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Challenge Workouts Review

Is a Workout Created by a Woman Ever Going to be Tough Enough for Men to Follow?  We Get Down to Basics with Shawna Kaminiski’s Challenge Workouts Program to Discover if it Really does Kick Ass, or if it’s all Mouth and no Trousers.

With an eye catching headline about how anyone can master the fabled pull up technique, Challenge Workouts is certainly going to get some attention.  But is it really possible to master pull-ups and push-ups, and become that person everyone else looks at in awe when down the gym?

Product Name: Challenge Workouts-1ruckus
Publisher Web Site: https://challengeworkouts.com/
Trial period:60 Days

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Let’s take a down and dirty look at exactly what you get for your money, and whether Challenge Workouts really does deliver the muscle that it promises to.

What do you get for your money?

To give the program its full name – “The Push-Up and Pull-Up Challenge Workout,” this is a body weight strength training course that is aimed at those who want to lose fat, sculpt their muscle and see almost instantaneous improvements in their body strength.

The course consists of the following:

  • The Ultimate Pull-Up Program.  AKA “The Pull-Up Domination Program.”  This is a three step eBook program that takes you from the fundamentals of the pull-up, right through to the ultimate training that’ll see you doing more pull-ups than you ever imagined were possible.
  • Program One.  This four week program commences with showing exactly the technique you need to successfully manage your first pull-up.  One of the main reasons people fail to master the move is simply down to having this wrong.  Once you’ve put this right, you can expect to work up to as many as five straight pull-ups in a row over the first four weeks of training.
  • Program Two – The Advanced Training System.  Part two will build on what you’ve already started, helping to further explode your body strength to add up to twelve more pull-ups to your training regime.
  • Program Three – The Hard Core Training System.  Whatever level you’ve attained after programs one and two, level three will ramp up the intensity to see your pull-up power hitting the stratosphere.
  • The Push-Up Challenge Program.  No prizes for guessing what this is all about.  Following the same intensive three part plan as the pull-up program, this is your blue print to the perfect push up.  Whether this is number one or right through to blasting out 100 in a row, the push-up challenge program is the definitive guide to working out in the gym or the comfort of your own home.
  • The Pull-Up Push-Up Challenge Body Weight Edition.  12 body weight only workouts that need no equipment or weights to have you improving both the technique and quality of each and every pull and push-up you do.
  • Members Only Video Library of Pull-Up Boosting Exercises.  An ever-growing, dynamic database of exercise programs (30+ and counting) all demonstrated by Shawna herself.  As and when she discovers more exercises that will help towards push-up and pull-up goals, these will be added to the video library.
  • The Little Black Book of Pull-Up Boosting Exercises.  Designed to take with you on your travels, so you’re never without inspiration for your workouts, wherever you may be.  Check out your little black book in digital form on your mobile device, or print it off and carry the physical option in your pocket, rucksack or briefcase.

Who is it for?

Challenge Workouts might be a program that’s designed by a woman, but it’s all man when it comes to putting you through your paces.  However, don’t think that this means that it’s not suitable for the girls as well, because nothing is further from the truth.  It also works well for people at every stage of their fitness journey.  That’s because the program progresses with you.  As your strength improves so the workouts become ever more challenging, and the results more dramatic.

Who is Shawna Kaminiski?

Shawna Kaminiski is a CPT fitness trainer who’s proved time and time again that her methods work.  Not only is this a lady who can knock the pants off of most men when it comes to pull-ups (this is a lady who can happily do 29 pull-ups without batting an eyelid, followed by 100 straight push-ups), but also has a long list of clients who are the living proof that she knows what she’s talking about.

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The Pros

  • Challenge Workouts does exactly what the title suggests.  By using Shawna’s unique personal methods, you honestly can improve your body strength to make pull-ups and dozens of push-ups become something that you can not only do, but do to such an extent that you’ll have people gasping in awe at your prowess.
  • This is a workout that not only concentrates on sheer strength, but also on improving those moves that everyone wants to be able to excel at – the pull-up (and to a lesser extent, the push-up).  After all, the pull-up is probably one of the hardest of all exercises, and something that even the most committed fitness fan struggles to complete more than a few of.
  • The program is delivered by instant download, so no waiting for the mailman to take days to bring it to your door.  A couple of clicks and you can begin your journey to the perfect pull-up.
  • Push-ups and pull-ups are two of the best exercises for delivering total body transformation results.  If you want to change and improve your shape, this is the fastest and most effective method of doing so.

The Cons

  • Challenge Workouts is no walk in the park.  If you seriously want to improve your body strength, then you’d better be committed – as this workout program is tough!
  • Shawna might not be the biggest name in fitness programs.  But that’s not because she’s a newbie to exercise, or just wants to jump on the bandwagon.  This lady has been competing in – and winning – at many prestigious fitness competitions, as well as working with hundreds of clients as a personal trainer in Calgary.
  • The guys are going to have to put their prejudice to one side about following a training program designed by a woman.  But if you can’t do that, then to be honest – more fool you.  Because you’ll be missing out.

The Bottom Line

As you’ve probably gathered, Shawna Kaminiski’s Challenge Workouts has completely won us over.  We like (okay, love!) the fact that it targets the areas that most people secretly long to excel at – and that’s not only to look great, but to be able to beast the competition when it comes to pull-ups and push-ups.  (And if you say that you don’t, then it’s only because you can’t…  Yeah, yeah, we’ve been there).

Challenge Workouts

In fact, add in the 8 week, no-quibble money back guarantee, and it makes trying out Challenge Workouts a bit of a no-brainer, to be honest.  Shawna has a list of male fans as long as your arm, and getting longer all the time.  This includes Craig Ballantyne, the world renowned strength coach and trainer.  After she kicked his butt in a pull-up contest, he wanted to know how, why and more importantly – the way he too could perform pull-ups in the way Shawna did.

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