when I heard about Soren Jordansen’s ClickBank Pirate. The reason for this is that the product has huge potential for people like me. Yeah, I don’t know everything about internet marketing, but I do know the overall basics. I know that affiliate websites need squeeze pages, copywriting, and hours and hours of trail-and-error testing. I know that the people who are making thousands of dollars online are the people who have already gone through this ordeal. Unfortunately for those of us who are just starting out, the process is extremely difficult.

NOTE: This is my Clickbank Pirate Review.

So what does CB Pirate do to makes this situation better?

The “Perfect” Affiliate Marketing System

In order to make money online, you need to create a system. Whether you do affiliate marketing, Adsense, or create your own products, without a system it will be close to impossible to make any money.

This is most people’s problem, I believe. Most people have access to all the information they could possibly need thanks to the internet, yet the vast majority of them never make any money. The reason for this lies in the simple fact that most people don’t stick around long enough to make a system. Creating a system takes a lot of failures, and a lot of trail-and-error. You need to know what NOT to do before you can know what you actually SHOULD do.

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Here’s where CB Pirate comes into play.

Soren Jordansen is a well known name in the internet marketing scene. He’s famous for making thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions. Because of this, I knew that any product he created would likely be pretty good.

However, I couldn’t imagine that he would actually release his system to everyone. But that’s exactly what he’s done. He’s used a system to generate thousands of dollars, and is now sharing that system with everyone who purchases CB Pirate.

Essentially, this should be the perfect marketing system. It’s worked before and proven itself successful. Therefore, all we need to do is simply copy the system, and it will work for us, right?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen like that.

Even with knowledge of the system, you still need to do the work. You still need to do the research, you still need to write the content, and you still need to custom design web layouts. This all takes a ton of work, and a ton of experience.

Affiliate Marketing One Stop Shop

Although the affiliate marketing system itself is sound, the amount of work necessary to replicate it is almost not worth it.

Thankfully Soren realizes this, which is why he’s added some extras to ClickBank Pirate. Instead of just being a system in a box, CB Pirate is a system, an automation robot, and a full-length COURSE on internet marketing.

Have problems creating squeeze pages? No problem. With CB Pirate, creating a squeeze page that sells is just a click away. You use techniques that Soren himself has used, and the program gives you all the information you need to put those techniques into action.

On top of this, all the step-by-step directions make it very easy to understand the entire process, meaning that you are learning the whole way through.

My Experience with Click bank Pirate

This is all fine and dandy, but I’m sure you want to know whether the product actually works. Well, I have some good news for you. Using CB Pirate, I was able to make my first $100 online.

Up until this point, I had never made $100 online. I’ve made a few bucks here and there, but nothing that I could even conveniently withdraw. In my first month of using CB Pirate, I made more money than I ever thought I would online.

I actually made a lot more than $100, but I thought it would be best to note that number as it has always been a goal of mine. I never thought I could reach that goal so easily, though.

What I really love about CB Pirate is that it gives you a system, and all the tools you need to replicate that system. On top of this, you’re learning the whole way through. Even though the system is great, I’ve made some slight changes to fit my own personal style. I now have a custom system that will help me earn money online for as long as the current affiliate model still works.

So would I recommend CB Pirate? Absolutely. I’ve learned a ton from the product, but more importantly, I’ve made a decent amount of money. I can’t quit my job yet, but I now have a path which leads straight to financial freedom. If you’re new to internet marketing and are looking to get a head start, CB Pirate is the best product for the job, hands down.

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