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WP Engine Affiliate Program -2018 WPEngine Highest Paying WordPress Affiliate Program

WP Engine Affiliate Program Review

Earn $50 per customer your sub-affiliates refer! Refer other affiliates and earn $50 for every sale they refer.Earn up to tens of thousands of dollars on just one referral! WP Engine pays a whopping $200 or 100% of the first month’s payment (whichever is higher).

wp engine affiliate program

A two-tier affiliate program is an affiliate model that allows you to make commissions not only on your own sales but the sales from others (your sub-affiliates) that you bring into the program as an affiliate.

WP Engine affiliate

WP Engine Review Pros and Cons

Finding a reliable hosting company should be a simple process, but we all have experienced or heard horror stories of hosting gone wrong. Now, your site may not be offline for hours at a time, and you may not be experiencing consistently slow page speeds, but for all of the small things, a good hosting company can save you and your company both time and money.

Overall website performance is essential not only to you, but it is also a key indicator to your customers. The faster and more efficient your website is, the more likely it is that your traffic stays on the page and leads to a conversion.

WP Engine

I have used several different hosting companies, some which were incredibly cheap but lacked professional support, and some that were overly expensive but overlooked my site’s importance. When I switched to WP Engine, I was very impressed with their consistency and reliability in keeping my website online and running smoothly. Plus, it is specialized for WordPress sites which is exactly what I needed. They even offer a 60 day money-back guarantee on their services.

WP Engine Review Pros and Cons

Here are some Pros and Cons to using WP Engine as your web hosting service:


  • Incredibly fast hosting
  • Very low downtime (2 minutes in the last 90 days)
  • Easily test plugins before you install them on your live site
  • Very easy to backup and restore your website
  • They fix hacks for free
  • Good customer support


  • Tickets are sometimes closed too quickly
  • It is not the most affordable hosting service

Non-Wordpress Sites

All of the sites we have produced in-house use WordPress, which works perfectly with WP Engine, but even those sites that are not (yet) on WordPress are incredibly fast and efficient with it. The plugin utilization and some other features are not necessarily optimized for those sites, so it can be a hassle, but the server reliability and speed is definitely stable.

Backing up your website is easy and simple with WP Engine. It is very reminiscent of Window’s system restore. With one click, you can restore your website to its fully working condition. This one-click backup restore has saved our sites on many occasions.

You can even set up automatic WordPress updating (one of my favorite features). When this happens, they will create a restore point before and after the update, just in case something goes wrong. This makes it easy to update while you are away from your computer without feeling insecure that your site may crash and require a lot of work to bring it back online.

WP Engine review

WP Engine CPanel

The user interface of WP Engine is not the most attractive UI. It is pretty simple and very usable once you get the hang of it, but the initial learning curve took me a few minutes to get used to it. This should be remedied with future updates as they refine their aesthetic approach to their web hosting platform. But maybe I just have incredibly high standards and think that everything should be beautiful.

Outside of its appearance, the CPanel is very much like any other. It is usable, but not ideal, though it functions a lot better than some I have used in the past.

If you want to rework your website or a client is asking for some grandiose changes, overhauling a website is made very easy with WP Engine. With a couple of clicks you can backup and move the website to a test site as you make the changes. When you’re done it is quick and simple to make it live. This is another of my favorite features offered by WP Engine.

WP Engine’s support has been very good to us. Sometimes they get back to us within the hour, most often it takes about 90 minutes or so. A few times they have closed our tickets too quickly before the issue was completely resolved, but overall we have been very happy with their speed and accuracy in addressing our needs.


WP Engine can get pretty pricey depending on your needs. This can be a major deterrent, but we must realize that they are not trying to be a budget hosting company. And though you may be paying more for their services, the time and stress saved by their WordPress speciality ends up paying for itself. We decided that reliability and speed was more important to us and our clients than saving a few dollars a month.

Webmasters across the internet are talking about how their WordPress sites are loading at insane speeds and handling more users and page views than ever before.

Their secret is actually nothing incredible. WP Engine is a new managed hosting platform that gives you speed, scalability, and complete support for your WordPress blog.

At the most, your shared hosting plan may give you the ability to automatically install WordPress and get started with your blog (Fantastico). But this is where it all stops. Your hosting company won’t provide the support that you need to run your internet business on the WordPress platform.

wp engine free trial

Why Do You Need WP Engine?

If you haven’t been living under a rock, then you probably keep hearing everyone talking about how you need to make the switch to WP Engine if you are at all serious about running your business smoothly.

What’s all of the buzz about, though? Why do customers love WP Engine so much despite its expensive price?

Here are some of the features of WP Engine that attract webmasters and business owners:

  • REAL expert support

WP Engine offers more WordPress experts per 1000 customers than any other hosting companies in the world. Many hosting companies will claim that they offer responsive expert support to their customers, but they do not have your back when it comes to your WordPress installation.

If a plugin isn’t working properly or a theme isn’t installing or displaying something properly, you will be out of luck with a typical hosting company.

WP Engine

At WP Engine, they will not act as if they aren’t responsible. WP Engine provides specific support for those who are hosting WordPress sites. Their staff is made up of experts in WordPress and they will give you the help you need to track down and figure out any issues you are having with your WordPress blog.

WP Engine’s support is what has given them the publicity they needed to take over the managed WordPress hosting market. Current customers and those who have recently made the switch all boast about the great customer service.

If you want to feel spoiled and as if your web site is the only one that matters in the whole world, WP Engine is your best bet.

  • Staging

Without WP Engine, changes to your WordPress site are risky.. Every little thing you do will be live and visible immediately. If you screw up the CSS or install a plugin that turns out to be incompatible, you might be out of luck. Hopefully you made a backup…

Thanks to WP Engine, we don’t have to worry about this anymore. They give webmasters the ability to play with their site and see how things work. The exclusive feature, called staging, is WP Engine’s fix for the fearfulness of making changes to your WordPress site.

Before you make any real changes, you can click on the snapshot button and that will give you a copy of your blog in a safe area. In this area, you will be able to do whatever you want to your site without risking anything.

  • EverCache

WP Engine worked for years on a proprietary system that allows them to move hundreds of millions of hits each and every day through their system.

EverCache allows you to focus on marketing and advertising your web site without having to worry about going down because of a traffic spike. Web applications (like WordPress) are typically hard to scale.

WP Engine

A viral social media campaign or a featured post on an active news site may give you a huge traffic spike. Going down at this time would be detrimental to the success of your business.

EverCache is extremely scalable. No matter how significant your traffic spike is, you can be confident that EverCache will handle it without any issue. WP Engine calls it their secret sauce, saying that it makes every single WordPress site on their server load incredibly fast while maintaining the scalability that you need.

If you still aren’t convinced that WP Engine will be able to handle a traffic spike that you are expecting, they will help you out by setting up temporary measures that make your site more scalable and widely distributed.

Bonnaroo, a very popular music festival, used these measures to serve over 100,000 users when they released their lineup. They saw zero loss in page load times because of EverCache.

  • Hacking

WP Engine automatically scans and fixes common hacking attempts on WordPress sites. They guarantee that they will do everything they can to stop hackers before they can do anything.

If your site does get hacked, WP Engine’s support team will get everything fixed for you at no additional charge.

  • A Stress-free Switch

Moving your web site to a different host is a big commitment, and WP Engine understands that. They make it their mission to simplify the process as much as possible so that you feel absolutely no stress during the switch.

WP Engine lets you schedule a migration with an engineer on their support team. They will assist you with the complete migration and answer any questions you have about the process.

In addition to assisting you with the entire migration, WP Engine won’t charge you any sign up fees or lock you in to any contract. You have sixty days to decide whether or not you want to stick with WP Engine and if you decide to cancel, it’s very easy to leave. You only pay for WP Engine if you are enjoying its ease of use.

wp engine pros and cons

What’s included? How much does it cost?

You can sign up for WP Engine under a few different plans and options. You’ll have to decide what plan works best for you. The plans start at $29 for one personal installation and go up to $99 for 10 installations and $249 for 25 installations.

If your business gets a significant amount of traffic, you may have to talk to a representative from WP Engine to work out a custom plan that works for you.

For $29 a month, you can host one WordPress installation and manage up to 25,000 visitors a month.

No matter which plan you choose, you will have a sixty day period to decide if it’s going to be worth the money. Without giving you a hassle, WP Engine will issue you a complete refund if you decide that it’s not for you.

Why does WP Engine cost more than the average hosting company?

Shared hosting companies only care about one thing, making money and keeping their costs as low as they can. Their staff typically consists of entry-level employees who don’t have a clue when it comes to managing a WordPress site.

WP Engine’s amazing simplicity and consistent up-time comes with a price-premium, but it’s worth it. You will be on the best servers with the fastest caching available. If you are looking for a high level of security and stability, WP Engine is worth every penny.

WP Engine

WP Engine Daily Use

If you make the move to WP engine, you will find that it is similar to running a site on a self-hosted blog. A big plus is that you won’t have to deal with the irritating ‘mishaps’ that commonly happen as your WordPress blog ages.

Managing comments and editing posts will be noticeably faster than before when you were running your blog on your self-hosted solution.

Once you make the switch you will never have to:

  • Deal with spam – WP Engine comes with great anti-spam software built in and users report that spam drops close to zero.
  • Deal with a ‘speed’ headache – WP Engine is guaranteed at 99.5% uptime and that it is always smooth and fast.
  • Deal with a hack attempt – WP Engine’s support team will assist you with any issues you may have and treat you as if your problem is theirs.
  • Deal with a stubborn problem – Any small issue, no matter how bizarre, becomes WP Engine’s problem.

Managed WordPress hosting may cost you more than shared hosting, but your blog is a business and you should consider the option that makes things faster and smoother. WP Engine is similar to an outsourced employee who can figure out any problem with your blog, at just $29 a month.

wp engine content performance

WP Engine is a great way to get off of the shared hosting bandwagon. Shared hosting companies care too much about keeping their costs low.

If you are serious about running your business and want to run your business with the best hardware, servers, and support team available then WP Engine is your best choice.

WP Engine

6 Best Paid Survey Sites – Paid Surveys

The goal of this site is to provide you with some excellent resources in the paid survey industry. We’ve listed a handful of good quality, up-to-date paid survey websites that have excellent customer service, provide quick and easy refunds if you’re not satisfied, and have updated and useful links to companies who actually exist and actually pay.

Best Paid Surveys Sites for 2018

⭐1-Gold Opinions (Most Recommended)⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

⭐Visit Official Site: goldopinions

Tell us what you think about the products you use every day or even try new ones before they hit store shelves!Get paid up to $5 dollars for 10–15 minute surveys.Get paid up to $30/ per hour on focus group and panels.

⭐ “GoldOpinions “ Most users make money or redeem their first reward within 24 hours! Everyone earns at their own pace, so its up to you!

Click here to start getting paid for your opinions!

One important thing to understand is that, “there’s no free lunch”. If you want to make money, you will have to spend money. That’s the basic rule and the sooner you understand the better it is.

⭐2-App Coiner (Get Paid To Test Apps)⭐⭐⭐⭐

Visit Official Site: appcoiner

Not only will App Coiner pay you for testing apps, but they’ll let you download the apps for free. That all sounds rather interesting, especially since App Coiner is promising that you’ll have access to “the latest apps.How big is the market for smartphone and tablet apps? In September 2015, Apple had more than 1.5 million apps in their store.


⭐3-Paid Surveys at Home

Visit Official Site: paid-surveys-at-home

“Paid Surveys at Home” is actually not a online work company itself. It is the agent company which act as the middleman which charges a fee to let you access to the list of “paid to take surveys” companies.


⭐4-Take Surveys For Cash

Visit Official Site: takesurveysforcash

Jason makes a lot of claims about how much money that can be made using his program. He claims that he has built such a name for himself in the survey taking industry and he knows what it takes to make the big bucks and he has connections to get others heavily paid.


⭐5-Legit Paid Online Surveys

Visit Official Site: legitpaidonlinesurveys

What if you could get paid up to $75 to $250 just for filling out a simple online survey, how many times would you do that a day?I know what you’re thinking, ‘Oh great, another get rich quick scheme.


⭐6-Your Survey Cash System

Visit Official Site: yoursurveycashsystem

Earn up to 120$ per Day doing paid Online Surveys.Try new products for FREE and get paid!!! Earn cash, prizes and rewards…


You might also be interested in

⭐1-Photography Jobs(Get Paid To Take Photos!)

Visit Official Site: photography-jobs

Get Paid To Take Photos!Make an extra or full-time living from your Photography!Grab your camera and start a high-paying career in photography today!


⭐2-Online Tutoring Jobs(Earn up to $500 per month per student)

Visit Official Site: tutorjobsonline

“Get Well Paid Teaching From Home, The Beach Or Your Vacation Hideaway” Enjoy large pay checks just for sharing your knowledge with others.$8,000,000 is the amount our happy members have been paid to date.


⭐3-Writing Jobs Online(Get Paid to Write at Home!)

Visit Official Site: writing-jobs

Get paid to write articles, blog posts, ebooks and many more!Highest-paying writing jobs — guaranteed!Making money in the comfort of your own home writing online, then this is for YOU!


⭐4-Video Game Tester Jobs (Get Paid To Play Games!)

Visit Official Site: gamingjobsonline

If you enjoy playing video games and want to get paid to play them, then this is for YOU …Get Paid to Play or review New Games!Receive New and Unreleased Games to test or review (You can keep them or sell them later on!)



Visit Official Site: utubecash

If you want to make money with YouTube — but don’t know how, then this is for YOU…Make money from YouTube with no marketing, no filming and no website!Start making money, with no experience or any technical knowledge whatsoever, immediately!


⭐6-Legit Online Jobs

Visit Official Site: legitonlinejobs

Legit Online Jobs is a company that provides you training on several different ways to make money online. Basically the main way they teach you to make money is with affiliate marketing, which is the #1 to make money online in my opinion.


⭐7-Slogan Seller (Get Paid To Type Simple Words and Phrases)

Visit Official Site: sloganseller

What if you could just type one symbol… and make hundreds, even thousands of dollars every month? Slogan Seller shows you the inside knowledge and tools you need to break into this industry and start earning money.


Paid Survey: Can I really get paid for taking a survey online? Will I make money? Do I get paid in cash? What about free paid surveys?How do you get paid for giving your opinion in an online survey? To start with you’ll need to understand that “getting paid” for a survey can be money / cash but you can also take surveys to build up points towards a prize or perhaps get entered into a cash or prize drawing.

What about a Paid Survey Membership Sites? Are they worth joining? Good question, in previous reviews of Paid Survey Membership Sites I noted that one of the greatest benefits of a membership site was their database of survey companies.

Tip #1 – Sign-up with at least 25 survey companies. Not all of the surveys will be interesting to you but by regeristing with them all you will be able to pick and choose the surveys you like. Since your goal is to get paid to take surveys, you might as well take surveys that you’ll enjoy.

Tip#2 – Use a free “auto fill” program such as Google’s Autofill or Roboform to speed up the entry of your personal information such as name, address, phone #, etc.

What You Can and Should Expect from a Paid Survey Site

There are probably at least 1000 paid survey sites or directories competing for your money. We of course recommend sticking with the reviewed recommendations we provide here. What you can expect from the paid survey websites listed here, and what you should look for if you decide to go elsewhere for the information, is the following:

  • No questions asked refunds on your purchase if you’re dissatisfied.
  • Multiple daily offers to participate in paid surveys at a rate of $10 to $30 each.
  • Paid surveys from well-known companies like Target, Sprint, and other brand names.
    How Paid Surveys work

You get paid to give your opinion. We are consumers of major companies and how we spend our dollars, matters to our economy. These companies want to pay you to find out what you think of their products. It’s that easy.

Let’s face it with the way things are lately it has become even impossible to get an extra job to pay that extra bill.

The last thing you want to do is to fall behind on your bills right? Especially if you have a mortgage to take care of it is important to get as much money as you can to make sure you stay on top of things.

But with the way the economy is it is not as easy to find a second job to take care of that additional monthly expense that you have been having trouble with. This is why a lot of people have started to take advantage of online surveys that pay money.

By taking advantage of online surveys that pay money you can easily make the extra couple hundred dollars a month to take care of the important things that you need.

Even though you cannot become a billionaire taking online surveys that pay money you can rest assure that you can make more enough to even take that extra vacation that you have been dying to take.

I’m sure you’re probably wondering why companies will pay you to take online surveys that pay money right?

Well nowadays companies are in desperate need to stay in business. And in order to stay in business their customers need to be happy with their products. So they decided to pay you the consumer to review products that you have bought and they also pay you to give your opinion about your experience with their services in the past.

This is a win-win situation for both you and the companies out there. They are able to get a better idea as to how their products are performing and you get paid for simply giving your opinion.

Making extra cash for your opinion on your spare time is a lot easier than hunting for jobs that you know are going to be tough to get.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Best 20 Ways To Make Money Online As a WOMAN 2018 (free and fast no scams)

When you think about jobs working from home, what comes to mind? Being a mom and changing diapers? Chasing kids around and doing daycare? Doing other people’s taxes or book keeping? I don’t know about you, but none of those sound like exciting prospects, nor do they sound like jobs that will make you a substantial income.

On the other hand, affiliate marketing is one of the most rewarding jobs working from home.Jobs working from home are not a pipe dream.  Many people do not believe they exist because it is not common for people to put so much effort into learning a skill such as marketing.  Since they do not understand all of the complicated steps that go into marketing, they simply give up and call it a scam.  Too bad for them, I hope they enjoy their job at Home Hardware selling toilets.

Who wants to commute every day and work a 9 – 5 job?  No one does, really, but many of us do ending up trading our valuable time for money each and every day.  One thing that people are very interested in is finding work from home jobs.  When you work from home, you no longer have to commute, fight traffic, pay for parking, spend money on gas… sound like a pipe dream?  It isn’t.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

You absolutely can find work from home jobs.  These are not jobs that are posted online that are looking to hire you.  You will become your own boss.  This requires a lot of discipline, dedication and drive.  If you do not have any of these attributes, then work from home jobs are probably not for you.

Of all of the work from home jobs that you can do, affiliate marketing is the most rewarding.  If you learn affiliate marketing from professionals, you can find success that you never imagined.  It is possible to earn very lucrative commissions every day.

Without support of people who are working towards the same goals, many people throw in the towel and walk away.  That is why over 90% of internet marketers fail.  They fall flat on their face, they give up and they never speak of what they attempted to do.  Listen up – failure is a good thing, that is how you learn.  You need to fail in order to succeed.  If you have not failed, then you cannot succeed.  This is the number one secret of marketing.

Are there any realistic ways to make money online?  A lot of people do not believe that there are any real opportunities, only scams.  This is because they have not received the right information, or the information that has been presented to them is only half of what they need to know in order to make money.

There are a lot of steps that you need to know in order to set yourself up for success.  The problem is finding the correct information and not being tricked into purchasing useless information.  There are so many guides that you can purchase that promise to show you ways to make money online.  The problem is that much of it is rehashed information, which you could probably find for free.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Easy First Sale System!

Allow me to explain how I teach affiliate marketing for beginners. This is best done with an example. What I will do in this article is give you a real life example of how I got one of my friends to make his first sale online. That friend was skeptical at first and had a hard time believing that it was really possible to make money with affiliate marketing. I’ll tell you what I told him:

Forget the big picture for now. Forget crazy sums of money like $1000 per day or those flashy houses and sports cars you see on those website scams. Just concentrate on making your first online sale. If you can make just $1 online then there is nothing stopping you scaling that up into any sum of money you like. Affiliate marketing for beginners should always start this way! So let’s get to it. How did I help my friend make his fist sale?

1. I chose a market and a product. I knew that a certain type of computer game copy software was selling well so I decided to go with that. You can look for products and sales stats over at the ClickBank market place.

My Earnings


2. I chose a good keyword for him to use. When people search the internet they search certain words. To make money online you need to get into the mind of the person searching. I asked myself: “What would a person looking for game copy software type into Google?”

I used the free Google keyword tool to check which related words were being searched. The keyword I decided to use was “Xbox game copy software.” I could see there wasn’t too much competition and many people were searching for that so it looked good.

3. I had my friend write a short article outlining the benefits of buying this kind of software and at the bottom he added a link to the software via a domain he had bought for $1.25 (a.info domain). He used the keyword in the title, once in the opening, once in the conclusion and a few times in the body of the article.

4. He submitted the article to EzineArticles and waited.

It took a few days for the article to be published but it immediately started getting traffic once it was out there on the net. Within 5 hours of the article being published he had his first sale of $22. Over the next 3 weeks the article made 3 more sales. So $88 for 20 minuets work dripped in over the next few weeks.

That friend who made his first online sale from that article is now a fulltime internet marketer. He has progressed from that first ‘affiliate marketing for beginners’ lesson and has built a business! He never has to travel to work, he has fired his boss, he has no money worries and he has time to spend with his family. There is nothing stopping you doing exactly the same thing but you need to take a small amount of action now. Plant the seed and watch it grow into a mighty oak.

Affiliate marketing in its simplest terms is where you an as affiliate for a XZY Company, refer someone to their business or website and when that person makes a purchase, you earn a referral commission.

Build a Website –  A website is the foundation of your business and what will ultimately lead to a successful venture.

Affiliate Programs Are the Best Source Of Online Income. You Want to Make Profits Online? You Have to Join Affiliate Programs Today!

Affiliate programs can be a very powerful source of income for your website. We’ll show you the best programs to make you the most money.

Top 20 Affiliate Networks For 2018

1- AffiBank Affiliate Programs – Register Free

There is a $10 bonus just for signing up as an affiliate.AffiBank is a comprehensive and categorized affiliate programs marketplace. Most of the offers pay affiliates a whopping 75% commissions on sales.You don’t even need to have a website and we provide you with all you need to succeed!


Visit Official Site: AffiBank

1- Online Affiliate World – Register Free

Join Online Affiliate World, a fast-growing community of publishers backed by dedicated support, to make affiliate marketing easy.The OAW team has more than a decade’s worth of affiliate marketing expertise. When you join, you benefit directly from this.

Online Affiliate World

Visit Official Site: Online Affiliate World

Online Affiliate World is a online affiliate programs resource with an attractive selection of affiliate deals. Learn to make money promoting online poker, casino …Check out our top paying affiliate programs find your favorite one to start promoting it & earn revenue. Lots of crazy and high paying deals available!

✅2- Affiliate Partners Ltd – #1 Financial Affiliate Programs – Register Free

Refer new affiliates to the network and receive a commission.Our network is exclusively based on CPA. We consider this type of payment option to be the most fair solution for all parties involved. Due to our cooperation, we can offer above-average high commissions.

Affiliate Partners

Visit Official Site: Affiliate Partners

✅3-⭐Joinhiving NEW (Register a FREE account)

Visit Official Site: Joinhiving

Register a FREE account.Test free new products at home.Try out gift products at home and get paid.Enjoy fun lotteries, raffles, competitions and quizzes.Invite friends to participate in paid online surveys.

✅4- Sell Health (Easy Money from Health Products?) Register Free

SellHealth is a great place to start making money in the health industry, especially if you’re looking for sexual health and anti-aging products that are proven to sell.

Sell Health

Visit Official Site: Sell Health

You would expect physical products to pay very little commissions, but the truth is most of the products payout between 30% – 50% per sale. This is because markets like sexual health and weight loss are highly competitive and vendors are dying to get you on board as an affiliate.

✅5- Rakuten Marketing LinkShare – Register Free

For six years in a row, Rakuten has been voted as the #1 affiliate network by mThink. That’s quite a feat, considering the incredible amount of affiliate networks out there.

Rakuten Marketing LinkShare

Visit Official Site: Rakuten Marketing LinkShare

If you’re an affiliate marketer who’s based outside the US, you’ll find this especially useful. Rakuten functions in over 200 countries, and affiliates who live in any of those countries can receive payments easily, in one of 25 different currencies.

6- Elena’s Models – Register Free

Elena’s Models dating affiliate program is a great way to enhance your website with photos of beautiful women, and earn cash when people register from your referral and buy memberships. Get massive 25% payout PLUS 5% second-tier commissions on sales of your second-tier affiliates.

Elena's Models

Visit Official Site: Elena’s Models

Not only you receive payout for all users who register through your links but also a lifetime second-tier commissions for each affiliate you referred. In other words, if the user X came to our site following your link, and decided to become our partner, then you will get 5% payment on all sales X generates.

✅7- Shareasale (Reliable Monthly Payments) Register Free

ShareASale is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks currently running.ShareASale has a reputation online and offline as a respectable company, and both merchants and affiliates sing its praises.


Visit Official Site: Shareasale

Signing up for ShareASale is a simple, five-step process that can be done in a matter of minutes. ShareASale has made sure that signing up isn’t complicated for new publishers.

8- Veden – Register Free

Veden produces the most complete organic plant-based wholefoods on the planet.Just complete our Affiliate Application Form. Once completed, you will have immediate access to your Affiliate Dashboard and can start sharing & earning commissions.


Visit Official Site: Veden

You’re paid 15% commission the first time a customer visits to make a purchase, PLUS for any subsequent tracked purchases that a customer makes you get paid 10% commission. With an average order size over $110, you will develop true residual income.

9- Resellers Panel (2-tier Affiliate Program) Register Free

At ResellersPanel, you will find several ways to make money. Our cPanel and Free Reseller Hosting Program solutions allow you to sell web hosting services, such as cloud web hosting accounts, semi-dedicated servers, dedicated servers and Virtual Private Servers. Additionally, you can also use our 2-tier affiliate program to add even more profits to your reseller comission.

Resellers Panel

Visit Official Site: Resellers Panel

By only referring new resellers and customers to any of our two web hosting schemes: the FREE program and the cPanel program, you can earn a 10% lifetime commission on all the sales and renewals following afterwards.

10- Block Therapy (Earn an Income Promoting Inspired Education and Healing) Register Free

You receive a 15% commission on any online Block Therapy program you sell using your personalized affiliate link.With any direct sales from that person, you receive a 5% commission on their sales. The Infinity System is designed for any future additional purchases from your referral to be credited to you.

Block Therapy

Visit Official Site: Block Therapy

Accelerate your income through our infinity affiliate system. You get paid on all future purchases from your referrals when they purchase more courses.Deanna Hansen is a Certified Athletic Therapist and founder of Fluid Isometrics™ and Block Therapy™, a bodywork practice that is meditation, exercise and therapy all in one.

✅11- Clickbank (ClickBank was founded in 1998) Register Free

Clickbank at the moment has over 100,000 affiliates, the world over.Since their inception over 12-13 years ago, they have paid as much as $1.7 billion as commission to their members in affiliate network globally.


Visit Official Site: Clickbank

In fact, in certain cases, you can earn as much as 75% commission with Clickbank.ClickBank covers a widespread network of products.This ensures that every kind of customer and target audience get to connect with the right product mix.Not just that, there are many other features as well that make ClickBank unique.

✅12- Amazon (Amazon Associates) Register Free

Of course, we all know a thing or two about Amazon. Where else can you buy drones, pet supplies and brand name clothing, as well as earn a paycheck?A Variety of Products to Promote. Affiliates can choose between 1.6 million products currently for sale on the site, with more being added to every category daily.


Visit Official Site: Amazon

Many Options for Links and Display Ads. Customization is key with Amazon. You’ll be able to choose how ads are displayed, whether you want contextual links, banner ads or even interactive widgets.

✅13 – Avangate (See the Avangate Products)

The global eCommerce platform that maximizes your sales of software, SaaS and digital solutions.Your digital goods business worldwide in one easy to use eCommerce platform.


Visit Official Site: Avangate

Over 4,000 leading businesses trust Avangate to sell their software worldwide.Avangate will be the #1 commerce (eCommerce + billing + distribution) provider in the world for the software and online services markets.

✅14- Commission Junction (Register Free)

CJ Affilate is one of the oldest and biggest affiliate networks. All of their offers are CPA, meaning that publishers get paid only when users convert into either a lead, subscriber, sale, or some other action beyond a mere impression or click.

Commission Junction

Visit Official Site: Commission Junction

The Commission Junction Web site is fairly easy to navigate, payments are reliable, and help is available if you need it. Most advertisers in the network offer a variety of ad types such as display ads (various size image ads), text link ads, and more.

15- Regal Assets (FREE Gold Investor Kit Here)

Regal Assets also has a interesting 2-Tier-Affiliate-Programm. Their Regal Assets Affiliate 2 tier system puts you in the position to acquire re-sellers who do the sales job for you.Regal Assets is a truly lucrative affiliate program, most of the hard working affiliates get rich!

FREE Gold Investor Kit

Visit Official Site: Regal Assets sign up here (it’s free and you can make good money!)Today Regal Assets is the best Gold IRA company in the USA, number 20 on the famous list ‘INC 500’.

16- Thriving Child Summit – Register Free

When you sign up as an affiliate to help promote the Thriving Child Summit, you will be assigned a unique AFFILIATE LINK. When someone signs up for the summit by following your AFFILIATE LINK, you are recorded as the referrer for that contact and you will receive a 40% commission on any purchases that contact makes.

Thriving Child Summit

Visit Official Site: Thriving Child Summit

The Thriving Child Summit uses a 2-tier affiliate program. That means that as an affiliate, you can receive a 10% compensation for any sales made by a contact that was referred by another affiliate if that affiliate became an affiliate by following your AFFILIATE LINK. It is not as complicated as it sounds!

17- WPEngine affiliate program – Register Free

Web hosting is one of the highest paying industries that an affiliate marketer can be involved in.The WPEngine affiliate program is very simple; affiliates get paid for every customer they refer. WPEngine leverages the popular affiliate network, Shareasale, to track, maintain, and pay affiliates and ensure they always receive the correct commission.


Visit Official Site: WPEngine

How much does WPEngine pay? Affiliates will get paid based on what they promote and how many people they refer. Since this is a 2-tier affiliate program, you can make a lot more than normal referral programs.

✅18- Market Health (Health and Beauty Affiliate Programs) Register Free

Working direct with Market Health will ensure you the highest payouts. No middleman means more money to you! All our offers are exclusive with the guaranteed top payout on the offer.For over 10 years Market Health has been the industry leader in the performance based Health and Beauty space.

Market Health

Visit Official Site: Market Health

The money doesn’t stop once you had made a sale. At Market Health affiliates earn recurring income on remarketing to customers via newsletters and coupon offers.Choose from over 100 great offers selling the best in health.

19- AvaPartner (Forex Affiliate Program) Register Free

Become a partner and start earning money for every trader you refer! AvaPartner is the affiliate program for the binary and forex options of AvaFX, a very popular online forex trading platform.


Visit Official Site: AvaPartner

AvPartner is an award winning affiliate program offered by AvaFx and is popular for its high CPA rates. The company has managed to tap on to the huge Forex market, which has over $3000 billion in daily circulation.

20- Gambling Affiliation – Register Free

Gambling Affiliation is the first independent affiliate platform dedicated to the gaming industry.Gambling Affiliation is a network of over 35000 affiliates dedicated exclusively to the iGaming industry.

Gambling Affiliation

Visit Official Site: Gambling Affiliation

Gambling Affiliation provides to affiliates over 250 iGaming affiliate campaigns for sports betting, poker, casino, horse racing and more.

21- Betsson Group Affiliates – Register Free

As part of our affiliate program, you have access to the best tools in the industry designed to help you drive more traffic.

Betsson Group Affiliates

Visit Official Site: Betsson Group Affiliates

Betsson Group Affiliates – Internet’s Best Bet Treat your visitors to the rest-easy wagering of Betsson’s casino group, backed by a publicly traded parent company and over 40 years of gaming experience; and reward yourself with a generous commission ranging between 30% and 50% each and every month.

✅ 22- ClickSure – Register Free

ClickSure is one of the largest online affiliate networks that actively supports over 460,000 affiliates, 29,000 advertisers and over 1,000 vendors.While most vendors will compensate affiliates between 5% to 90% for a conversion, some vendors do offer flat rate commission payments that can range from a multitude of different values such as $50, $100, $250, $500 and so on.


Visit Official Site: ClickSure

Utilizing the ClickSure marketplace is an effective and supple way to earn money online from home. Supporting one of the largest web-based marketing networks, ClickSure is used by hundreds of thousands of marketers, vendors and consumers alike.

23- SFI Affiliate Program – Register Free

Start FREE, no obligation, and no purchase requirements ever.Can start earning money within hours.Thousands of SFI affiliates around the world earn commissions every day.

SFI Affiliate Program

Visit Official Site: SFI Affiliate Program

SFI-powered TripleClicks is one of the fastest growing and most popular e-commerce sites on the Web today. With over 10,000 products from around the world, 24-hour auctions, great online games, and more, TripleClicks has something for everyone–and that makes online selling both lucrative and fun!

24- SiteSell – Register Free

Every day there are people in your audience who want to become solopreneurs. They’re just not sure where to start. Refer them to Solo Build It! (SBI!) and SBI! for WP and earn generous commissions for your efforts.


Visit Official Site: SiteSell

Join the Affiliate Program. Simply recommend Solo Build It!. Refer friends and visitors through a special “yours-only” link. When they purchase, we handle everything else, all the order-processing and fulfillment and pay you a generous commission.Help others achieve business success and self-fulfillment. And earn income doing it.

25- Grand Capital – Register Free

If you have a blog, a website, a forum or a community in any social media network, then you can benefit from GC web partnership program! It is a first-level partnership, which means that you do not need extensive market knowledge to enroll.

Grand Capital

Visit Official Site: Grand Capital

You can profit by attracting not only clients, but also sub-partners. If a user, attracted by you, will become a GC partner, you will also receive a certain percentage from his/her profit.

26- Gambling Wages – Register Free

Ready to join the fastest growing casino affiliate program in the industry?Gwages – The Best Casino Affiliate Program you can join. Start with 40% Revenue Share.

Gambling Wages

Visit Official Site: Gambling Wages

Affiliates get a choice of revenue share plans including the classic plan, CPA, 25% of initial deposits, 15% of monthly deposits and a sub affiliate commission of 5%.

Good Luck – You Have to Fight for Freedom.

Can Affiliate Marketing Companies Make You Rich?

You may have heard of affiliate marketing companies, but what are they?  These are companies that have products or services that they want to advertise, but instead of spending the money to advertise them, they allow affiliates to do the promotion work for them.  In turn, the affiliate marketing companies pay the affiliates a commission and they end up saving a lot of money in advertising dollars.

If you have ever wondered about getting involved in affiliate marketing, there has never been a better time than now.  Of course, you need to have a good solid knowledge base in order to be successful, but it is basically 75% effort and 25% knowledge.  Anyone can do this and succeed if they are willing to put the effort into it.

You can expect one thing when working as a marketer for affiliate marketing companies.  Failure.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Every affiliate marketer experiences failure.  It is what you do when you run into failure that makes or breaks you.  If you decide to walk away, then you are like 98% of people who have also tried and failed.  However; if you are of that 2% that decides to actually give it a go and earn a living by promoting products through affiliate marketing companies, then you will end up being successful and learning from those failures.

Simply put, you cannot learn until you fail and move on.  Failure is a big part of success in affiliate marketing, although many people do not understand what it means.  Failure is what shows you what NOT to do the next time, how to tweak your web sites, campaigns, and articles in order to get traffic and make sales.  If you do not fail at some point, then you do not learn or grow.  It sounds insane, but it is the honest truth.

International Money Transfer Services

Top 10 CHEAP İnternational Money Transfer – Best İnternational Money Transfer Companies

In today’s world, transferring money to other countries is a fairly common practice. Thanks to Internet banking, an international money transfer is no longer a complicated transaction but on the contrary, it can be processed quickly and easily. If you have never before transferred money abroad, however, there are a few things you should know about.

Best international money transfer services

✅ Skrill (Bank transfer: Free) Show details

Skrill is a safe, convenient e-commerce and money transfer service. Like PayPal and Circle, Skrill’s platform is designed to be easy to understand by people new to money transfers and digital wallets.


Visit Official Site: Skrill

Intuitive system. Skrill is a simple platform that’s easy for people new to money transfers.Services many countries. Though it’s not available in all countries, Skrill offers its transfers worldwide.

✅ TransferGo (Lightning fast! 30 minutes) Show details

Save up to 90% on international low-cost money transfers. No hidden fees or conditions.Your time is precious – our NOW delivery option is the fastest on the market.


Visit Official Site: TransferGo

TransferGo is an international cheap money transfer company for migrant workers who want to send money back to their families without paying excessive bank fees.

✅ Cash Maal (Cash-Maal Your Own Virtual Bank) Show details

Instant Unlimited FREE Fund Transfer with Safe And Secure.For Receive And Send Payment For FREE worldwide you can get FREE API for your business website.Cash Maal is SSL secure. SSL supported wih HTTPS.

Cash Maal

Visit Official Site: Cash Maal 

Now you can deposit fund , Withdraw fund, And Fund tranfer FREE world wide.Send money transfers to any Cash-Maal user for free – Store funds in your own virtual Bank securely – Deposit money from one method to pay from another.

✅ TransferWise (Over 3 million customers) Show details

TransferWise transparently displays its fee upfront and deducts it before conversion. No nasty surprises. TransferWise then uses the mid-market rate, independently provided by Reuters without any markup.


Visit Official Site: TransferWise

You could save up to 8x compared to a bank when you send money, get paid in other currencies, or spend abroad on the TransferWise debit Mastercard.

✅ Azimo (Your first transfer is fee-free) Show details

An international payment service that is faster, more flexible and easier to use than your bank, all at a fraction of the cost.Send to 195+ countries and 60+ currencies.Most transfers go through in less than 24 hours.
Instant cash delivery to over 50 countries.


Visit Official Site: Azimo

Azimo is so exciting because unlike its peers, it allows cash pickup in some countries, and not only bank-to-bank transfers. Another exciting thing with Azimo is the ability to sign up quickly via Facebook login, and then being able to transfer up to £889 every 30 days without providing any further documentation (there’s even a Facebook app!).

✅ Ecopayz Show details

Creating an account for EcoPayz is an extremely straightforward and quick process that only requires that you input a few personal details such as your email, name and address.


Visit Official Site: Ecopayz

EcoPayz can be utilized for the majority of legal gambling websites throughout the world.There is an extensive number of legal and regulated online sportsbooks, casinos, and poker rooms that accept EcoPayz.

✅ FairFX (Get 3.5% cashback) Show details

An 11-year track record you can trust.Transferring money abroad? Online, or by phone, FairFX is the smart, safe choice to take your money further.


Visit Official Site: FairFX

FairFX is a specialized, UK-based money transfer and currency exchange provider that offers three main services — currency cards, international payments, and travel cash.

✅ Xendpay (No compulsory fees) Show details

Transfers received same day when possible.Secure – a member of SWIFT, we are authorised by the FCA.Only the best for your money – low cost without compromise.


Visit Official Site: Xendpay

Whether paying your suppliers, invoices and employees abroad, or importing and exporting, make your business money go further and work harder with Xendpay Business.

✅ Payoneer (Secure & Low Cost) Show details

Whether you are a business owner, professional or freelancer, Payoneer offers you multiple ways to get paid by international clients and global marketplaces.


Visit Official Site: Payoneer

Withdraw funds to your local bank or at ATMs worldwide.Are you a social magnet? Earn some money by telling your friends about Payoneer.

✅ MoneyGram Show details

MoneyGram makes it easy to send money internationally online or in person; for cash pick-up or direct to a bank. Enjoy great international exchange rates and low fees so more of your money goes to your loved ones overseas.


Visit Official Site: MoneyGram

MoneyGram is the world’s second-largest money transfer provider after Western Union. It lets you send money online, by mobile and in person between the U.S. and more than 200 countries and territories, with over 350,000 agent locations and kiosks.

✅ Ria Money Transfer Show details

Need to send money to family, friends and loved ones on the other side of the globe?Send money transfers internationally to 350,000 locations in 149 countries.

Ria Money Transfer

Visit Official Site: Ria Money Transfer

To send an international money transfer online, all you need is an internet connection. From there, it’s simple. Just decide if you’d like to send money as an ACH transfer – using your bank account – or if you’d prefer to send with your debit or credit card.


Money Transfer

Many people send money abroad to relatives or friends who need a bit of quick cash. Likewise, money transfers may be sent as a gift or as part of a business transaction. When done properly and through a reputable financial institution, a money transfer is exactly what is proposes to be. It is a transaction that sends actual funds from one bank account to another.

International money transfers are not free. Before you send one, you need to know that you will have to pay exchange and bank fees, especially if you send in a currency and the receiver gets it in another one. The overseas bank processing the order may also charge a fee for receiving foreign currency. Moreover, you should be up to date with the exchange rate before you decide to convert your currency. You might also want to consider exchange rate fluctuations. This depends on the country you are sending money to. The exchange rate could possibly devalue the amount of your money transfer.

Sending an international money transfer may seem like an easy process, but in fact it is a bit more complicated than what it seems. That is why it is best to get the advice of a reputable specialist who is very knowledgeable in international currency transfers before you make the transaction.By getting advice from specialists, you will be able to make the best decisions about whether or not sending international money transfer and if this option is the best for you and your intended recipient. Make sure you use a reputable source, since you will also be able to find out if the timing favors your own currency or if you should wait and make the transfer at a later time. The key to the best money transfer is a lot of online research. Thus, you will easily be able to get the help you need to make a smooth and secure international money transfers.

International Money Transfer Services For Studies Abroad

International money transfer services are banking developments that can be found useful in a variety of situations. One of these is related to parents sending their children abroad for studies. In this situation, they have to make use of the money transfer system at an international level, so that their children can receive the amounts that they need in order to support themselves and to pay their school taxes. Many parents work hard for this event to happen in their children’s lives and they want to make sure that everything is perfect in a situation as such. Therefore, the issue of the money is not one to matter very much, as this is the way through which the children will mature.

Sending your children to study abroad can have a lot of effects on them. The first and most important thing is that they will have access to a new educational system, probably a better one than the one in your country. This experience will add value to their future resumes and will impress the prospective employers they will meet along the way. The education and the experience in practice that is gained from studying abroad is incomparable, for the children and for the people working with them in the future. Second, your children will learn how to handle money and how to act responsibly, especially since they will live in a dorm room and they will not have their parents to take care of them and to make all the necessary expenses for proper living conditions. These are just some of the things that will be developed in your children along the way.

Through the usage of the international money transfer services, you can be a part of the process in which your children will learn how to properly handle money. You can try many variants in this case. You can send them periodical amounts of money or you can send money at request. The second variant is not recommended as you may end up being asked for more money in a pace that you cannot keep or do not want to keep. The first variant is the one you should opt for. You can send your children money every month, for example, through the usage of the international money transfer service, with which they will have to pay for all their expenses in a month.

International Money Transfer Services

Tips And Tricks Regarding International Money Transfer

Sometimes, working in your own country does not pay very well. Even if it is extremely hard to leave your family behind, to let your children alone and to move out of your own home, you have to do some sacrifices in order to survive. Due to the crisis, many people leave their countries with hopes of a better life, so you are not alone in this situation. In case you want to send some money home to those you love, you will need to use international money transfer services. These might cost you some extra money, but this is the price you have to pay in order to send money over the borders. Of course, like in any situation there are some tips and tricks that may help you either save or at least exceed these occasions easier.

The main thing you need to do is to get accustomed to send money more rarely. Even if you know your family needs it, you will notice that each small sum of money that you send in your country has a big commission. Do not throw money on taxes. Better send them rarely and send more significant amounts that are subjects of smaller taxes. Sending money daily or very often is not a very good idea because you will practically lose a lot of the money you earn so hard. Another important thing is to send money immediately after the paycheck. Even if it is the same with sending them any other day, you will feel better to send them right away because you will be aware of the importance of the quantity and you will not pay that much attention at taxes.

If you will send money in the last days before receiving your salary, you will calculate the commission again and again and you will only worry because of the money spent on taxes. It is better to relax and to be proud of the fact that you are helping your family rather than be stressed about it. Announce the one picking the money to go after them immediately after the transaction is performed. Many banks have more taxes if they have to keep the money received through international money transfer for some time. This is why you should advise your family to take the money as soon as they are available.

international money transfer services

Transferring Money Between Banks Takes Forever

Technology is an fantastic thing, is not it? Just really imagine of all the specifics we can do These days that we couldn’t do ten several years ago… or even just 5 plenty of years ago! With all of this wonderful innovation, why in the planet does it consider various days to substitute spending plan in between bank accounts? On the web savings reports make it feasible to bring in enormous accounts than most of your normal banks, but it will come at a Charge – waiting anywhere from a couple of to seven industry days to down load the cash When you transfer it from 1 consideration to another.

Debit Charge cards created it probable to withdraw fee at the touch of a button (or a list of buttons, anyway) – and on the internet consideration Administration systems allowed us to look at these withdrawals and other transactions in real-time. This facilitates make it even far extra mind boggling that a transfer involving 1 distinct accounts and an added can think about times to complete.

When you transfer funds between your on the World-wide-web consideration and your offline consideration (or even a numerous Net bank reports kept with a different institution), the cash is not transferring the budget “online” the way you would expect. The transfers Action in a series of ways which are slowed lower in spend money on to reduce the chance of fraud. Have you actually witnessed your resources “pending” in your account, but unavailable for withdrawal? it can be simply because all transfers for a financial Firm are carried out in batches in the course of the day, to an automated clearinghouse. This automated clearinghouse varieties them out and moves them to the getting loan organization in in between 2 and four several hours of staying received. The obtaining loan provider turns into the transfer within the same day, most of the time! If you are moving cash early on a Tuesday morning, you ought to have it accessible on the market by Wednesday afternoon. If you’ve actually transferred funds involving economic institution consideration You’ll know this is rarely, if ever, the case!

The on the net banking market has a “three-day great cash model” policy; in which transfers will commonly acquire between a couple of and four days. The finance institutions want to be particular the income is remarkably there and on the promote prior it lets the receiver use the payment – this is why they do not make the Budget available immediately.

It takes even longer After you are creating a deposit to just one of your accounts. Some banks, for scenario Loan company of the usa Charges a $3 price After you want to exchange money from your BOA accounts to yet another loan company – Even Although you can log into your on the internet bank, like ING, and transfer the cash into the attention from monetary organization of America for free. But, Thinking about that ING has to wait till the money clears to know that It actually is great or not, it will preserve that deposit for 5 business days Prior they make it available up (but you will begin to obtain rate from the day time the transfer requires place.)

Transferring funds from Paypal to your standard loan company can take five to 7 company days, on average. it can be a long time to wait in a entire world exactly where we are used to anything at all happening instantly!

Here are some Guidance for transferring earnings concerning a lone financing company and another:

  • Do funds transfers initial thing in the day time as they tend to get processed faster.
  • If your on the internet records supplies check-writing, create your self a payment to deposit into your accounts of choice – it will clear quicker than an on the Net money transfer.
  • Open a next accounts at the very same fund Organization – transfers occurring inside the pretty very same conventional financial institution will practically often take place the exact same day time they are initiated simply because there is no require for a diverse financial institution to wait and verify out the funds are fine prior processing.
  • Consider moving to Europe -their transfers are tremendously faster! Or just wait, since the systems and processes for transferring difficult money are At the moment being redeveloped in the US (What? far much more waiting?!)

What Do You Think?

Top 10 Virtual and PBX Phone System Review 2018 (Try for free today)

Top 10 Virtual Phone Systems

  • eVoice Review.
  • Tossable Digits Review.
  • VirtualPBX Review.
  • Talkroute Review.
  • CallHippo Review.
  • eFax Review.
  • FreedomVoice Review.
  • MyFax Review.
  • Nextiva Review.
  • Phone.com Review.
  • Ringcentral Review.
  • RapidFax Review.

eVoice Review (30 day free trial)

eVoice is a voicemail management service powered by j2 Global which offers cutting-edge cloud based virtual office solutions eVoice give small businesses flexibility to deal with business communications from anywhere.

Products Offered

eVoice offers a variety of plans ranging from a single user to a growing small business, 4 different plans in all. The Professional plan is $12.99 per month offering 300 monthly minutes, 2 extensions, and 6 numbers. Next is Small Business Plan 1 which is $29.99 per month, with 1000 monthly minutes, 5 extensions, and 15 numbers. The next tier Business Plan is $49.99 per month, with 2000 monthly minutes, 10 extensions, and 30 numbers. Finally we have the largest Business Plan at $79.99 per month, including 4000 monthly minutes, 15 extensions, and 45 numbers. If you are not sure if this service would be right for you there is a 30 day free trial you can sign up for with no further commitment to test the waters.

Additional Features

These plans offer a everything a small business would need to cover its phone communications. You are given the option to use a preexisting business number or a newly generated one. In addition to the above features there are more features are included in your monthly subscription. These will range from account management, to call blocking, call forwarding, voice mail, to music while someone is on hold. There is also the addition of a mobile app which makes it seamless to use with any iOS or Android based phone.

Along with these regular features there are a number of premium features that can be purchased later at an additional cost. These features are business texting, call recording, international numbers, a live receptionist, outbound faxing, a premium transcription services, vanity phone numbers and web/video conferencing.

eVoice Review

Top 10 Virtual Phone Systems


eVoice offers a very reasonable service for anyone who is in a small business looking for better communications. The key word here is small business. With the largest base subscription offering 45 numbers this company is not targeting any of the big boys. They know the market they want to be in and are sticking to it, which shows they understand business.

Where there are issues for this reviewer is mostly in the marketing, but most companies are guilty of this. They offer you a long list of included services which looks appealing until you actually read it. Most of these services are either repeated in different ways or offer no extra value to regular service. Overall they do have a good product and marketing strategy to offer small business people and should be considered for any communications need.

Tossable Digits Review (Unlimited Virtual Phone Numbers)

No Contracts! Use our Virtual Numbers for 2 minutes or 10 years. Cancel anytime, no questions asked.Add one or more Virtual Numbers to any phone. Use them for anything: sales, ad tracking, work, real estate.Find Virtual Numbers locally or in 60+ other countries. Receive calls on any phone in almost every country.

Tossable Digits Review

Top 10 Virtual Phone Systems

Tossable Digits is easy to use, priced about right and gives me the ability to create new numbers on demand as needed.

VirtualPBX Review (Basic $12.99)

VirtualPBX business telephone service won’t bog you down with contracts or widgets. It will boost your business with the latest in Unified Communications technology and HD Voice.You choose the plan, number of users, and payment options that work best for your business.

VirtualPBX Review

Top 10 Virtual Phone Systems

Virtual PBX’s call handling rules include the ability to block a call, route calls to system administrator, route them to an extension, send them to an ACD Queue, or send them to a voicemail box.Virtual PBX stores your voicemails online, and you can opt to receive an alert or the message itself through your email whenever you receive a voicemail.

Talkroute Review (100% free to try)

Manage, Route, & Answer Your Business Calls. Run your business using your cell phones and landlines!Talkroute helps 1000’s of businesses communicate with their customers every day!You may pick a new Local and/or Toll Free number, or transfer an existing business number to Talkroute. You may add, remove and transfer numbers at any time.

Talkroute Review

Top 10 Virtual Phone Systems

Talkroute’s Call Forwarding & Routing lets you route calls to wherever your business takes you. This flexibility lets you truly make your business mobile – allowing you to take business calls anywhere: home, office or on the road.

CallHippo Review (Request A Free Demo)

Get Your Local Number Instantly. Make Calls to 190+ Countries.
No Desk Phone Required.Give your customers the best support by analysing each call through call recordings.Filter the total number of calls made by a particular call rep and figure out employee efficiency.

CallHippo Review

Top 10 Virtual Phone Systems

With CallHippo’s interactive interface, you can monitor your calls precisely. From the “Activity Feed” section, you can find all your call logs with details like Department, Caller Name, Client Number, Call Status, Date and Time, Total Call Duration, and Total Call Cost.

eFax Review (start faxing now)


efax is an online faxing service that first appeared in 1997. eFax has gone through many different stages and re-hauls in its time, but is now finalised and used by over 10 million people worldwide.

eFax is a faxing service that runs through a user’s web browser or email account. eFax allows users to send and receive faxes without the need for a fax machine. eFax is aimed at providing a modern version of the ever popular, but somewhat dated faxing system. eFax provides users with a toll free fax number. Faxes sent to the number go directly to the users email address and efax account, rather than a traditional fax machine. eFax allows the costs of faxing to be cut down considerably, as there is no need to buy a fax machine or spend money on paper and ink.


eFax offer the sending of faxes directly from email, and also have apps for android andiphone, meaning users can send and receive faxes from anywhere and at any time. Because eFax operates through the internet there are no phone bills or extra faxing charges. There are no busy tones to be contended with and faxing is as simple as typing up a message, entering the recipients number and clicking send. eFax offers services to both personal and corporate customers, with the same low price for both sectors. There is also a free 30 day trial giving users ample time to test out the product. Keep in mind however that if you don’t cancel your trial after 31 days, you’ll be moved onto a paid account and automatic billing will commence.

Business Packages

eFax offers larger packages for corporations with over 1,000 employees. These packages include a higher volume of inclusive faxes and allow multiple numbers, email addresses and names to be assigned to one account. This means eFax will expand with small businesses and immediately capacitate for large corporations. This fills a huge gap in the market as a whole team can use the service at the same time without pushing up costs.

eFax Review

Top 10 Virtual Phone Systems


With the mobile app users can effectively send and receive faxes at any time, whether in the office or on the go. Not only does the service provide a cheaper, more manageable alternative to traditional faxing; but it also has more features than the traditional method. efax also have 24/7 support meaning if there is ever a problem you can have it looked at, and potentially fixed within the hour. The service is easy to use and caters for both individuals and large corporations. With a mobile app, competitive pricing and a whole host of great features we are rating eFax at an incredible.

FreedomVoice Review (30 day free trial)

FreedomVoice is a virtualized phone service provider founded in 1996. Freedom voice grants users 800 extension numbers, meaning it can increase the professional appearance of a business’s phone number.


FreedomVoice uses a large virtual phone network that connects to the users VoIP. Whenever a user has a call FreedomVoice will direct the caller to the right person quicklyusing well-presented, pre-recorded phone menus. As freedomVoice is virtualised and toll free it can massively cut down costs for a business; no longer does a business have to capacitatefor expensive phone systems or spend hours building and recording menus. FreedomVoicerequires nothing but the users internet connection and a simpleVoiP phone, meaning the overall set up costs are very small. Users can choose either a local number, or a toll free number, the number is included in the package and is highly customisable. The system provided by FreedomVoice includes; auto attendant, call forwarding, voicemail, multiple menus, and many more highly sought after features. The system allows virtual extensions and directories to be builtjust like the user has a large physical phone system in the office. FreedomVoice also includes an online faxing service; enabling faxes to be sent and received through the internet, without the need for a fax machine. This can further cut down the running costs of a business, and increase the response times that customers receive.

The company also have sister products such as FreedomIQ, FaxFreedom, and AdTrakker. FreedomVoice offers its customers fully tailored suites that are built around the customer’sneeds; this is the first service we have seen that openly provides this.


FreedomVoice offers 3 main packages for their users; Freedomstart, Freedomedge, and Freedomsuite. Freedomstart is the cheapest and smallest package, but it still includes an unlimited amount of voicemail boxes.Freedomstart comes bundled with 300 inclusive minutes per month. FreedomEdge includes 1000 minutes, and calls that are made outside the 1000 per month quota are slightly cheaper. Freedomsuit is the largest package offered by FreedomVoice, this is mainly aimed at corporations; with 2500 inclusive minutes, and even cheaper out of quota calling. All packages include a free internet faxing service, call screening, toll free number, auto attendant and a business voicemail service. All packages also benefit from a 30 day free trial, but bear in mind that if you try the service and don’t want to keep it, you need to cancel before 31 days. FreedomVoice also offer voicemail transcription and call recording, but these services arrive with a hefty premium.

FreedomVoice Review

Top 10 Virtual Phone Systems


With extensive features, a great user interface, faxing abilities and competitive pricing, we’re rating freedomVoice at an exceptional 4 out of 5 stars. We just wish FreedomVoice would cater to small businesses as well as it does corporations.

MyFax Review (30 day free trial)

MyFax is an online faxing service that allows users to send faxes over the internet and email, without the need for a fax machine. The service runs from a web browser, and has a simple to use interface. The smallest price package allows for  100 faxes to be sent, and 120 faxes to be received in any given month. The service operates can also be incorporated into Microsoft outlook. MyFax offers a local or toll free number for sending & receiving faxes, and because it works over the internet there are no phone bills to pay or waiting times to endure.


The system allowsfor users to work with multiple faxes at once; increasingtime efficiency and productivity. Because there is no need for a fax machine, MyFax will save you money on both upfront costs and paper/ink costs. Faxes are simply delivered to the users email account, and can be replied to like any other email. If the recipient uses a fax machine, the message will be received by the machine as normal. Myfax offers a free 30 day trial which is especially beneficial if you’re not decided on buying the product.

MyFax’s support lines are open 24/7; essential for early birds and late workers. If there is a problem with sending a fax you’re safe in the knowledge that MyFax are ready to fix the issue immediately.

MyFax also enables users to assign up to five different email addresses, meaning a whole team can use Myfax at once for the same cost. Myfax has thankfully included a mobile app that allows the service to be used on the go. This is essential for the millions of traveling business owners. Unfortunately though Myfax only offer apps for iPhone and Blackberry, meaning android and windows mobile users miss out considerably.

The service allows users to save files to their account, meaning you don’t have to re-upload the same document more than once. Myfax also allows users to pick the desired paper size, which is especially beneficial if you need to send a formal letter. Myfax also allows the sending of photos or cover pages for your faxes. The system recognises most formats of text document too.


Myfax has plans for both individual and corporate customers. The only difference in plans is price and quantity of faxes included, all of the features are included in all of the plans.All plans allowthe user toexceed their fax quota, but each fax will cost extra and the price adds up quickly.

MyFax Review

Top 10 Virtual Phone Systems


MyFax Setup is free and the user interface is simple to use. The services offered are of course typical of most online faxing providers, but then again the system works better than most we’ve seen.There is also the benefit of a mobile app and 24/7 support, pricing is also excellent. If MyFax’s features were more abundant and also available on android it would be a different story, but in the meantime we arerating MyFax at a respectable 3 out of 5 stars.


Nextiva is a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) communications business founded in 2006 by Tomas Gorny. Based in the United States, Nextiva specialise in internet communications and were rated “number 1 VoIP business provider” in 2008. Nextiva offer multiple products including those catered specifically for faxing and mobile devices. The aim of Nextiva is to provide effective and professional communication solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Products Offered

Nextiva Office

It is communications service with NextOS Compatibility. Nextiva office comes in two formats: office pro, and enterprise. Both variations of the service offer full support and step by step guidance to help install the solution. Nextiva have included support for installing many different VoIP devices, including those manufactured by the likes of; Cisco, Polycom, and Panasonic; this means that business don’t have to shed out extra money on buying hardware to suit the Nextiva system. The system adds professional and essential touches to a business’s phone system, such as; Recorded greetings, Music on hold, and call recording. The features of Nextiva office are abundant and of high quality, they should provide an effective solution to a business’s phone and faxing needs. All packages offer unlimited calling and faxing for the fixed monthly fee, which is a nice touch. We are however a little disappointed to find that the mobile app and call recording is only available with the enterprise packages.

Nextiva Cloud Call Centre

It is a professionalcall centre hosting service, with enterprise leading features and utilisation of large cloud networks. Nextiva’s hosted call centres offer many benefits to a business, including large financial advantages and access to the latest technologies. On top of providing professionallyhosted call centres; the service also includes web based clients and supervisor tools. With the utilisation of worldwide cloud connections, a large system is in place to ensure that your services are never disrupted. Cloud call centre offers a huge step forward in managing calls, adding a huge work force to your business for little cost.

Nextiva Connect

It is a personal service designed to improve professionalism of an individual’s call management. The service offers a toll free number that the individual can select themselves, and an auto attendant for connecting and managing calls when the individual is unavailable. Calls can also be re-routed to up to 5 different phones, resulting in a much quicker connection for the customer. The service allows an unlimited number of extensions, meaning you can build up your automated menu to get customers to the right place as quickly as possible. The service runs from a single mobile phone, meaning there is no need to buy extra hardware. Nextiva connect ensures that the lead communications manager can work professionally and logistically, wherever he or she may be.

Nextiva also offer services such as vFax; a tool designed to automate faxing, bringing the age old service up to modern standards.

Nextiva Review

Top 10 Virtual Phone Systems


With packages for businesses of all sizes, competitive pricing and such a professional backdrop, Nextiva office is one of the largest contenders in the VoIP communications industry. The product works seamlessly and runs independently, with little input required. With very heavy focus on customer support, a clean user interface, support for non nextiva hardware, and with the use of NextOS, nextiva’s office service is second to none. The product offers a full solution to business communication needs. We would like to see more features becoming available for smaller businesses and tighter budgets though, as even small business owners would like to manage their VoIP service by mobile and have access to a hosted call centre. In terms of features, usability and pricing; we’re giving Nextiva office cloud call centre and vFax, a whopping.

Phone.com Review (Custom Phone Numbers)

Phone.com provides a high quality business VoIP service. They offer simple plans, and more than 40 tools to users. They are an excellent choice for businesses that deal with individuals and other businesses outside of the United States. Currently, they offer two plans. The smallest plan comes with a limited number of minutes, while the larger plan comes with an unlimited number of minutes. They have been able to set themselves apart from the rest of the industry by providing free calls to a variety of different countries including Canada, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, Italy, France, and Puerto Rico. A large majority of VoIP service providers only allow international calls to Canada.


Phone.com has been able to set themselves apart from the competition by ensuring that they offer a wide range of different features that most competitors are not able to match. All of their plans come with unlimited extensions, and mobile office extensions, allowing users to connect to the VoIP system stray from their mobile device. They offer voicemail to text translation, inbound and outbound faxing, call recording, caller analytics, and international virtual numbers. They also offer true unlimited minutes and unlimited user capabilities. If you are looking for a trusted name in the industry, Phone.com is certainly one of the best available.

Phone.com also makes a number of premium features available as well. These features include caller analytics, allowing you to obtain information regarding your colors. It offers voicemail transcription, communicator that allows you to convert your computer and a communication device, hold music, call recording, and global numbers.


The pricing on Phone.com services is pretty straightforward. Their smallest plan, known as the “Shared Minutes” plan, provides 300 minutes, one phone number, and is available for $14.99 per month. The unlimited plan offers unlimited users, one phone number, and is available for $24.99 per month. The Unlimited+Shared plan is available for $24.99 per month per user. It offers shared minutes, unlimited users, and one phone number. The pricing is in line with the expectations of other offers in the industry, and they continue to offer an excellent service to businesses in need.

The company also makes additional minutes available. You can purchase 700 minutes per month for $27.30 per month. They also offer larger plans, such as their 10,000 minute plan, which cost $310 per month. These plans are excellent for larger businesses that have needs larger than those of the standard plans that the company offers.

Phone.com Review

Top 10 Virtual Phone Systems


Many consider Phone.com to be a more “mainstream” option than some of the other available options. While this may be true, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration in order to ensure that you receive a high quality solution that will meet the needs of your business. Phone.com is a bit more expensive than some of the competition, but you are paying for a trusted brand. They also make a wide number of additional features available at a great price. If you are looking for high quality PDX services, Phone.com is undoubtedly one of the best brands currently available in the marketplace.

Ringcentral Review (Free trial)

Ringcentral goes above and beyond what you might expect from your traditional VoIP provider. They have a sophisticated and easy-to-use web-based interface for small businesses. The web-based system is able to simplify the entire process of signing up, receiving and sending calls, and paying your bill. As a hosted VoIP platform, they are able to deliver a list of features that actually rivals that of on premises PBX systems. Ringcentral has been able to deliver a highly complex service without having to charge an arm and a leg in the process.


Currently Ringcentral offers multiple different pricing levels for individuals and businesses. For businesses that are going to have somewhere between two and 19 users, the total cost is only $29.99 per month per user. However, you can receive a great deal when you sign up for plans with more than 100 users, with prices as low as $19.99 per month per user. They allow users to connect with both incoming and outgoing phones, and allow businesses to set up phones and route calls to mobile phones and other receiving devices.

Ease of Use

One of the main problems with many VoIP services is the fact they are just simply not all that easy to use. However, Ringcentral has been able to put together a service that is quite easy to use through their web interface. The phone number is delivered after subscribing by email. Businesses are then able to transfer an existing phone number, or request their own toll-free phone number. Then, you can login directly and create extensions, assign call groups, outline the rules for a call queue, and automatic routing solutions. They are truly an excellent and easy-to-use option for any small business. The interface is slick. The controls are very responsive. The service is compatible with a wide range of different IP phones.


The list of features offered by Ringcentral is almost endless, particularly if you sign up for the Professional plan. The company offers a virtual receptionist, the ability to play music when on hold, message alerts, updated presence information a directory for your company, and a variety of other trees that the user can go down. These features are available for both web-based users, and on premises users. The company also offers a web-based fax service, for industries in which faxing is a consistent unnecessary need.

Additionally, the company also offers a call forwarding feature for mobile devices. There are two different types of call forwarding. You can set it to try a different phone if the first phone does not answer, or simply forwarded to a voicemail.

Ringcentral Review

Top 10 Virtual Phone Systems


For small businesses, there is no better option than Ringcentral. They continually innovate, and have risen to the top of their industry by providing a better service than most competitors are able to. The huge range of different features that they offer for reasonable prices has made them a popular option for online and off-line businesses alike. If you are looking for a cheap VoIP option with a lot of features, look no farther than Ringcentral. We’ve given RingCentral a 5 out of 5 stars and our #1 ranking.

RapidFax Review (30-day free fax trial period)

RapidFax is an online faxing service enabling users to send faxes through the internet and email, without the need for a fax machine. RapidFax allows customers to use both local, and toll free numbers. The faxes may be digital, but they are printedby the recipients machine just like a standard message would be. Rapidfax can save users a lot of money by providing the benefits of faxing without the cost of a fax machine, or the consumables required to run it(ink and paper.) The service includes an unlimited amount of storage for faxes, this isn’t particularly revolutionary as a typical fax consists of just 8KB (Kilobytes) of data, which is less than 300 times the size of an MP3 music file, but it is definitely worth mentioning.


The service allows users to send and receive multiple faxes at once in a great attempt to increase productivity. Rapidfax is accessed through a simple web client; just log into your account with a web browser and you can get faxing straight away.We’re particularly disappointed to not see a desktop or mobile application available, but the simplicity and ease of use of the website somewhat makes up for this downfall. However it is poorly presented. Rapidfax also supports the sending of images and rich text files, which is excellent if you need to send schematics or add an impact to your message.

Rapidfaxincorporatesseamless integration with Microsoft outlook, which is good to see as Microsoft outlook is one of the most popular email clients in the world. Because Rapidfax runs through the internet, there is no chance of receiving a busy signal and having to wait to send your fax, the system does it all for you. You will receive a simple confirmation of a successful or failed fax via email.

The support offered by Rapidfax is adequate, but somewhat lacking. There is a 9-5 phone line, email supportand an FAQ on Rapidfax’s website; that’s definitely better than nothing, but if for example it’s 8PM and you can’t send a fax then you’re going to have to wait. Rapidfax offer a free 30 day trial, there are no setup costs and you can send or receive 300 faxes with the inclusive price.

RapidFax Review

Top 10 Virtual Phone Systems


Rapidfax offers a simple solution to faxing without a fax machine, it does its job well, but is lacking many features, and customer support is below standard.we would like to see Rapidfaxincorporate a desktop program at the absolute least, a mobile app would be even better. The website works effectively but needs an overhaul.The lack of applications and the presentation are huge downfalls; to be honest Rapidfax do not seem to be invested in this product. Rapidfax will enable you to send faxes over the internet, but it comes at a premium, and lacks many important features. We are rating Rapidfax at a rather disappointing 2 out 5 stars.

Do Comprehensive SEO Audit of the Entire Website – SEMrush Review

SEMrush is a service for competitors research that displays highly equipped, rich and updated search results for any domain’s competitors, keywords, backlinks, organic search positions, paid advertising, video advertising, product listing advertising and much more.

SEMRush Review

With SEMrush tool you can analyze your organic search competitor’s positions in Google, discover your competitor’s search ranking secrets, get long tail keyword ideas from huge lists of keywords database, drive backlinks from your competitor’s backlink providers and rank down your competitors for your industry level keywords with search engine marketing strategies.

Try SEMrush for free!

Best SEO Tools

A Strategic Formula of Building Powerful Online Marketing with SEMrush

Staring with your online marketing plan is not an easy task exactly the way you think can’t be an ultimate solution for you online business. The era of Guesswork is over…today people rush for powerful and brilliant systems for online marketing that make sure 100% guarantee of success.

No matter what you industry is you will find a Lot of competitors in your market though the ratio may vary based on competitive density for specific industry. Suppose, the competition level of Internet Marketing is too complex and higher than the competition level of health, foods, nutrition, fashion, style etc.

Every market has competitor otherwise a market cannot grow up and everyday millions of businesses grow up also fall down in a standard comparison.

So you have to get a tool that can provide you a complete analytics report for your competitors and help you understand how your competitors are ranking higher in Google organic search results pages, how to steal their ranking factors and rank them down for your industry level search keywords.

SEMrush is the perfect Search Engine Marketing and Competitor Analytics tool that can provide you all the essential marketing tools to build up a powerful marketing campaign for your online business.

With SEMrush you can break down your competitors organic search ranking positions for any keyword and drive unlimited potential traffic to your website or blog.


Here’s what you get with SEMrush Analytics Tool

  • Get a complete idea of your website domain organic search positions in Google
  • Learn how your competitors are growing for common keywords
  • Which keywords drive them most traffic and to specific landing page
  • Steal long tail keywords from your competitor’s keywords data
  • Drive unlimited backlinks from your competitor’s backlink referrer domains
  • Get Ad Copies report for your advertising competitors
  • Create Projects for your own websites

+tons of other search engine marketing services.

Try SEMrush for free!

Best SEO Tools

Focus on Long Tail Kewords

In “Organic Search Positions” report you have more than 137K of organic search keywords that drive most traffic to Moz.com. Here I will go for very potential long tail keywords that of course cover following objectives

  • Keyword Length: We know a long tail keyword consists of 3 to 4 words even more than that. So you will pick up those keywords that contain at least 3 words as a long tail keyword.
  • Less KD: Keyword Density must be less than 70 that can ensure your probability of getting better ranking for the target keyword in Google organic search results. Remember the lesser Keyword Density the higher ranking probability.
  • Search Volume: The target keyword must have 1000+ search volume in last 12 months records
  • Results: Also focus on search results volume, the larger search results mean higher competition and comparatively smaller search results mean lower competition.

Filter Long Tail Keywords

With filter tool you can discover more word matching phrases. It’s a handy tool that any user and perform custom word search

To filter specific keyword simply click on “Filter” button

From the left first option is default as “Include” and no need to bring any change here

In second dropdown lists choose “Keyword” and then choose “Word matching”

Now enter your niche specific keyword say “seo audit” and press “Enter” button on your keypad or click “Apply”

You will be represented all the available keywords including phrase “seo audit”

You can make this custom search more personalized by choosing other options from second dropdown lists except Keyword like Keyword type, Category, Pos., Volume, Traffic %, Costs %, CPC etc.

Also you can choose other filtering options from third dropdown lists except Word matching like Exactly matching, Begins width, Ends with etc.

Try SEMrush for free!

Best SEO Tools

Crash Competitor’s Backlink Data

Till now we have learned how to find out long tail keyword ideas from our competitor’s organic search keywords positions using both phrase match keyword and related keyword searches. We also learned how to optimize content for organic search engine ranking for any given keyword in our niche.

Now we will crash our competitor’s backlink data and find out very potential anchor texts that meet our website or blog’s content so that we can drive backlink from the domain referrer our competitor gets backlink.

To analyze competitor’s backlink data first of all choose “Backlinks” under “Backlinks” section (on left navigation panel) and type “Moz.com” as our competitor URL then hit “Search”

You can see that Moz.com gets 122K+ backlinks from number of top pages around the web. Taking a glimpse of backlinks nature you see almost 75% links are follow links and 99% links type is text link. So here you have great potentiality of gaining follow links if you can curate content like Moz.com and grab backlink provider’s attention.

semrush trial

Scroll down the page a little and you will see a gigantic list of backlink providers who point to Moz.com for referring users to specific page using anchor texts. Now we will analyze backlink analytics data.

  • Page Score: In the data table you see first column begins with number of page scores. Here page score stands for importance of web page in a 100-point scale (from 0 to 100) and is based on the quality and volume of links pointing to this page. This also means the higher the score the higher the quality of the page. Page Score is calculated in the same way as Google’s PageRank
  • Anchor Text: Text used in clickable link to direct visitors to a specific page.
  • External Links: The number of links pointing out the other websites from a source page
  • Internal Links: The number of links pointing out the pages within the same website
  • Type: Backlinks type

So from this widest link data we will pick up targeted source URLs based on their clickable anchor texts indeed we will select those anchor texts matching our niche.

Tips on how to select anchor texts to reach your targeted link providers:

  • Anchor Texts Suitability: You will go through specific anchor texts that match your website content and the backlink provider may consider giving you link as well.
  • Target URL Prominence: Your second most focus would be measuring target URL’s content quality, page authority, users satisfaction rate, blog comments and overall organic search positions in Google.

Remember you will only request for backlink to a referrer domain when you think your article can exceed your competitor’s article in many cases such as

  • Content Quality
  • Page Authority
  • Users Satisfaction Rate
  • Blog Comments
  • Social Shares
  • Google Organic Search Positions etc.

Once your blog post can satisfy above things you can easily grab attention to your competitor’s backlink providers and they will love to link back to your pages for your target keyword.

Try SEMrush for free!

Best SEO Tools

Filter Backlinks Data to Get Specific Results

With advanced backlinks filter option you can search for very specific backlink source that you’re interested to build links as well.

To use filter option simply click on “Filter” button and do following

From the left you don’t need to bring any change in first option as we’re going to search backlinks not excluding any data, so this will remain as default “Include”

From second dropdown lists choose

  • Anchor: If you want to search for anchor texts
  • Referring Domain: If you want to search for referring domain only
  • IP Address: Select this if you want to search for IP addresses of referring domains

From third dropdown lists choose “Exactly matching” to get results that match your search term

Finally click “Apply” or press “Enter” from your computer keypad.

Competitor’s Advertising Research

In this part I will go through paid traffic that Moz.com receives by paid advertising campaign with Google Adwords. Remember Moz.com gets paid traffic through text advertising displayed in Google search results pages and they don’t run display advertising campaign such Google Adsense ads. [Report from SEMrush]

So here we will analyze paid search traffic that Moz.com receives from various paid search terms in Google SERPs.

To analyze competitor’s paid traffic click on “Advertising Research” and type Moz.com as our competitor

From the following data I see Moz.com has 4.2K keywords, 9K traffic and $33K traffic cost under Advertising Research. So this 9K traffic comes from paid advertising campaign from over 4K search terms.

Let’s analyze the paid search positions report

  • Ad: The ad sample displayed for the given keyword
  • Keyword: The keyword driving users to the website from Google’s paid search results
  • Pos: The position of the domain in paid search for the given keyword at the specified period. The number in brackets shows the previous positions.
  • Block: The place on the SERP where the ad appeared (top, side, bottom, blocks)
  • Volume: The average number of search queries for the given keyword in the last 12 months.

The other correlations are common to you as I have discussed them earlier.

semrush blog

Understanding Paid Advertising

To understand paid advertising you can use your mouse to hover over “ad” link and you will see highlighted text advertising for the given keyword.

To get more reports about ad placement in Google search results pages simply click on “Block” and you will see most recent report about ad placement in Google search results for the given keyword.

Ad Copies Research

To get widest lists of entire paid advertising report by Moz.com simply click on “Ad Copies” and you will see 149 total ad copies.

Now choose any “Ad Copy” in your niche and click dropdown button to get extended idea about paid advertising campaign.

I have chosen the first Ad Copy and clicked on dropdown button

Now I see more than 600 queries work to display Moz.com text advertising on Google organic search results pages.

If you notice carefully then you will see almost all the search keywords are long tail keywords with average 1000 monthly search volume and very good CPC value. The interest of search queries is also good. So you can use these keywords in your lists to work on long tail SEO and drive highly potential traffic to your site.

For future search marketing purposes it’s recommended that you export this data in Excel or CSV format.

Try SEMrush for free!

Best SEO Tools

Product Listing Advertising Research

Product listing advertising is an actionable way to grab potential customer’s attention from Google search results pages and directly promote them products to buy from a trusted vendor. In this advertising competition you will mostly find the eCommerce giants like eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon and millions of other eCommerce companies.

So in SEMrush product listing advertising section we will search for an eCommece giant eBay.com and get in their analytics report about paid search traffic and traffic cost.

To get started click on “PLA Research” and type ebay.com in search box then click “Search”

In PLA Research analytics report we see eBay.com has 1.5M keywords and 1.2M ads running with PLA advertising campaign with Google Adwords.

In Paid Search reports we see total search keywords are 1.6M and eBay.com gets 1.6M traffic from paid search results spending approximately $846K.

Scroll down the page a little you will see a widest report about 1.6M product listing ads are running through Google Adwords.

Let’s analyze the product listing ads positions

  • Ad: A sample of product listing ad displayed for a given keyword.
  • Keyword: The keyword that triggers product listing ads to appear in Google’s paid search results.
  • Pos: The position the domain’s product listing ad got in paid search with the given keyword at the specified period.
  • Volume: The average number of search volume for the given keyword in the last 12 months.
  • URL: The product listing ad’s URL pointing to a landing page on which a promoted product is presented. You can click the arrow sign to view the landing page or click the link to open the Overview Report for the URL.
  • Product Title: The title of a product listing ad that represents the name of a promoted product.
  • Price (USD): The price of a product promoted via Google Shopping
  • Trend: The interest of searchers in the given keyword during the period of 12 months. The metric is based on changes in the number of queries per month.
  • SERP: A snapshot of the search engine results page (SERP) for the given keyword.

So you have a got a rough idea about product listing ads positions in Google organic search results pages.

SEMrush Beta Versions Tools

This is very important to note every SEMrush user is that three competitor research tools

Video Advertising

Email Analytics (currently closed)

Display Advertising

Are now in beta version so you may find errors in analytics reports as still developers trying to develop these tools and these three tools are launched for testing purposes.

SEMrush Email Analytics tool is shut down due to unexpected technical difficulties, so SEMrush authority decided to close Email Analytics tool.

But still you can use other SEMrush services that are highly equipped and able to bring you updated results in your market.

Try SEMrush for free!

Best SEO Tools


SEMrush is an actionable competitor analytics tool which is currently ranked #1 search engine marketing tool by SEO gurus in the planet. SEMrush can provide highly equipped, rich and updated report about your organic search competitors in Google. SEMrush analytics database is updated on hourly basis so you can get the most recent organic search competitors report with just a simple search.


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Skrill Moneybookers account holders also get exclusive fast and safe shipping via Skrill World Post when you buy from the US provided through a partnership with Skyshop. It provides a local US tax free address, from which your purchased goods will be shipped directly to your home. EU residents receive a further $4 discount per shipment when having a Moneybookers Prepaid MasterCard®.

Transfer Money Internationally

Transfer money safely and easily with Skrill Moneybookers. With our international payment system and money transfer service, Moneybookers offers its customers an e-wallet solution to more than 30 million customers, in 12 different languages, since 2001. We provide a very competitive alternative to other usual money transfer organisations and high street banks, by focusing on a convenient low cost approach, with extremely high security. You can send and receive money to over 200 countries; whether you decide to send money back home to your family and friends, or even to small businesses! Our extended local network allows you to use more than 100 funding options, such as: bank transfers, debit cards, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express…), Poli, Sofortüberweisung, and many more!

Send money instantly to your family back home

Sending money home to loved ones and relatives couldn’t be easier. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection. There are many reasons why we need to transfer money, pay bills, support our families or simply treat someone for a birthday or other occasion. Using your Digital Wallet, it couldn’t be easier to transfer money online without any hidden costs! The money are sent instantly to your friend’s email address.

Wire money to your own bank account abroad

Are you an expat or student? Do you have several bank accounts in different countries? You can save money by using Moneybookers services to send money to your savings account, pay a mortgage, or your other bills in your home country. Our service works with every single bank account in the 200 countries we serve, which couldn’t be easier!

Transfer money to your friends or request money from them

Send and receive money using Moneybookers, abroad or in the same country. All you need to know is the email of the recipient. For example; one of your friends borrowed £20 from you at a party last weekend and they owe you £20. If you have their email address you can request them to transfer the £20, no matter where they are in the world!

Cross-currency transfers

If you’re tired of expensive currency exchange fees, or that your recipient doesn’t have a bank account in Pounds, don’t worry, Moneybookers will offer you a helping hand! We offer you an extremely low currency conversion – one of the lowest on the market! Wire money in your preferred currency and let the recipient receive it in his domestic currency. Wire transfer money in your preferred currency and let the receiver pick them in his domestic currency.

Countries we serve

Moneybookers enables you to make fast money transfers internationally. In order to do this you need to have a credit card to fund your account or transfer money from bank account/swift. Once you’ve funded your account with us, the desired amount is instantly send online.

Moneybookers enables you to make fast money transfers internationally. In order to do this you need to have a credit card to fund your account or transfer money from bank account/swift. Once you’ve funded your account with us, the desired amount is instantly send online. Your recipient will receive the money you send him/her in the local currency and can withdraw the funds to either a local bank account, a Visa card or get a cheque. Moneybookers is based in the UK and offers express money transfer services from and to over 200 countries worldwide.

These countries include: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, Uruguay, and Vietnam.

  • Deposit Money
  • The Skrill Digital Wallet
  • Protection whenever you want to send,
  • spend or receive money online.
  • Get your Digital Wallet today
  • Why pay any other way online?

Your free Skrill Digital Wallet remembers everything for you, so your bank and payment card information are always protected. Every time you pay is simple & secure because you don’t have to keep entering or sharing your financial details.

Trusted globally Skrill Moneybookers is one of Europe’s largest online payments systems and among the world’s leading Digital Wallet providers with over 30 million satisfied account holders and 135,000 merchants.


Rebuild your credit score

Having a poor or bad credit score is never a good thing, or even bankrupt for that matter. But there is light at the end of the tunnel if you want to help rebuild it! By applying for a Skrill Moneybookers Digital Wallet and Pre-Paid MastrCard® and using it correctly, it can help restore financial confidence and improve you credit score.

Moneybookers MasterCard® and Travel

When travelling abroad, Moneybookers MasterCard® is the ideal solution and alternative to carrying your holiday money with you. You can get cash at thousands of ATM’s in over 180 countries worldwide and use it at thousands of retailers who accept MasterCard®.

Wherever you see the MasterCard® symbol, you can typically use your card, so there is no need to carry loads of cash around with you, and if the card is stolen or lost, just a quick phone call will sort things out for you.

Just transfer your holiday money to your eWallet account before you go away, and you have peace of mind that your money is safe and secure, and available to you almost everywhere you go.

You can apply totally for free to get your Moneybookers eWallet account and Moneybookers MasterCard®

Click Here to apply for free.

Apply Now For Your Free Digital Wallet and your Moneybookers MasterCard®

The Moneybookers MasterCard® works just like a conventional Credit or Debit card, the only difference, is that you load it up with funds from existing bank accounts or credit cards, or move cash from another website merchants account, and you’re ready to go, and the beauty about it is that you can only spend what’s in your account, you cannot go overdrawn!

Applying could not be simpler!

1/. Apply now online FREE by just fiilling in a simple form with your details

2/. Top up your Digital Wallet account from whatever source you wish

3/. Apply for your Moneybookers Prepaid MasterCard®

4/. Use it on or off-line wherever you see the MasterCard® symbol

Easy! So why not Apply NOW!

Rebuild Your Financial Status

Most of us from time to time have been in financial turmoil!  Bills get paid late or forgotten, credit card bills get the better of us or even to the stage of bankruptcy  All of these situations can have a detrimental effect on our credit history. It can take month’s and even years to get back what we had before, but applying for a free Skrill Moneybookers Digital Wallet account and Moneybookers MasterCard® is a step in the right direction.

Are we to forego credit for the rest of our lives? Never be trusted by the Big Banks ever again? No is the simplest answer. Having a Moneybookers Digital Wallet account and Moneybookers MasterCard® and using it correctly by staying in credit and using your card to pay bills and make purchases, will help you get back on the road to financial recovery and restore your good name to the Big Banks. The problem is, the Big Banks do not supply prepaid cards! This is where Skrill Moneybookers comes in.

Regardless of your financial situation, you can apply for a free Skrill Moneybookers Wallet account and Moneybookers MasterCard®, and start that long haul back to financial happiness. It is totally free to apply and most of the services are free to use, however some services are chargeable at a small fee.

apply now for free

Why not join today? It’s FREE!

Top 7 eCommerce Websites

Top 9 eCommerce Websites – Top Online Store Builders

If you’re struggling to take your website retail business to the next level or if you’re trying to start out as a new online entrepreneur, there is ONE vital thing that you need to succeed.

The ONE thing that is required to drive your online retail web site is an effective ecommerce website builder. Without the best shopping cart technology driving your online checkout system, you’ll soon see customers leaving your site faster then they came in.

Looking for an ecommerce website builder can be intimidating and confusing, just know that it doesn’t have to be! How do you know what’s truly the best shopping cart available?

Shopping cart hosting is basically a service that provides the servers to store and host your website. Different providers will offer various levels of support and design tools. It can range from the very basic to the more advanced. It all depends on the company and the amount that you’re paying for the monthly service.

Top 9 eCommerce Websites

✅1-Shopify (FREE 14 DAYS Start Trial)  Completely risk free. No credit card required


Visit Official Site: Shopify

FREE 14 DAYS Start Trial Shopify offers many template designs/structures for you to take advantage of, so you don’t have to hire anyone to help you with the store. You can literally build, style, and launch your online store all on your own.Shopify offers contemporary, sophisticated designs – over a hundred of them(!) – so you are sure to find something that suits your style and the personality of your e-commerce store.Completely risk free. No credit card required.

✅2-Wpengine (Get 2 months free)


Visit Official Site: Wpengine

FREE 60 DAYS Start Trial: If you’re planning to launch a new store on the web, WordPress is a fantastic choice. Now more than a decade old, WordPress has grown and matured as a platform—it now powers 26 percent of the web.WordPress’ ease of use, long-term viability, and fantastic plugins make it an excellent platform for launching an ecommerce venture that can grow and scale with your business.Download our free ebook, Ecommerce On WordPress: A Getting Started Guide, now and learn what you need to get started with an ecommerce site on WordPress.

✅3-Cloudcart (FREE 14 DAYS Start Trial)


Visit Official Site: Cloudcart 

FREE 14 DAYS Start Trial The Cloudcart dashboard is a beginner’s dream, with tabs on the left hand side for items like orders, products, customers, discounts and reports. An impressive app store boosts your ability to scale up, and you receive some quick stats about your sales, orders and stock, right from the primary dashboard page.

✅4-1ShoppingCart (You can try it Free for 4 weeks, with no risk, and see for yourself.)


Visit Official Site: 1ShoppingCart

1ShoppingCart is an eCommerce software that helps businesses create online stores that can handle memberships, subscriptions or recurring billing.Stores created using 1ShoppingCart are optimized for mobile devices, enabling you to reach out to existing clients or potential customers who rely heavily on their smartphones or tablets.

✅5-Highwire (All plans are month-to-month with no long term commitments or contracts.)


Visit Official Site: Highwire

You’ll be amazed how easy it is to set up a store and start selling online.Highwire includes premium cloud hosting at no extra cost. You don’t have to worry about servers, software, databases, or security.

✅6-Site123 (By far the easiest free website builder)


Visit Official Site: Site123

Create a website using ready-made styles and layouts. No design or coding skills required. Just enter your content and 1, 2, 3 – it’s up and running!It is a perfect solution for a private or a corporate Internet user, offering tools that would spare you of any prior design and coding experience and let you handle it without hiring a professional.

✅7-SiteSell – (Free Trial)


Visit Official Site: SiteSell

SiteSell is a company that claims that their “proprietary” system called Site Build It (now called Solo Build It!) will help anyone, even a person with no technical knowledge, build a thriving, income-generating, “life-changing” website if you follow their step-by-step instructional Action Guide.

✅8- 3dCart – Shopping Cart Software


Visit Official Site: 3dCart

Build your online store with 3dcart, the best eCommerce software for SEO. Try it 100% free, with our 15 day no risk trial, and start selling online today.

9- Sellfy – Best Ecommerce Platform Free Trial


Visit Official Site: Sellfy

Open your store for free and start selling within minutes. Sellfy handles everything from your product hosting, payments to secure checkout and content delivery to end customers.Join thousands of people who already earn a living selling their digital products.

Options To Consider With Any Ecommerce Website Builder Service

1. Price – Most ecommerce website builder services offer multiple monthly price plans that are geared toward all levels of businesses. Everyone from the smallest home-based business to major retailers can find an option that fits their business model, budget and sales volume.

Each plan will offer a certain amount of storage space, number of products you can offer for sale, bandwidth (that’s how much data which can be transferred on a monthly basis between your website and all of your visitors) and advanced selling and marketing tools. These tools usually consist of items such as the ability to offer discount coupon codes, gift certificates, email promotions, etc. Options like this sometimes are only offered on more expensive plans.

Ecommerce Website Builder

Be sure to start out with only what you think you will need when shopping for an ecommerce website builder. You can always upgrade later if need be. No sense paying more for service options you may not need when you’re first starting out.

2. Support – It doesn’t matter how experienced you may be with creating websites. If something is new to you then there will be a learning curve involved. This is especially important for new online business owners and web masters. You’ll inevitably have questions on how to configure components such as shipping rates or how to setup sales tax for different locations and similar.

Having a good support staff that’s ready and able to answer your questions is vital. Technical support for issues that may be to advanced for your non-techie mind will become a life-line in the event you have website problems that have the potential to impact your bottom line due to an outage or accidental deletion of your product database. Offering the best shopping cart service starts with having the best support team. We have you covered there.

3. Design Features – You may have the best products to offer or the most creative site design in your head, but how do you translate that into an actual website? There are usually three ways to approach website design.

First, you can build everything from scratch using programming knowledge and Photoshop for graphic editing. But that’s probably not where you’re at.

Secondly, you can find a ecommerce website builder that does all of the design for you. That may sound good initially, but as you start the process of building your site you’ll soon wish you had some control over the customization of your pages and the way they look.

Finally, the best option is to combine the two options above. A good ecommerce website builder will offer many ready to use design templates and features, while also providing you with the ability to edit programming code to customize your site the way you want to. Programming may be something you learn to do later on or you may just feel more comfortable hiring a programmer as the need arises. Either way, if you want to really personalize your site, you’ll want the option to manually edit the language coding. We really are the best shopping cart service around.

The above tips should give you some good info about what to look for when considering an ecommerce website builder. Finding the best shopping cart provider is going to be different for everybody based on needs and budget concerns. But knowing these important considerations will help you to ask the right questions.

Also try to find providers that offer a free trial so you can demo their product, get an idea of what their support service is like and to get familiar with what can very well become your most important link to your online success.

eCommerce Websites

When looking for the best shopping cart for your online business, price is only one factor to consider.  Look for ecommerce website builders that provide robust support channels and an active forum.  Forums are very helpful because they are filled with experts and regular users all sharing information and helping one another out.   When forum support isn’t answering your questions, knowing you have a dedicated technical support staff to hold your hand when needed is comforting.  You don’t think about how valuable this is until your site crashes and you’re losing money every minute that passes by.

Another thing to look for in an ecommerce website builder are the options that they offer at the various monthly price points.  Some attract you with a low base monthly hosting rate, but then you quickly realize if you want any useful features, like the ability to offer your customers discount codes, they make you upgrade to more expensive plans.The best services will offer most selling tools at all price plans and only charge more based on the number of products you sell or the bandwidth that you use.  This isn’t really a problem because businesses just starting out won’t receive a lot of traffic or have a large product offering right away.

For a paid ecommerce website builder we highly recommend the 1ShoppingCart hosting service. You receive great technical support, feature-rich selling tools and reasonable price plans. They were voted as the best ecommerce platform recently and continue to grow their market share every quarter.  Read more about Big Commerce in the posts above and take advantage of a free 15 day trial to take their service for a test drive.

Best 10 Paid Survey Sites

Do you want to make some money by taking online surveys? Awesome! Taking paid surveys is a fantastic way to make money working from home. But you need to do it the right way to avoid wasting your time on survey companies that don’t pay. There are good lists available that will provide you with the top survey companies but you need to know where to find them. Well, you’re in luck because we are going to show you where to find these lists of top paying, honest survey companies.

Top Rated Paid Survey Programs

1-Gold Opinions (Most Recommended)⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

⭐Visit Official Site: goldopinions

GoldOpinions.com is a fast and easy way to make extra money online simply by sharing your opinions.Get paid up to $5 dollars for 10–15 minute surveys.Get paid up to $30/ per hour on focus group and panels.

⭐ “GoldOpinions “ Most users make money or redeem their first reward within 24 hours! Everyone earns at their own pace, so its up to you!

Click here to start getting paid for your opinions!

One important thing to understand is that, “there’s no free lunch”. If you want to make money, you will have to spend money. That’s the basic rule and the sooner you understand the better it is.

  • ***************************************************************

2-App Coiner (Get Paid To Test Apps)⭐⭐⭐⭐

Visit Official Site: appcoiner

AppCoiner needs more members from all over the world!Getting Paid To Test Apps With AppCoiner Is As Simple As 1,2,3!The more apps you test and the more reviews you write, the more money you make!

3-Paid Surveys at Home

Visit Official Site: paid-surveys-at-home

Instant Lifetime Access to our members area contains:Over 300 Companies offering Paid Surveys at Home.FREE BONUS: “Get Paid to Drive!”FREE BONUS: “Over 300 Additional Work at Home Opportunities!”


Visit Official Site: click4surveys

You may be wondering what kind of surveys you will be taking for cash. Well, let me tell you these are very simple surveys that even a child could complete!They are only going to ask you questions about your shopping habits, what products you choose, and why you choose those kind of products.

5-Take Surveys For Cash

Visit Official Site: takesurveysforcash

Get a $50 DOLLAR BONUS when you get paid for your first survey! Most people I talk to about paid surveys have tried it before, but said they didn’t make a lot of money — around $1 to $10 per survey. It’s NOT your fault…

6-Legit Online Jobs

Visit Official Site: legitonlinejobs

Members worldwide are accepted and you can start immediately.A lot more money could be going into your bank account this year. That’s IF you take advantage of this secret system.

7-Paid Social Media Jobs

Visit Official Site: paidsocialmediajobs

Paid Social Media Jobs is a website claiming it can help you make money with social media jobs.Paid Social Media Jobs is a type of an online marketplace where you can find jobs to work as a freelancer which in other words, means part-time.

8-Legit Paid Online Surveys

Visit Official Site: legitpaidonlinesurveys

What if you could get paid up to $75 to $250 just for filling out a simple online survey, how many times would you do that a day?I know what you’re thinking, ‘Oh great, another get rich quick scheme’.

9-⭐Joinhiving NEW (Register a FREE account)

Visit Official Site: Joinhiving

Register a FREE account.Test free new products at home.Try out gift products at home and get paid.Enjoy fun lotteries, raffles, competitions and quizzes.Invite friends to participate in paid online surveys.

10-Your Survey Cash System

Visit Official Site: yoursurveycashsystem

Earn up to 120$ per Day doing paid Online Surveys.Try new products for FREE and get paid!!! Earn cash, prizes and rewards…

SuperPay — Free Paid Surveys (Join Free Today)

Visit Official Site: SuperPay (Join Free Today)

Register for a free account and start earning. We have over 700 worldwide offers available. Simply earn $1.00 and get paid via Instant PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin, Skrill or Amazon Gift Cards. Earn money Online daily working from your own home … Join Free Today

PaidViewpoint ($1 sign-up bonus)

PaidViewpoint is one of the only survey website with a $1 sign-up bonus but they also provide a decent number of surveys. You can also earn 20% of your friends’ earnings up to $25.


Visit Official Site: PaidViewpoint

Find out how to get paid for your opinion by taking surveys at PaidViewpoint. With our system, take quick surveys and get paid in cash!

SurveySavvy (Join Free Today)

Well, like most survey websites, you get paid to complete online surveys for companies and in return they pay you $1 to $2 for your time.


Visit Official Site: SurveySavvy

They have a 2 tiered referral program that helps you to earn not only earn a fee from your direct referrals (people who you’ve invited), but also from the referrals of your referrals (so from people they invited as well).

Vivatic (Sign up now and get £1 just for joining!)


Flexible freelance jobs. Get paid for taking surveys and writing articles and reviews.Sign up now and get £1 just for joining!Registration is open to people from any country. Our jobs and surveys can be completed by anyone.It’s 100% free to use.

I would also recommend these

1-Photography Jobs(Get Paid To Take Photos!)

Visit Official Site: photography-jobs

Get Paid To Take Photos!Make an extra or full-time living from your Photography!Grab your camera and start a high-paying career in photography today!

2-Online Tutoring Jobs(Earn up to $500 per month per student)

Visit Official Site: tutorjobsonline

“Get Well Paid Teaching From Home, The Beach Or Your Vacation Hideaway” Enjoy large pay checks just for sharing your knowledge with others.$8,000,000 is the amount our happy members have been paid to date.

3-Writing Jobs Online(Get Paid to Write at Home!)

Visit Official Site: writing-jobs

Get paid to write articles, blog posts, ebooks and many more!Highest-paying writing jobs — guaranteed!Making money in the comfort of your own home writing online, then this is for YOU!

4-Video Game Tester Jobs (Get Paid To Play Games!)

Visit Official Site: gamingjobsonline

If you enjoy playing video games and want to get paid to play them, then this is for YOU …Get Paid to Play or review New Games!Receive New and Unreleased Games to test or review (You can keep them or sell them later on!)


Visit Official Site: utubecash

If you want to make money with YouTube — but don’t know how, then this is for YOU…Make money from YouTube with no marketing, no filming and no website!Start making money, with no experience or any technical knowledge whatsoever, immediately!

6-Legit Writing Jobs(Writing Jobs)

Visit Official Site: legitwritingjobs

Get Paid to Write Quality Content from Home! Make Great Money from Home Writing for Large Companies!Part-Time and Full-Time job listings,Tips to improve your writing ability,Bonus training guidebooks.

7-Slogan Seller (Get Paid To Type Simple Words and Phrases)

Visit Official Site: sloganseller

What if you could just type one symbol… and make hundreds, even thousands of dollars every month? Slogan Seller shows you the inside knowledge and tools you need to break into this industry and start earning money.


You Have to Fight for Freedom.Is it easy? Nope. Is it worth it? It sure is.Now you’ve got many different options to start earning online. If you saw something that really interests you, try it out and learn more about it.

Good Luck


Set your own hours, be your own boss and take care of your home and family at the same time.

You have to be very careful that you buy a database of good research companiesThere are now over 200 sites out there claiming to have the best list of survey companies but many of them are scams. These sites collect your data only to sell them to other companies for marketing purposes. You can avoid this problem by utilizing the research we have put into finding the best survey database companies.

We have personally looked into 132 web sites and found 123 to be worthless, which means there were only 9 good, up-to-date lists of market research companies. That means that if you just picked a survey site from off the web and paid your membership fee, you would most likely have to buy from 10 different sites before you found a good list. Yikes!

I want to save you all that wasted time, money & aggravation. We have already researched these sites for you and will share our findings with you for free. Below are our top rated sites for making money from online surveys. Please note that we have only listed sites that offer full money back refunds and that have clearly stated privacy policies in place so you can buy with confidence. These companies also only charge you one time to purchase the lists of all of these great survey companies.

Paid survey sites provide you with a database of research companies that pay people to complete surveys on certain products. Why would companies pay you for your opinion you ask?

Consider this:

Companies world-wide spend BILLIONS of dollars each year on advertising. By paying consumers (such as yourself) to complete a questionnaire, the companies are increasing their knowledge of the consumer and what they expect from their product. This gives the company an advantage, as they can improve and develop their product to focus on what the consumer expects. This will ultimately lead to increased sales of their product and increased revenue.

Many of these sites promise anywhere up to $175/hour for completing a bunch of questionnaires. Unfortunately this is just another lie. It is not that easy.If this was really the case, why would these companies sell their databases for as little as $30 — $60? They should be selling their information for hundreds of dollars!

Once you hand your money over to these sites, you often find:

  • A never ending list of “survey companies” which takes hours, if not days to sort through to find the decent companies which will actually pay you for completing their studies.
  • There is no support from site operators. No assistance with how to choose good companies which actually pay.
  • Many of the listed companies are out-of-date, closed down, or only offer prizes and not monetary rewards.
  • A maze of difficult processes to obtain a refund, if can even get them to respond to your requests.
    In fact, the only people making any real money from these sites are the site operators themselves!

FACT: People CAN make money with paid survey sites.

Many people the world over ARE making money through the exact process I have just discredited above. They are not making thousands of dollars a week like most of the sites claim is possible.

The people that make some extra money from these sites all have the following in common:

  • Have patience, and do not expect to make thousands of dollars in their first month.
  • Invest some of their time and effort into making this process work for them.
  • Are aware of which survey sites DO ACTUALLY PAY YOU FOR COMPLETING SURVEYS.

By following the guidlines on this site, joining the suggested sites and investing some of your time and motivation, then you too can be well on the road to earning a bit of extra cash.

Success with Paid Survey Sites is easy!

Success is just 5 simple steps away. By following these 5 easy steps, you will soon be on the way to being very rich with paid surveys.

1. Set up an email address dedicated to your survey business. Due to the large volumes of emails you will have coming through, it makes good sense to keep this all separate from your personal emails. Yahoo is a good free email address as it allows you to store up to 1GB of information.

2. Many of the sites listed offer you free software which makes the filling out of forms much faster. Programs such as Roboform make sure you can earn maximum profit in as short amount of time as possible. Make sure you take advantage of this!

3. Register with as many companies as possible. Once you have paid to have access to the databases of survey companies, registering with as many as you can will ensure that you receive the maximum amount of paid surveys. This is where the time and patience comes in as it can be a little time consuming registering with all the companies, but remember, you only get out what you put in!

4. When registering with the survey companies, they will ask you to complete questionnaires to compile a profile. Make sure you do this in detail, the more detail you provide, the more surveys you will be eligible for.

5. You only get out what you put in. If you only spend an hour every day or so registering with companies or completing surveys, you will not earn $1000/month. Taking the time to register with all the companies will pay huge dividends in the long term, as once you are registered, these companies will continue to send you paid surveys for years to come. Patience is the key to success.

By following the 5 step plan above, you will have successfully put yourself in the best position to actually make money for giving your opinion.

How To Make Money From Videos On Youtube – How To Get Money Fast

Have you noticed that in today’s economy you always hear people talking about how to make money from videos on youtube, how to make money online, how to earn extra income from home and the list goes on…..

“Discover How To Generate A Regular Income Direct From YouTube Without Creating Any Of Your Own Videos!”



utubecash review

It just seems like lots of people are struggling to make ends meet and could really do with some extra cash. So we’re going to have a look at how to earn some extra money with YouTube..

How To Make Money From Videos On Youtube – How Do People Do It?

First, to learn how to make money from videos on Youtube, you need a system which can be automated and work while you asleep. Select the best working tools and you’ve got to have a good mentor.

If you do a quich search online or on Youtube for these you will quickly realise that most of the stuf is a complete scam!! There are THOUSANDS of videos, systems, photo-shopped pictures of people’s earnings and push button systems for sale that will make you a ‘millionaire overnight’.

Forget it, if it was that simple, everyone would be millionaires. There is so much stuff you could spend the next 10 years watching all the videos and reading all the sales letters and not make a dollar.

Click here to start making money from YouTube today!

Is It Possible To Get Money Fast?

It is possible to earn some money within a couple of weeks if you are a newbie but hold off quitting the job just yet as it takes some time to build your foundations. You don’t need to be super clever or have a decent education, you can become very successful as long as you can use the internet and write as well as 12 year old.

Just remember that learning how to make money from videos on Youtube, online or anything else is a skill and it takes a bit of time to get your head around it and then scale when you know what works. Earning 6 figures will not happen that fast.

The hardest part is getting started, so why wait. Do it now!

utubecash review

Step 1: Find Something To Promote

First of all you need to do is find something to promote.  For a newbie, it is best to start with Clickbank, Amazon or Commission Junction.  If you want money fast then take the Clickbank option as the comminssions are higher.

Step 2: Set Up Your Website

Websites are childs play to set up these days especially with WordPress because its free and super easy to use.  All you have to  sort out is the hosting account.

Step 3: Write A Review

The review itself is the ‘x-factor’ that you need to rank highly in Google which weighs on-page optimization (the words that appear on your page) very highly.  Basically the content of your website is VERY important.

Step 4: Have Some Fun

Thats really is all there is to it and for more money just ‘rinse and repeat’ for a different product review.  Depending on the keywords you are trying to be ranked for in Google depends how easy it is to get to page one.  It helps a great deal if you build links to the review post which will aid in getting it to Page 1 too. Learning how to make money from videos on Youtube is really good fun once you get going.