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The Cellulite Factor Solution by Dr. Charles Livingston appears to be a very popular product, but is it worth buying?There are so many products out there for cellulite and they all claim to be your final solution to your cellulite problem. So, what are you to do? Well, obviously, you try to do research on the internet, but can you believe everything that you find?

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Trial period:60 Days

Full Cellulite Factor Package

We want to help by providing a non-biased look at the Cellulite Factor Solution. In order to do this, we actually bought the product and we’ll provide you with the results of all of our research. Of course, we can’t reveal all of the details of the system since that would be unfair to the creator, but we’ll provide you with as much information as we can.

What is the Cellulite Factor Solution?

Basically, the Cellulite Factor Solution by Dr. Charles Livingston is comprised of several EBooks in PDF format and online videos that focuses on what you need to do in order to get rid of cellulite. We’ll go into more detail about the EBooks and videos provided with this program later in this post. This program claims to provide a safe and natural way to alleviate the hated dimply skin issue.

Who is Dr. Charles Livingston?

Well, he’s definitely not a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. Believe it or not, Dr. Livingston is a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician. He’s also certified as a Wellness Practitioner and Advanced Nutritionist, so that may clarify his interest in the cellulite issue.

According to the sales page for the Cellulite Factor Solution, Dr. Livingston has performed many hours of research on the cause of cellulite and the possible solutions that were both safe and natural. After many trials and testing, he believes that he has found the solution to reversing cellulite.

What Does this Cellulite Factor Claim that It Can Do?

We’ve all seen or heard sales pitches before, so let’s take a look at what this product is claiming. Basically, we can summarize the claims in the following three points:

  • Permanently reverse cellulite
  • Cellulite can be reversed in a couple of weeks (14 days)
  • Use only natural and safe methods as a solution

Why is Cellulite Such a Problem?

Basically, cellulite is a very common problem among women of all ages and physical fitness. It appears that no matter how much exercise or dieting you do, those unsightly dimples on your thighs, hips, legs, buttocks and stomach areas never goes away. That’s a very irritating problem!

In addition, cellulite can cause self-esteem issues for many women. It can be embarrassing for many women to have these unsightly dimples and they’ll refuse to wear shorts, or swimsuits or any clothing that might show those dimply areas of their bodies. And, in reality, who can blame these women? Society has long publicized that beautiful women have perfect bodies and skin. We don’t agree with this, but that’s the way many retail marketers work.What Does the Cellulite Factor Program Include?

We were surprised at the amount of EBooks and videos included with this product when we bought it. Here’s what we got for $27 (price of program at the time of writing this review):

  • Cellulite Factor Solution Manual – PDF
    This PDF is 38 pages long and is your starting point to understanding cellulite – what causes it along with myths and facts about cellulite. You will also learn about the various scam products available on the market today for cellulite. Also included in this program are various exercises that help with the reduction of cellulite.
  • Cellulite Factor Solution 30 Day Success Guide – PDF
    This PDF is your guide to the steps that you will be taking to achieve your goal during the next 30 days. It is 23 pages long and reveals to you that this program is basically 3 phases – exercise, diet and P.E.A.K. The guide tells you what you should be doing for each of these phases and why each phase is important.
  • 8 Workout Videos – Online Only
    These videos are available online only. It does not appear that you can download them. Each Cellulite Factor Solution workout video is approximately 3 to 9 minutes long and each one concentrates on one category of exercise that targets a particular part of your body.
  • Cellulite Busting 30 Day Meal Plan – PDF
    This is a 7 page PDF that outlines your meals for 30 days. The meals for each day are breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. Recipes for these snacks and meals can be found in the Cellulite Busting Recipes PDF.
  • Cellulite Busting Grocery List – PDF
    A check off list consisting of 4 pages of the grocery items to use in your diet for this program. These grocery items are used in the Cellulite Busting Recipes.
  • Cellulite Busting Nutrition – PDF
    A 29 page PDF relating to good nutrition and the dangers of crash diets. This is a pretty in-depth PDF that also discusses foods to avoid and why.
  • Cellulite Busting Recipes – PDF
    This PDF has 89 pages of recipes broken down into categories – dinner, breakfast, lunch and snacks. Sadly, there are no pictures of the end result of any of the recipes.
  • Cellulite Busting Supplements – PDF
    Additional supplements that you might want to consider and why they are helpful with cellulite issues. This PDF is 13 pages.
  • Toxin Buster Handbook – PDF
    A resource PDF that is 31 pages relating to the various toxins that you may be subjected to on a daily basis. You’ll also find out why these toxins are dangerous to your health. Some toxins discussed are environmental, foods, household and toiletry related. The PDF also has a section on how to cleanse your body of these toxins.

The above listed items are for you to use during the first 30 days of the program and are, actually, the essence this system. The following two items were included with our purchase and we would assume that you would also receive these items when you order the Cellulite Factor Solution program:

  • Cellulite Busting Workout Generator
    This section of the course appears to be available only online, so no downloads, but it is pretty interesting. The workout generator is basically broken down into 4 categories. There’s a fitness test where you can determine how you’re doing. For example, how many squats you can do in 30 seconds.After entering this information over time (probably a few days or more), you can then see where you currently are – such as beginner, intermediate or advanced. Based on this information, you can then create a workout just for you. There’s also an exercise library that either tells you how to do a particular exercise or shows you how with a brief video.
  • Bonus – P.E.A.K. Workout Finisher Videos – Online Only
    According to the website for the product, P.E.A.K. stands for Problem Elimination Area Kinesio which is “workout finishers”. These exercises help focus on problem areas and are to be performed at the end of each workout. Another Equipment Guide is provided for P.E.A.K. This PDF lists additional equipment items that you’ll need for these exercises and some of them will be expensive, but all of these should be available at your local gym. If you have a home gym and have equipment like Bow Flex, a treadmill and a stationary bike, then you’re already set up and ready to go.There are only 3 exercise videos in this section and they concentrate on the upper arms, thighs, buttocks, abdominal and stomach muscles. The videos are about 2 to 5 ½ minutes each.

Cellulite Factor Funciona

When we accessed the webpage for the workout exercise videos, we were surprised to find an additional item that we didn’t know we would get. The item is called the Cellulite Factor Solution Exercise Progressions. When we accessed this, we found the following:

  • Equipment Guide for CFS Exercise (Cellulite Factor Solution Exercise Progression Guide) – PDF
    The PDF is only one page and lists equipment that you will need in order to do the exercises shown in the related videos. Most of this equipment is not that expensive and you could probably substitute some by using your imagination. The equipment needed are dumbbells, stepper, mat, medicine ball and mini band.
  • 13 additional videos related to the CFS Exercise Progression – Online Only
    These exercise videos range from 3 to 10 minutes. When we first started watching these videos, we thought they were the same as the previous videos mentioned in this review, but they are different. Some of these videos do start out like the previous videos, but then you learn how to increase the effects of these exercises. In other words, the videos in this section show you how to make the exercises more difficult. This is very important since you want to be able to progress the difficulty to get better or maintain results that you have already achieved.

Pros and Cons of the Cellulite Factor Solution


  • This program is very complete and provides a lot of information.
  • Videos showing how to do exercises is always extremely helpful.
  • Useful guide showing you the steps that you need to take.
  • Considering that this program is primarily based on nutrition and exercise, it is very safe and natural.
  • Even though this is considered a 30 day program, you are provided with information and exercise videos that will continue to help you after that time period.
  • The program appears to be more than just directed at cellulite issues. If you follow even a portion of this program, we would think that your overall health would also improve.
  • Customer support was excellent. See our comment in the “Cons” section when we had trouble downloading our order after purchasing the product.
  • 100% Guarantee for 60 days or you can request a refund.
  • Website with the videos and PDF’s is mobile friendly.


  • Lack of Actual User Reviews – We were not able to find any real customer reviews and we’re not sure what to think about this. This program has been around for several years. Prior to the Cellulite Factor Solution, there was an earlier version called the Cellulite Factor System. Cellulite Factor Solution appears to be an updated version and it is so much better. We know this because we also purchased the older version (Cellulite Factor System) and compared the two.

We did find one unhappy purchaser and we definitely understand why. When this person purchased the product, he/she was not able to download the product. We had the same problem when we placed our order.For some reason, when we tried to download the product we got caught up in a continuous loop at the registration page. Apparently, we needed to register so that we could access all of the exercise videos and PDF’s.

Anyway, we sent an email to the product support which was on our receipt from Click Bank and we got a response within 10 minutes providing us with our login information and the link to access our purchase. Problem solved very quickly!

  • Lack of Citations – Another area that we were not happy with was the lack of citations as to where all this “scientific” information came from. This was the same concern that another review site had and we definitely have to agree with this.
  • Extremely Fast Results Claim – Claiming that you could permanently reverse cellulite in 2 weeks (14 days) sounds a little too good to be true. Even if this is stretching the capability of this program, you do have a 60 day 100% guarantee. We just don’t like claims that seem impossible to us.
  • No Time Frame Provided for Recipes – We think it would have been nice if an approximate time was provided to prepare these different recipes, but that information is not available in the Cellulite Busting Recipes PDF. Considering how busy you are on a daily basis, this type of information would have been helpful.
  • Sales Video is Too Long – The Sales Video is used by the creator to tell you about the product and also presents you with the actual “BUY” button. This video is over 20 minutes long. Even though the video provides a lot of interesting information, some people, including us, don’t want to sit around and watch a video for that length of time. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you should see a “BUY” button.

We did discover that if you try to close that web page, you will be prompted to stay on the page. We chose to stay on the page and the video disappeared and we were left with a regular web page that we could easily skim at our own pace.When we tried accessing the same site with our mobile phone, we did notice that if we closed out the page, we were NOT given the option to stay on the page and see the sales page. We did see the “BUY” button.


Overall, we really like this product. We think, for the price, you’re getting a lot of good information that not only has the possibility of getting rid of your cellulite, but will also provide you with information and exercises that can provide you with a healthier life. The Cellulite Factor Solution is a well laid out program that is easy to follow.

Now, you do need to keep in mind that this program takes effort and determination. It is not going to provide results in a short time period. Even though this program claims that noticeable results can be seen in a week or two, we have to think that type of results is rare and that, for most people, it will take longer. We also feel that if you do reverse your cellulite issue, you will still have to continue this program to maintain your results.

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