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Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle- Any Good?

Before we look at one of the most intelligent and effective weight loss programs in the market, burn the fat feed the muscle, I want to examine why obesity is such a big issue (pardon the pun) in our society today. I also want to look at the ways we can burn fat.

 Did you know how important your childhood is?

 A very large study, involving 17,000 people, has been conducted by the Kaiser Permanente Appraisal Clinic and the CDC which shows that any negative childhood experiences will lead to problems in adult life. These include problems in mental adjustment, social challenges, risk taking behavior, addictions, illnesses and general difficulties in fitting into society.

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But another much smaller study shows that overeating and obesity is strongly linked to being sexually abused in childhood. This study of 286 subjects showed that about 50% of the abused children were suffering from obesity.  That abuse might not be the only cause of obesity but it is a sobering thought that many children are growing yup in difficult circumstances. The fallout in later life should not be underestimated.

The challenges and difficulties of childhood

Other childhood traumas were also implicated in treating adult mental problems and the challenges of fitting into society. Those traumas that were mentioned were:-

  • Bullying
  • Sexual abuse
  • Neglect and deprivation
  • Broken homes
  • Witnessing violence
  • Separation or absence of one or both parents

Is healthy eating the answer?

It may well be true that education about nutrition in schools could go a long way to avoiding problems in later life. But to overcome those traumas, maybe some good psychotherapy is needed before recommending a diet.  Maybe people need more attention on learning how to look after themselves.

But healthy eating and nutrition awareness are keys to resolving these issues and helping people overcome with success their childhood challenges. That is why burn the fat feed the muscle is such a great program.

Can you really burn fat?

 This program is making a very bold claim here. So, let us look at the scientific data and see whether you can really burn off fat just by eating properly and doing a physical exercise program. Basically we are going to need calories from food to keep us going.

Even when a couch potato reaches out for the remote, he is using up some energy from these calories. Our metabolism determines how fast we use up all these calories as anything left over is stored as fat. It is true to say that fat is stored for emergency so that if we were to stop eating, we could use up our stores for a limited time at least.

Most people complain that their metabolism gets slower and slower as they age. But the real problem is how many calories we ingest through food and drink.  We just need to consume through exercise as many calories as we can so that fat is not stored in enormous quantities. But what we eat will also be crucial.

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What determines our metabolic rate?

This really depends on how much we weigh and also how muscular we are. It is a fact that men have less body fat than women so they tend to burn up more calories.   Our age also will determine how many calories we are able to burn and as we get older, the rate slows down inevitably.

Eat right for your body type.

You may not know who William Sheldon was but his work on body types was revolutionary and still applies to-day, even after about 80 years.  It was in the 1940s that Dr. Sheldon put forward his theory on body types (somatypes) which are basically three. We tend to be one of those types although actually we are all a mixture but usually one type is more or less predominant.

But it goes much further than that because we have to learn about basic nutrition and what foods will best suit our body type.  We have to discover what are the healthy fats, which are the starchy carbs and which are the fibrous ones and also what are the best sources for lean protein.

Burn the fat feed the muscle has all of the above and more!

This program can lead to permanent weight gain because it rejects the diet pill and fast track approach. It will take a few months but in that time, you will learn about what you should really be eating. In addition, you will start an exercise program which will help you to achieve your goals in the shortest time possible. There is also an online community to give you great support and encouragement and that is so important.

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