His Secret Obsession

His Secret Obsession Review – Shocking Facts Revealed!

I have my copy of His secret obsession for a while now, and I decided to try and write down how it have worked out for me, at least so far. This mainly because people I know started to be curious about it, so I will try and answer on all of their questions here.

First I had problem with telling anybody about buying it because I felt ashamed. I think most people do feel like that when they are about to admit they need some kind of a push when it comes to almost any aspect of life. At least I am like this.



I have to admit that I purchased it almost the same day, mainly because of the price. It has a strong price, that is for sure, but I was lucky enough to get it on discount. I think it was a special offer, or something like that. This way I knew I won’t regret it too much, in case I didn’t like it.

It all started with checking out books online, trying to find something interesting to read these days. My friends know that I am a fan of psychology and all those (as my friend Jenny would say) “cheesy self-help books”. I am not saying that they work, but I believe that some things do get stuck in your mind eventually, and after that you can use them in different situations and change your life in a long run. I believe that different point of view and good ideas can give you different solutions when you have a struggle in your life. That is the main reason why I buy this kind of books, and I really enjoy reading them.

Anyway, this is how I stumbled upon His secret obsession. I went quickly through description and short reviews, and found this free online presentation that gave me the better idea about the product. Basically, I liked the idea but I was mostly curious. I wanted to get my hands on it and read it as soon as possible. What I liked about the presentation the most, is that it gives you this feeling that you already have everything you need to get what you want. Now you think, why bother buying it then? Well, I wanted to get more of this feeling. It is a good idea, I give them that.

I purchased it with my credit card. That went easy! Soon enough I got access to the program. So far, price was good, getting the product was easy and went without any troubles. One of the cons is that we are talking about a soft copy, an e-book, which could be a con if you happen to prefer hard copies. However, it is clear that this is what you are getting, so there is no mistake there.

His secret obsession is very easy to read. I like the tone, it is not heavy and it kept my attention. I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot and went back to read it all over again. I would recommend it to my friends, weather they have problems with their partners or they are single. Ok, it is definitely something I would give my mom to read as well, not that she needs it (let her be the judge of that). I mean, it gives you different point of view that you might want to keep in mind, no matter the age or situation that you are in.

This program is all age appropriate, which is a great thing. I am not a fan of excluding people (what do you know what I find interesting and useful, and weather I feel young or not), but I do understand that some products are still aiming for a certain target groups. Not this product, so it gets a point from me!

Therefore, to summarize. Whatever your age might be, you are safe to buy this product as it is all about good idea that can be reused in many situations. But more about that later.

I have read many books on this subject. Many of them I wouldn’t recommend if you are looking for somebody else to figure out your life instead of you. Many people get wrong impression when buying self-help books. Many of those books offer detailed guide on how to change yourself completely just to get the man you want. Very poor, I do not enjoy reading things like that. That is why I was relieved when I saw that this program is nothing like that. It has nothing to do with pretending to be someone else, or playing games in order to get the man you love.

This program should help you trigger your man’s obsession. Well, try not to get the wrong idea. Basically, this product is based on belief that there is an instinct in every man that drives him to do things in life. Fair enough, we all have one of those. However, when you think about it, it makes sense. If you find out what this thing might be, you can use it in a good way and draw his attention to yourself. Pretty basic, right? But that is why it probably works. It is all about instincts in men that drives you closer or further from them.

What I liked next is that this program is based on over 12 years’ worth of research and experience of a relationship expert James Bauer. Therefore, it has many examples of real life stories of men and women that he helped on the way. I liked the way it sounds. He worked for so many years with thousands and thousands of people, and have put it in the book. That made me curious to see what he has found out so far. Was I satisfied with what I’ve got? Yes, I was.

This program includes information that could help with distant husbands, indecisive partners and etc., no matter the age. It gives examples that could be reused in almost every situation when it comes to relationships. It is something that could be useful to women who know what they want. Now, this is also underlined in presentation – women that know what they want. As I understood it, this is for those women that need help with their partners, but they already know exactly what they want, especially from men.


The idea was to improve your love life, to spice up your marriage. It is not really about putting your finger on the problem, or learning what have you been doing wrong. It gives different point of view that will help you with your self-esteem as it pushes you to say out loud what you want and need. It is unique idea, and I like it!

No matter how good the product seems at first, there are some cons. If you are hoping to read about detailed explanation of what you should do or shouldn’t do in your relationship and who is to blame, you will be disappointed. I wasn’t expecting this; therefore, I don’t find it to be a con.

If you are expecting to get few hundred pages of material, you will be disappointed as well. This program is short, but it is anything but boring. Also, anyone can access it, no matter the country they live in, which is a huge pro.

His Secret Obsession

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My experience with His Secret Obsession

As this product is supposed to help you out with your love life, there is no other way than to share my personal things, in order for you to get an idea how it worked out for me.

I have been going out with this guy for years now. I wouldn’t say that we are dating. It is more like off and on situation that lasts for 3 years now. When we are together, we do look and act like a normal couple. We enjoy each other’s company, he calls every day and picks me up when we go out. We spend a lot of time together and talk a lot about everything. Basically, we have all the things, at least until he pulls away.

He has this thing where he just disappears. First, he becomes very distant until he is gone from my life for some short period of time. When he did this the first time, I thought that we have broken up. However, he came back after a while apologising, and things eventually went back to normal. We have this connection, now I understand, as I am the only person who started to tolerate his behaviour. I mean, I am a career women and I have my own problems to deals with. This has occupied my time for a while. However, when it happened for the 2 nd time, he broke my heart. I couldn’t believe what I did to myself. It is true, fool me twice..

Soon after that, I was fine with this on and off situation, and I accepted him the way he is. I decided I will not give up on this beautiful thing we have when we are together. This was keeping me alive for a long time, but in the end, it started to bother me.

I am a strong woman, and I know what I want. And as it turned out, I want a serious relationship, someone to go back to after a rough day at the office, and I do want a family after all. I thought about ending it, but the equation is simple. There is no solving it without him in it. Therefore, I gave in.

At times, it was tough, even really bad. Many women will feel me when I say there is nothing worse than somebody not returning your calls or texts. It brings out the worst in you.

Every time he went silent on me, my imagination started blooming. I wouldn’t go for the most obvious reason (that he has another woman in his life and that he is with me when he wants to get away from his responsibilities). If I hadn’t believed in myself I would have thought that he is not a marriage material, or that he just doesn’t see me that way. However, things seem to be much complicated. And on top of many other things, he is a workaholic, in sense that he has a lot on his plate when it comes to work, which occupies most of his time.

Product Name: His Secret Obsession-HISSECRET
Publisher Web Site: http://hissecretobsession.com/
Trial period:60 Days


Therefore, when I read the description of the product that assured me that I will learn how to trigger his obsession and make him see me differently, I was determined to try it out for myself. As I found out after reading this program, we were almost a typical case. He loves me for sure, but for some reason he didn’t see that I am the one he wanted all along. Cheesy, right?

After I followed the program, it started to work after only few texts, which I have been sending him every once in a while. I can say without a doubt that our relationship has changed, and he didn’t go silent on me since. He is much more interested in what I have to say, what I need and want, and he treats me better than before. I think we understand each other more now. At least he gets it how it must be hard for me when he turns his back on me.

I am very hopeful that he will propose one day, as we finally started talking about moving in together. I can’t say that I am relaxed 100%, but I am learning how to be. I can easily say that this program has worked out for me, and I don’t regret buying it, not even for a second. This program is worth buying and I am not ashamed to say that I love it and I am grateful! My overall experience with this product is better than I have expected, maybe that is the main reason why I’m more than satisfied with it.

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Why He Disappeared Review

Don’t worry “Why he disappeared” is a totally risk free product.

Humans always lust for love. No matter if you are a male or a female, love is a desire that everybody wants to be fulfilled. The problem that is quite common among females, especially is that men suddenly disappear from their lives. It is possible that the man seemed to love his lady, but still he left her. There can be many reasons that can lead to such a result, but if you know what a man wants and you know all the secrets that can keep men engaged in you than there is a good chance that your love will never leave you.

Product Name: Why He Disappeared – ecyrano
Publisher Web Site: http://www.whyhedisappeared.com/
Trial period:60 Days

Why He Disappeared by Evan Marc Katz

It happens all the time that things are normal, every thing seems to be perfect and out of know where men disappear. It doesn’t makes any sense, you never know what happened and you can never move on, but there are secrets that if one knows such incidents will never happen. Why He Disappeared is a dating guide that is written by a dating coach, Evan Marc Katz, and contains all the secrets that you should know about men to get them loving you forever. If you want to know about men, there is absolutely no better way other than asking a man how he feels.

What is Why He Disappeared?

Why He Disappeared is a dating guide by a very famous dating expert Evan Marc Katz. He is a dating coach and he also wrote two books on relationships. He has coached thousands of women in recent years, on how to understand men. In Why He Disappeared eBook, Evan explains why guys who seem to be into you suddenly disappear. He says that women commit certain mistakes that they aren’t aware of and the guys have second thoughts in their head the whole time they are with a woman. Why He Disappeared is an eBook in which Evan Marc Katz tells reasons for why guys disappear in a very insightful way.

He reveals that women have been lied to and that they have no power in relationships because they don’t listen to the ques of the male make up. Evan shares tips and tricks that can make huge impacts and give the power in relationships back to women. He teaches what women should do and what women shouldn’t do while engaged with the man of their dreams. If you are frustrated because things are not working out for you, than Why He Disappeared eBook guide will change your love life forever. It is a guide from a great dating expert who has solved the mystery of men for many women of the years.

Why He Disappeared

Why He disappeared Three huge mistakes by women:

Evan says that there are some major mistakes that women commit regularly and they are responsible for driving men out of relationships. He says that after fifteen years of coaching, he has identified the worst three mistakes. He has discussed these mistakes in detail in Why He Disappeared guide.

By believing that what he likes in you is the same thing that you will find in him.Women behave too Proactively and that women worry too much about the fact that they will get hurt again and again.

What you will find in Why He Disappeared step by step program?

  • The truth that why men who have disappeared have left you. It is quite painful if one doesn’t know the reason and it can confuse you for lifetime.
  • What men like in women. What characteristics or traits men desire in their female partners.
  • It will tell you your mistakes. The biggest misconception among women is that if a man disappeared after first date, they assume that the man was not interested. In reality the case is the opposite. Most of the men don’t show up after first date because of something that women did on first date. This book teaches you to find out what you did wrong on dates and how to change it.
  • It teaches things that men will do on the first date to please the women and it tells what should be done by women to please the men in order build a lasting connection.
  • Why he Disappeared PDF, teaches the only method that ensures that the man remains interested in you even if you aren’t having sexual relationship. Even if you are in a sexual relationship this method will work as it ensures that he will always want you and keep him interested and excited to be with you.
  • It teaches you to determine whether a boyfriend is looking for a short-term or a long term relationship. It will teach you to always be a one step ahead.
  • It will teach you how to find out what successful and single men are fighting in a relationship. You will learn exactly how to come to know what your boyfriend is thinking and feeling.
  • It will teach how by changing perspectives you can change your love life.
  • It will tell you all about having a relation with an Alpha male.
  • It will tell what emotional needs men have and how can you very easily fulfill them.
  • It will reveal what men look for in women. It does not matter if you are rich, slim and gorgeous if you don’t have this quality.
  • It reveals what should be done before a date and when should you leave work to ensure that you are at peak of attraction.
  • It will share tips and tricks on how you can get rid of pain and frustration of the past.
  • It contains tips and tricks that ensure that men feel special on date and they ask you out again.
  • It contains techniques to make your date feel important. If you make him feel unimportant, he will lose interest.
  • It will tell you a method on how to be able to determine whether somebody is really serious about you or he is just looking for a short term relation.
  • Why he disappeared system will teach you exactly that how you can open up more dating and relationship opportunities for yourself.
  • It will tell you when you should bring up issues. It will also tell you 2 things that are most important in finding out the man’s interest level in you.
  • Why he disappeared eBook tells you exactly that how can you make a man faithful and loyal.
  • It also tells you a few things that you should never accept in men and a few things that you should look for in men.

Why to buy “Why He Disappeared Dating Guide”?

You should buy “Why he disappeared dating guide” because it tells you:

  • The trouble with most of the males and all there is to know about males.
  • How your negative qualities are a key for accepting man’s disliked qualities.
  • All about chemistry trap and why it should not be followed.
  • To find out that what are you looking for exactly and why are you not getting a suitable man.
  • How to face rejection and instead of getting de-motivated use rejection energy for positivity.
  • The difference between being in love and loving someone.
  • The most important thing that you should look for in every man, without this quality there will be no relation.
  • Top dating mistakes that you commit.
  • How to be pro active and take control of your love life.
  • How to attract men.
  • The 2 things that can completely destroy your relation and the two things that can really save your relation.
  • How to find out that what a man wants in his life and how he wants to be treated by you.
  • Why to break dead end relations and advantages and disadvantages of being a strong woman.
  • How to know if a man is right for you and how to raise your dating bar high.
  • Why to choose character over everything else and how expectations can corrupt the relation.
  • What are the sources of negativity and how can you reframe.
  • How to deal with people who are negative and how to bury past and disappointments.

Download What is Why He Disappeared

Why He Disappeared is a risk free product:

If you are not satisfied with the content that has been presented by the author and it has not brought you any benefit in dieting, within 1 year of purchase you can return it any time. If you are not satisfied you will be getting your entire purchase amount back and you will be keeping extra bonuses that you might have received while purchasing.

This eBook contains all the secrets and information that you will ever need about men and successful dating. But, if you are not satisfied and you think that this book has been of no benefit to you, you will have to request the author for refund via email, and within 24 hours you will get your money back without any questions asked.

The book contains the information that can change your world upside down but if you do not see any value in the book, please do not buy it. We are confident that it will help you a lot and that’s why we strongly recommend purchasing it. Order now and you can get this book at a discounted price. Remember this is a limited time offer only.

Oral Fixation Download

How to Get Head Review

This is a review of How To Get Head (Oral Fixation) by Michael Fiore. When was the last time you got some good oral action? Holy crap, it’s been that long? Well, what if I told you that you could start getting porn-quality head every single day, and that she would do it with sheer enthusiasm, excitement, and passion… without even being asked? In this “How to Get Head” review, you’re going to learn about some truly underground psychological tactics that will have her begging to put you in her mouth ALL the time, so stick around!

Product Name: Oral Fixation-oralfix
Publisher Web Site: http://www.howtogethead.com/
Trial period:60 Days

Oral Fixation Review

Do you know why many women have sworn off giving their boyfriends and husbands head? It’s really simple, and I bet you could guess what it is, but I’ll just go ahead and tell you. It’s either because they think that sucking dick is either shamefully degrading or totally pointless… or both. But before you point the finger at her, it is important to take a good look in the mirror.

The truth is, 99 times out of 100, the guy is solely responsible for how his woman (or women) feels about giving a sound blowjob. It’s completely true, guys. Porn stars have got it all wrong. The dude just lays there while some sex pot works her magic on him. But what you may not realize is that without the promise of a nice paycheck and perhaps the thrill of being on camera, she probably wouldn’t even consider sucking that guy off.

Most women don’t necessarily like having their throats brutalized. But on the flip-side of that coin, they also don’t really get off to the guy just laying there grunting and groaning every so often. What will make your woman come back to the “fellatio zone” time and time again is her own ego. This is a gross generalization, but that’s basically what it comes down to.

I recently read a “How to Give Head” review that shared the basic female perspective when it comes to giving a blowjob. It asserted that the most powerful thing you can do to make her fall in love with giving you hot and passionate oral is to make her feel like she is the undisputed master of sucking dick. Help her to create an identity shift. There are insanely powerful psychological steps you can take to bring this kind of change about.

Oral Fixation Download

When it’s all said and done, you need to know how to get her to give you head, how to have her loving every second of it, and how to make her excited and impatient to do it again. Simple formula, right? Well, you could say it’s fairly simple, but it sure is specific. And every “How to Get Head” review I’ve seen swears by the advice given on the “How to Get Head” video, which explains the ultimate resource for getting all the stellar head you need and desire… constantly, if you want! And it’s laid out in crystal clear, step-by-step detail.

It is definitely worth a look.

Ex Attraction Formula Review

If you would like to get your ex back in your arms without begging and feeling humiliated, then you need to read this Ex Attraction Formula Review. This product, which comes in form of a pdf and mp3 is a creation of Linda Neufeld which will not only put you back squarely in his mind but also give you a new hope. With the powerful secrets contained in the book, you will be able to take control of your emotions towards a break up and will learn that the principle of attraction is the driving force that heightens the chances of a successful make up.

Product: Ex Attraction Formula-exformula
Author: Linda Neufeld
Money Back Guarantee: Yes
Refund: 60 Days
Bonuses: Yes

Publisher Web Site: http://exattractionformula.com/
Trial period:60 Days

Ex-Attraction Formula Product Review

Ex Attraction Formula does not only shine light on how to repair a broken relationship but also explains to you what went wrong in the first so that you can understand how to deal with the situation. This book provides you with tricks and tips and connects to psychology relating to getting him back without having to be desperate. The psychology part does not have to scare you away, Linda puts it in an uncomplicated manner which is easy for you to understand.

Once you purchase this book, you get an Online Course Lifetime Membership, an audio and two exclusive bonus guides to compliment the book. This makes a complete package for you to read and secure yourself invaluable secrets of making your ex come back to you and love you like there was no break up in the first time.

Pros And Cons of Ex Attraction Formula :

1. Ex Attraction Formula – Pros :

  • One-off payment. Once you make the initial payment of the eBook, you do not incur any recurring monthly payments, so your financial obligation is completed after you hit the purchase button the first time.
  • Instant access to the course after payment. Once you successfully pay for the book, you are sent a page where are supposed to log in and create a member’s area so that you can be able to access your course materials. It is that fast!
  • The fact that it comes in both pdf and mp3 format, makes it more convenient for you. You can easily access it by downloading it to your phone, tablet, computer or any other device that supports it. A 15-minute wait is all you need to be able to access it on your device.
  • The invaluable secrets found in this book are geared towards all relationships. Linda recognizes that each and every relationship has its own problems and not every single solution is fit for all problems. She therefore provides general information for everyone, and this make the reader stand a better chance of repairing her broken relationship, no matter what her case is.
  • The confidence of this eBook is boosted by the 60 money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not pleased with the results, then you can get a refund of your money within two months. A refund is just an email away!

2. Ex Attraction Formula – Cons :

It is good that you get an instant access of the book once you complete your payment successfully, but then the case becomes different for anyone who cannot access the internet. Internet connectivity is crucial and this limits the course materials to only those that are connected to it.

Ex Attraction Formula Download

Ex Attraction Formula – Conclusion :

I’m certain that by reading this Ex Attraction Formula Review you already know how invaluable and priceless the course materials are. They will help you to figure out what went wrong with your relationship and how you can bring your relationship back to life. The powerful secrets contained in it can definitely put you back in his mind and therefore having him back in your arms is simplified. This is a risk-free investment for your relationship as you can get a refund if it does not please you, so giving it a try is worth it. If you really want him back, then you definitely have to give Ex Attraction Formula a try, he is going to come back.

500 Love Making Tips Pdf

500 Lovemaking Tips and Secrets Review

Is “500 Lovemaking Tips and Secrets” the right book for you?  Well I would have to say yes.  First the book has integrity in regards to not being raunchy, degrading, and immoral or gives perverted ideas that would be found in a triple X sex magazine.  It also gives a true balance between both what men and women want without being biased to either one.  It also gives some interesting truths about the Kama Sutra.

As the saying goes, “The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence” holds true even in long term relationships. Early in our interactions, we act like loved crazed animals to get that emotional and sexual lust from each other. We do it any where, any time and any way.  Nothing keeps us apart from each other.  However, as the initial magic fades with time, it becomes harder to bring back and find that newness we once had. It seems easy to say and speculate that, in these times of doubt, you would love to have an affair with your neighbor or to think that others have a great sex life.  In fact you can still have a great sex life within your long time relationship; you can have that same feeling back.

Product Name: 500 Lovemaking Tips – mwebb
Publisher Web Site: https://500lovemakingtips.com/
Trial period:60 Days

500 Lovemaking Tips Review

The format of the book is an easy read.  I don’t recommend you sit down and read it in one setting. I would much rather see you skim through the book a few times. It is nice that you can open the book to any page and have between seven and ten easy to read tips that are ready to act on so as no planning is needed for spontaneous lovemaking.

500 Love Making Tips Pdf

Product Name: 500 Lovemaking Tips

The book has sixteen fully illustrated lovemaking positions in the back of the book but as mentioned before, you can pick up the book and act immediately.  Although it states that there are 500 lovemaking tips, there are actually 539.  What a bonus-39 for free!  The tips range from oral sex for both men and women, to sex games and the implementation for the importance of foreplay.

To summarize the 500 Lovemaking Tips and Secrets experience, I would have to say that seems to be the most complete book on the market.  It’s an enjoyable read and easy to use for the spur of the moment-moments.  All in all I highly recommend the book as a guide to make your love life exciting again or if you just want some tips and secrets for more fun and pleasure.

The Penguin Method Review – Does Samantha Sanderson’s Program Really Work?

Thanks for coming by and checking out my review of Samantha Sanderson’s new program the adorably titled Penguin Method ! So, where to begin… LOL!Well, if you are reading this, then you are probably somebody who has been searching for a way to get your man to be more committed and to treat you more lovingly – or you are a single girl who is looking for a way to get a really great man, and to get him to want to stick around and be an amazing partner in a lasting relationship.

Product Name: Penguin Method-pengmethod
Publisher Web Site: http://penguinmethod.com/
Trial period:60 Days

Download penguinmethod

It definitely can be tough trying to get through to a guy sometimes, and it can be extremely frustrating when the guy you love just refuses to open up emotionally or to commit to anything long term.

I feel like I’ve read just about every book and article on men and relationships at this point, but then I discovered The Penguin Method and the ideas and methods in this program are like nothing ekse I had seen before… So I really wanted to share all my thoughts on the program with you here in this review…

What Makes The Penguin Method Unique?

One of the things that makes this program so different are all of the different psychological concepts that Samantha explains about like “Neurological Reliance” which is a very important part of the program.

Most of the other relationship guides I’ve been through had some interesting ideas, but none of them presented a real PLAN or a real thorough method that you can just take and use to get a man to really want to commit and to want to really express his love strongly on a daily basis.

That’s what this Neurological Reliance thing is all about, creating a habit of love in your man’s mind, so that he will actually feel AGITATED if he is unable to express his love and devotion for you everyday. And it’s not like this is something Samantha just dreamed up – this is a concept that the advertising industry has been exploiting our whole lives, so it most definitely can work.

What You’ll Learn Inside…

Like I was just talking about, the whole idea is to flip the “cognitive switches” inside your man’s mind to get him to fall in love with you over and over again each day – which is obviously something that a lot of women are interested in!

There are a lot of different methods and concepts that you will learn inside the program, but I wanted to highlight the most important ones to give you an idea of the main topics that are covered… (In addition to forming the “habit of love” that makes him want to prove constantly his love and commitment to you.)

One of the big things you’ll learn is how to erase his “doubts” about whether you actually are the one to re-program his mind in a sense so that he’ll want to grow old with you, and start a family (if you are at that point in your lives.)

Samantha also explains about how to decode men in order to find out what they really want using something she calls the “Masculine Mind Mapper” so that you can read the hidden meaning behind the things that your man is saying to you, and the things he’s not saying…

There’s also some great content on how to permanently boost your own confidence and how to bond with a man so deeply that he won’t be able to imagine his life without you.

This is really just skimming the service, but these are the basics… There’s also some good stuff for single girls on how to how to have flawless first dates and great conversations with a man that you’ve just met.

Penguin Method download

What You Get…

The program itself is all digital, which means that you get access to it over the internet and don’t need to have any books or anything shipped to you. That way you can easily access the whole program anytime you want on your computer, a tablet, or even on any type of smartphone.

The main components of the program are:

  • The Complete Penguin Method Program
  • The Love Of His Life Advanced Coaching Program
  • The 7 Deadly Sins Of Re-Attraction Video Training
  • The Cupid’s Commitment Commandments
  • The Unlock His Heart Exclusive Report, and…
  • The Forever Yours Exclusive Report

Penguin Method Pros And Cons:


  1. Universal Concepts – What’s great about this program is that it can work for any woman in any situation where you have a man that you want to love you, commit to you and to adore you. It’s not like this is only for young women, or older women, or professional women, or anything like that, because all men have the same “cognitive switches” and they are all built to respond to Neurological Reliance them same way.
  2. Ease of Use – The program itself is designed in a way that makes it very easy to follow along and implement the things that you’ll learn. You don’t need to do anything “weird” or embarrassing, and in fact your man will have no idea that you are using any sort of “method” on him…


  1. Sneaky – If you are somebody who hates the idea of using a method to make a guy love you and want to commit to you forever, then this might seem too sneaky to you. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with it, so long as you have good intentions and don’t use it to get revenge on a man or anything like that.
  2. Not A Magic Bullet – Just getting this program isn’t going to solve every problem you have with your man. And after you get the program you actually need to go through the material and take the time to learn the concepts, and then actually apply them in order to see real changes in your man. You probably already know this, but some people are lazy, so I need to to point that out.

My Verdict On The Penguin Method

Like I said, I’ve been through a ridiculous number of dating and relationship guides over the past couple of years. And The Penguin Method is hands down the best course I’ve seen yet!

Any woman who is looking to connect with her man more deeply, and to form a life-long bond of love (or to get a man if she’s single) would be smart to use the Penguin Method as soon as she can!

Jonathan Green Girl Gets Ring

Girl Gets Ring PDF Review

Girl Gets Ring has been created and launched by TW Jackson (also known as T Dub) together with Jonathan Green. TW Jackson is already an established authority in relationship questions. He already has launched the ridiculously successful relationship repair manual The Magic of Making Up, which helped tenthousands of people to repair their relationships and to get their ex back.

Product Name: Girl Gets Ring System-girlring
Publisher Web Site: http://girlgetsring.com/
Trial period:60 Days

Girl Gets Ring Review - Worthy Or Scam

Girl Gets Ring now follows with the goal to help women to find the right men. Jonathan Green, a dating coach with a great reputation, is thoroughly equipped to supply you with the best dating tips because he knows exactly what men are thinking and how to understand their behavior. For Girl Gets Ring he has interviewed more than 35,000 women from around the globe and with that knowledge has become the premier relationship starter, privately training men and speaking at conferences worldwide.

What does Girl Gets Ring deliver ?

To begin with, there is a lot of material and several bonuses including some mp3 audio that you can load and listen on the go:

  • 144 page manual with homework lessons
  • The Seven Biggest mistakes women make with online dating
  • The Four Hero Masculine Avatar Principals (mp3)
  • Long Distance Relationship Secrets (mp3)
  • From Conflict to Compassionate Communication ( mp3)
  • The Clean Slate Method

The material of TDub is brilliant as he outlines the ideas that run throughout the Girl Gets Ring course. It really is a fun listen as we’re taught about traffic lights and superheros … regular guys and their journey through life with backpacks, rocks and the women who remove them or pile more in. That may have you scratching your head, but you’re going to feel right at home listening to TDub as he unfolds one “aha”- moment after another.

As much as it would be fair to compare Girl Gets Ring to another, there simply is nothing else quite like this. You get the best of all worlds, from unlocking your true passions, relationship coaching, matchmaking … and … it is fun to work through the materials. Girl Gets Ring moves you forward in your own story and once you understand how men process their feelings, you’ll know exactly what they’re thinking at every stage and you’ll know exactly what to do to move your story forward.

Let s take a quick look into the Girl Gets Ring Manual. The Girl Gets Ring Manual Gets You To Your Wedding Day In Six Phases:

  • Phase 1: Singledom

While building your foundation, you are challenged to look within and find your true passion. Your adventure begins!

  • Phase 2: Looking For love

By understanding your prime directive, you’ll be wearing a Jerk Proof Jacket, here you learn how to pick and maximize meetings with the right kind of guys..

  • Phase 3: Making First Contact

Throw “subtle” out the window..unless your dating another woman….Honesty, Passion, Self Confidence = THE BIG THREE…screening questions and saving a TON of time

  • Phase 4: Dating & Creating A Strong Love Bond

LOTS of pages and info here; first dates mistakes (yours & his) and how to steer clear, good intentions gone awry, Nerd Chics are hot, intelligence is sexy , When to sleep with him, hilarious homework and being unpredictable …this section is DATING TIPS ON STEROIDS!

  • Phase 5: Becoming A Girlfriend

What is a relationship? You can’t change him..so find someone you don’t want to change!…your key to communication, avoiding arguments…Tell It Like It Is

  • Phase 6: From Girlfriend To Fiance

Believing in him and his adventures, You are his fantasy, how to speak so he’ll listen…KISSing stops cheating & why “Behind every great man is a great woman” is true

The complete Girl Gets Ring Program consists of several packages you can choose from:

Girl Gets Ring Gold System ($47) includes:

  1. Girl Gets Ring Manual
  2. Masculine Hero Avatar MP3
  3. Clean Slate Method (How to make effective apologies)
  4. Long Distance Relationship Secrets (Many women are in LDR`s)
  5. 7 Biggest Mistakes Women Make With Their Online Profile
  6. (Super Bonus) From Conflict To Compassionate Communication (Licensed from Lori Rubenstein)

Girl Gets Ring Platinum ($97) includes:

All the above and…

  1. 6 Weeks of motivation and tutoring by email, this
    is not coaching, but extra content delivered by email.
  2. Text Romance Manual
  3. Perfect Online Profile Manual

If you say no to Girl Gets Ring Platinum you can still take the

Girl Gets Ring Gold Plus ($27)

Which includes Girl Gets Ring Platinum WITHOUT the 6 weeks
of motivation and tutoring.

So can I recommend you Girl Gets Ring ?

While Girl Gets Ring throughout is completely unique, its psychology is not brand new or revolutionary. It does however talk about current trends, quite useful if you’ve been out of the dating scene for a while. All together Girl Gets Ring represent a no nonsense direct path to dramatically improving and understanding men and their relationships with women. It’s presented in a personal and fun way so that reader who genuinely follows the course and worksheets will transform into a new level of readiness and attractiveness.

Jonathan Green Girl Gets Ring

If you are seriously interested to build up a serious relationship and you want to find the man for your life, Girl Gets Ring is your best guide on this way. It also helps you to develop a long distance relationship, starting from your Online Profile.

So Girl Gets Ring is really for everyone with serious intentions and if you follow this guide, you will be successful and also prevent pain and mistakes on your way. Besides you have even no risk, because Girl Gets Ring is delivered with a 60 days full money back guarantee without any questions ask. But I am convinced, you will not even think about to use this guarantee, much more you will be over and over glad to be on the right way to your happiness.

100 Sex Games For Couples Review

“100 Sex Games” Some creative sex games for you and your partner

After reading Michael Webb’s “100 Sex Games” I have learnt a lot about how to please my partner by being more creative in the bedroom. Some of the suggestions made seem blindingly obvious when you read about them, but when put into practise they really do turn your sex life up a gear.

Product Name: 100 Sex Games-100games
Publisher Web Site: https://100sexgames.com/
Trial period:60 Days

Download 100 Sex Games Reviewed

I didn’t tell my partner that I was reviewing the “100 Sex Games” book, and instead began to introduce the games into our relationship of my own accord. She was really impressed with how imaginative I was being! A bit deceptive I know, so I came clean in the end and told here about Michael Webb’s book. She was really pleased that I had taken the time to help improve our sex life by reading and researching these games. She said that a lot of guys wouldn’t go to all that trouble so it showed a sensitive side, even if I was just interested in better sex!

Without giving too much away I will give you a quick run-down of what you can expect from the book.

  • Kids games: Webb talks about how you can use everyday board games, ball games and even a deck of cards to turn into an erotic experience.
  • Guessing games: Some of these really helped to build up the anticipation between my partner and I.
  • Changing rooms: Games to play in different parts of the house. Webb doesn’t just limit this to the bedroom. We have a small apartment, but there were plenty of new ideas suggested that we hadn’t even thought about.
  • Unknown outcome: This game was one of our favourites and is actually determined by people you meet. Webb describes it by using a waiters response in a restaurant to determine your sex actions. We used it in a cinema and it worked just fine!

And many, many more. We didn’t get to try out all 100 games, but are currently making our way through the book. I really like it and if your the type of person that likes experimenting playfully then I’m sure you would too.

How I learnt to spice up my sex life – inspired by Michael Webb

After trying various “sex tip” sources I was intrigued as to what Michael Webb’s “100 Sex Games” would offer that was any different. It turns out, plenty!

Having been in a three year relationship myself, I was familiar with the routine of going through the tried and tested methods to spice up my sex life. Massage oils, hot baths, costumes, the list goes on with the countless cliches.

I was pleasantly surprised that Webb’s book didn’t just churn out the same old garbage. It steered away from predictability and instead offers 100 great games that most couples will enjoy. The 100 games vary to suit different bedroom tastes. None of them require much setting up or messing around. The instructions given are so simple to follow that they are bound to make anyone a better lover!

100 Sex Games For Couples Review

Most of the activities require household items, but I found one particular game amusing which turns watching football into a passionate love making session. A win-win situation I think!

I would say that the “100 Sex Games” offers pretty good value for money. Having researched various competitors I can honestly say that this offers the most diverse and creative range of ideas. It gets the thumbs up from me and I’m sure that you’ll like it too!

Text Your Wife Into Bed – My Honest Opinion

If you’re looking for a detailed review of the Text Your Wife Into Bed Guide written by relationship and sex guru Michael Fiore, then you’ve come to the right place.First, I just want you to know that I will be giving you a completely unbiased and honest review of Michael’s relationship and sex self-help guide. What you’re about to read here are the ESSENTIAL details you need to know before grabbing yourself a copy of the guide.

Product Name: Text Your Wife Into Bed-mofingers
Publisher Web Site: http://textyourwifeintobed.com/
Trial period:60 Days

Text Your Wife Into Bed Download

So what exactly is Michael Fiore’s ‘Text Your Wife Into Bed’ all about?

‘Text Your Wife Into Bed’ is a very detailed guide, with step by step instructions on how to get your wife (or any woman for that matter) into bed using just your phone. Written by relationship and sex expert Michael Fiore, it has also been called the “sex bible”.

Michael begins Text Your Wife Into Bed with a unique approach called the ‘Ice Breaker Method’.

Now going from having a mundane, boring or even non-existent sex life one day to talking dirty and trying to get your wife into bed the next is probably not going to happen. This is what makes The Ice Breaker Method, a four day series of texts designed to slowly warm her up to the idea, so crucial. This method, along with the ‘Curiosity Pivot’ technique that Michael teaches, strategically helps you ease into your wife’s sexual mind through text and begins to awaken her sexuality.

A ‘Curiosity-Pivot’ is a text that makes her curious about where you’re going with things…

It is meant, like the name says, to make her curious. You give her just enough to keep her wanting more. Michael gives actual, proven examples for you to use which is a must for the beginner.

(Just a note here…I’ve read a lot of books over the past few months on this specific topic – about how to get your wife into bed – and I have seen some great material out there. Yet, while I realize there is no magic formula to an amazing sex life with your wife, this is the first guide that I’ve read which gives you EXACT step by step instructions of how to get your wife into bed.This is especially helpful when the relationship has been lacking intimacy).

The ‘Curiosity-Pivot’ explained:

As I mentioned in an earlier post, all a man needs to “get in the mood” is to see his wife’s naked body and he’s ready for action! To get a woman in bed requires a much more subtle approach. The “Curiosity Pivot” is meant to awaken your wife’s sexuality, make her feel truly sexy and give her permission to act on those sexual desires.

Since most men will be starting cold with this idea, Michael suggests you stop texting about useless stuff and keep texting for ‘hot’ communication only. This will establish texting as a direct conduit to her sexual mind. The “Pivot” is the transition from mundane, everyday crap to her fantasy world.

Start slow – keep things playful and fun to start with. Remember, you are learning how to seduce your wife – it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

After reviewing this strategy myself, it seems like a fool-proof method to get your wife into bed. This is one of many great techniques that Michael shares in his guide.

Text Your Wife Into Bed Review

Is Text Your Wife Into Bed a scam?

Okay, so let’s get real here. You’re supposed to get your wife into bed with a text message? Are you kidding me Michael? How can this guide teach me how to seduce my wife, or any man how to get a woman in bed? Trust me, I was pretty skeptical at first – after all, these ideas are extremely unique although also intriguing.

Is Text Your Wife Into Bed a scam? All I can say is Michael’s techniques are daring, bold and a little off-the-wall. As I get deeper into the course, I am more convinced that if his guidelines are followed, he can teach you how to seduce your wife and have fun doing it.

What are the BAD things about Michael’s Text Your Wife Into Bed?

As with all the products I review, nothing is perfect. Here are a couple points to consider:

  • Michael assumes that you and your wife are comfortable with texting. Not everyone is, although he does cover that in the manual. That could mean a learning curve for some.
  • As with any type of course, you get out of it what you put in. Don’t expect to jump from a non-existent sex life to texting your wife into bed with you on the first day. Even though Michael has put together great material, you still have to follow instructions and do the work.

What are the GOOD things about the Text Your Wife Into Bed guide?

As usual, I purchase every product I review. Here are some of the good points I noticed.

  • Michael is a great writer and his course is interesting and easy to follow. He also cares about your success and wants you to learn how to please your wife in bed.
  • I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of material in this course. Michael has provided 10 PDF articles and 9 videos with step by step, easy to follow instructions. The videos, along with the power point slides, tie the information together nicely.
  • If you are looking for practical instruction on how to get your wife into bed and have great sex with her, this guide delivers. It doesn’t matter what age or religion you are, you can learn something about sex with your wife and your marriage relationship.
  • Michael’s course is completely unique and different from any others I have seen on this subject. His many years of experience as a writer and sex/relationship expert really do lend him the credibility other so called ‘gurus’ lack. His unique strategies of how to get your woman in bed and reignite your relationship are supported by testimonials from satisfied men (and women!) who have participated in this course.

What is my overall opinion?

Although this is an unbiased review, I can say that I am very passionate about marriage and from experience, I know that a satisfying sex life is key to a healthy relationship. Having said that, in my opinion Michael Fiore’s Text Your Wife Into Bed is the best guide I have seen on how to seduce a woman into bed.

Michael’s experience as a sex expert is very extensive and he has taught hundreds if not thousands of men all over the world the methods of how to get your wife in bed successfully. From start to finish, this guide is packed with completely unconventional techniques on how to get your woman into bed and reignite your sex life. Is this a “text your wife into bed scam”?

Well, I have learned some strategies to use in my own life from Michael’s course and I have been happily married for almost 19 years! If you are passionate about reigniting your sex life and your relationship, I would definitely recommend picking up a copy of Michael’s guide. The rewards will be worth it!

1000 Questions For Couples Pdf Download

Check Out 1000 Questions For Couples

When we get married, it should be a lifetime commitment wherein couples stay together through thick and thin.  However, since there are a lot of stones unturned during the courtship and engagement phases, there are really differences that can’t be patched up or compromised and this is one of the leading causes of divorce and annulments.

Product Name: 1000 Questions For Couples-couples
Publisher Web Site: https://questionsforcouples.com/
Trial period:60 Days

1000 Questions For Couples Ebook

Although my husband and I are not in this predicament, I am already taking precautions as to how to avoid it. Michael Webb, a famous author on books about relationships has come up with another great e-book called 1000 Questions for Couples.I have heard from my best friend that she began using these questions a few years ago and her relationship between her and her husband has greatly improved.

I didn’t have any qualms with regards to purchasing 1000 Questions for Couples and once I did, I really feel that my relationship with my husband has really improved a lot. Although we’ve known each other for so long, I encouraged him to answer the getting-to-know-you questions in the book and we had so much fun reminiscing what we both liked and disliked, among other things.

After discussing the questions for couples based on the categories provided in the e-book like friends and family, communication, money, sex, vacations, hobbies and entertainment, etc., we came out feeling happy that we were able to bond.  Aside from the serious stuff, the e-book also contains fun questions for couples to lighten the mood.  We are almost halfway through the book and I am really thankful that I purchased it. It is not only my friend and me who have experienced the wonders of 1000 Questions for Couples because so many others have also testified that they really benefited from the book.

If you plan to get married or are in your engagement phase, don’t hesitate to purchase 1000 Questions for Couples so you will get to know your partner much better than before.  For a meager cost of $25, I tell you the book has really made a difference to our relationship.  Plus, with the expertise of Michael Webb you will never go wrong.  I am now experiencing marital bliss and I am positive that I will still continue to do so, thanks to 1000 Questions for Couples.

A friend of mine has been seriously thinking about proposing to his long-time girlfriend, but like most men going through this stage, he still has some doubts about making the big move.  I heard about this book called 1000 Questions for Couples, which was written by Michael Webb and I thought it could help him, so I looked for reviews.  From reading the write-ups, I was able to see a couple of its positive features.These might benefit you too, so I’ll share them here.

  • Know More About Your Partner.  To get to know a person fully, you need to ask questions.  These fun questions for couples is a good way for you to find out exactly how your partner thinks, what his/her desires are, as well has his/her fears and frustrations.  Knowing more about your partner keeps the relationship interesting, and adds that extra spice to it.  You will both feel like you’re in that getting-to-know-you stage again when you were all excited about each other.
  • Establish Relationship Stability. If you know your partner well, then you also know what his/her needs are and you should be aware on how you can address them. The ability to understand your partner helps in ensuring stability in the relationship.  These are not all fun questions; the book also tackles issues that most couples do not want to deal with.  There are questions on morals and beliefs, money matters, and other similar subjects.Users say that these questions for couples even work for those who have been married for quite some time too.
  • Make Wiser Relationship Decisions.Communication is key in every relationship, and it’s disappointing to know that many potentially good partnerships end just because of misunderstandings.  By conversing with your partner on a much deeper level through the 1000 Questions for Couples, you will be able to reveal more about each other and this can significantly improve your relationship.

After reading the review, I immediately recommended 1000 Questions for Couples to my friend because I knew that this is exactly what he needed.  He bought the book and he told me that I was right.  Now he’s already proposed to his girlfriend and he says he has never regretted that decision.  If you want a lasting and meaningful relationship as well, then you need to get this book.

Do you often find yourself wondering that maybe you don’t know enough about your partner?  Or do you have questions that you’ve been wanting to ask your partner but are too afraid to raise?  There are a lot of available online sites and forums that provide love and relationship advice.They may also serve as venue where you can raise romantic questions or issues and get insight from other people’s responses.There are also sites offering 1000 questions for couples, which they say can help deepen and strengthen relationships.

A few days ago I had a conversation with a good friend of mine regarding his love questions.He has been thinking about proposing to his girlfriend of almost one year now, but he is still unsure if she is really the right one.  We both agreed that to know a person thoroughly, it is necessary for one to ask questions, even the difficult ones.Of course, you would want to know as much as you can about your partner.

1000 Questions For Couples Pdf Download

You would want to find out about your partner’s thoughts, desires, and even fears or frustrations. Of course, if you are at a stage in your relationship where you’re seeking for lifetime commitment, asking these 1000 questions for couples becomes more essential.  After all, you wouldn’t want to eventually regret marrying your partner after you find out other less attractive aspects of their personality, would you?  We think that asking your partner crucial questions at the onset will help you avoid any unwanted surprises when you eventually enter marriage.

We searched on the Internet and found this book, which was exactly what we were looking for.  It was called 1000 questions for couples.It contained basic personality questions and also deeper questions about values, beliefs, lifestyle, and perspective on different aspects of life and relationships.

My friend tried it and he said he learned so many things about his girlfriend and this only increased his attraction to her.He says they talk more often because they have more to talk about now and they feel closer to each other.  Of course, others may not have the same results, but if you value your relationship and want to enrich it, this is one book you will definitely need.