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Best 10 Paid Survey Sites

Do you want to make some money by taking online surveys? Awesome! Taking paid surveys is a fantastic way to make money working from home. But you need to do it the right way to avoid wasting your time on survey companies that don’t pay. There are good lists available that will provide you with the top survey companies but you need to know where to find them. Well, you’re in luck because we are going to show you where to find these lists of top paying, honest survey companies.

Top Rated Paid Survey Programs

1-Gold Opinions (Most Recommended)⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

⭐Visit Official Site: goldopinions is a fast and easy way to make extra money online simply by sharing your opinions.Get paid up to $5 dollars for 10–15 minute surveys.Get paid up to $30/ per hour on focus group and panels.

⭐ “GoldOpinions “ Most users make money or redeem their first reward within 24 hours! Everyone earns at their own pace, so its up to you!

Click here to start getting paid for your opinions!

One important thing to understand is that, “there’s no free lunch”. If you want to make money, you will have to spend money. That’s the basic rule and the sooner you understand the better it is.

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2-App Coiner (Get Paid To Test Apps)⭐⭐⭐⭐

Visit Official Site: appcoiner

AppCoiner needs more members from all over the world!Getting Paid To Test Apps With AppCoiner Is As Simple As 1,2,3!The more apps you test and the more reviews you write, the more money you make!

3-Paid Surveys at Home

Visit Official Site: paid-surveys-at-home

Instant Lifetime Access to our members area contains:Over 300 Companies offering Paid Surveys at Home.FREE BONUS: “Get Paid to Drive!”FREE BONUS: “Over 300 Additional Work at Home Opportunities!”


Visit Official Site: click4surveys

You may be wondering what kind of surveys you will be taking for cash. Well, let me tell you these are very simple surveys that even a child could complete!They are only going to ask you questions about your shopping habits, what products you choose, and why you choose those kind of products.

5-Take Surveys For Cash

Visit Official Site: takesurveysforcash

Get a $50 DOLLAR BONUS when you get paid for your first survey! Most people I talk to about paid surveys have tried it before, but said they didn’t make a lot of money — around $1 to $10 per survey. It’s NOT your fault…

6-Legit Online Jobs

Visit Official Site: legitonlinejobs

Members worldwide are accepted and you can start immediately.A lot more money could be going into your bank account this year. That’s IF you take advantage of this secret system.

7-Paid Social Media Jobs

Visit Official Site: paidsocialmediajobs

Paid Social Media Jobs is a website claiming it can help you make money with social media jobs.Paid Social Media Jobs is a type of an online marketplace where you can find jobs to work as a freelancer which in other words, means part-time.

8-Legit Paid Online Surveys

Visit Official Site: legitpaidonlinesurveys

What if you could get paid up to $75 to $250 just for filling out a simple online survey, how many times would you do that a day?I know what you’re thinking, ‘Oh great, another get rich quick scheme’.

9-⭐Joinhiving NEW (Register a FREE account)

Visit Official Site: Joinhiving

Register a FREE account.Test free new products at home.Try out gift products at home and get paid.Enjoy fun lotteries, raffles, competitions and quizzes.Invite friends to participate in paid online surveys.

10-Your Survey Cash System

Visit Official Site: yoursurveycashsystem

Earn up to 120$ per Day doing paid Online Surveys.Try new products for FREE and get paid!!! Earn cash, prizes and rewards…

SuperPay — Free Paid Surveys (Join Free Today)

Visit Official Site: SuperPay (Join Free Today)

Register for a free account and start earning. We have over 700 worldwide offers available. Simply earn $1.00 and get paid via Instant PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin, Skrill or Amazon Gift Cards. Earn money Online daily working from your own home … Join Free Today

PaidViewpoint ($1 sign-up bonus)

PaidViewpoint is one of the only survey website with a $1 sign-up bonus but they also provide a decent number of surveys. You can also earn 20% of your friends’ earnings up to $25.


Visit Official Site: PaidViewpoint

Find out how to get paid for your opinion by taking surveys at PaidViewpoint. With our system, take quick surveys and get paid in cash!

SurveySavvy (Join Free Today)

Well, like most survey websites, you get paid to complete online surveys for companies and in return they pay you $1 to $2 for your time.


Visit Official Site: SurveySavvy

They have a 2 tiered referral program that helps you to earn not only earn a fee from your direct referrals (people who you’ve invited), but also from the referrals of your referrals (so from people they invited as well).

Vivatic (Sign up now and get £1 just for joining!)


Flexible freelance jobs. Get paid for taking surveys and writing articles and reviews.Sign up now and get £1 just for joining!Registration is open to people from any country. Our jobs and surveys can be completed by anyone.It’s 100% free to use.

I would also recommend these

1-Photography Jobs(Get Paid To Take Photos!)

Visit Official Site: photography-jobs

Get Paid To Take Photos!Make an extra or full-time living from your Photography!Grab your camera and start a high-paying career in photography today!

2-Online Tutoring Jobs(Earn up to $500 per month per student)

Visit Official Site: tutorjobsonline

“Get Well Paid Teaching From Home, The Beach Or Your Vacation Hideaway” Enjoy large pay checks just for sharing your knowledge with others.$8,000,000 is the amount our happy members have been paid to date.

3-Writing Jobs Online(Get Paid to Write at Home!)

Visit Official Site: writing-jobs

Get paid to write articles, blog posts, ebooks and many more!Highest-paying writing jobs — guaranteed!Making money in the comfort of your own home writing online, then this is for YOU!

4-Video Game Tester Jobs (Get Paid To Play Games!)

Visit Official Site: gamingjobsonline

If you enjoy playing video games and want to get paid to play them, then this is for YOU …Get Paid to Play or review New Games!Receive New and Unreleased Games to test or review (You can keep them or sell them later on!)


Visit Official Site: utubecash

If you want to make money with YouTube — but don’t know how, then this is for YOU…Make money from YouTube with no marketing, no filming and no website!Start making money, with no experience or any technical knowledge whatsoever, immediately!

6-Legit Writing Jobs(Writing Jobs)

Visit Official Site: legitwritingjobs

Get Paid to Write Quality Content from Home! Make Great Money from Home Writing for Large Companies!Part-Time and Full-Time job listings,Tips to improve your writing ability,Bonus training guidebooks.

7-Slogan Seller (Get Paid To Type Simple Words and Phrases)

Visit Official Site: sloganseller

What if you could just type one symbol… and make hundreds, even thousands of dollars every month? Slogan Seller shows you the inside knowledge and tools you need to break into this industry and start earning money.


You Have to Fight for Freedom.Is it easy? Nope. Is it worth it? It sure is.Now you’ve got many different options to start earning online. If you saw something that really interests you, try it out and learn more about it.

Good Luck


Set your own hours, be your own boss and take care of your home and family at the same time.

You have to be very careful that you buy a database of good research companiesThere are now over 200 sites out there claiming to have the best list of survey companies but many of them are scams. These sites collect your data only to sell them to other companies for marketing purposes. You can avoid this problem by utilizing the research we have put into finding the best survey database companies.

We have personally looked into 132 web sites and found 123 to be worthless, which means there were only 9 good, up-to-date lists of market research companies. That means that if you just picked a survey site from off the web and paid your membership fee, you would most likely have to buy from 10 different sites before you found a good list. Yikes!

I want to save you all that wasted time, money & aggravation. We have already researched these sites for you and will share our findings with you for free. Below are our top rated sites for making money from online surveys. Please note that we have only listed sites that offer full money back refunds and that have clearly stated privacy policies in place so you can buy with confidence. These companies also only charge you one time to purchase the lists of all of these great survey companies.

Paid survey sites provide you with a database of research companies that pay people to complete surveys on certain products. Why would companies pay you for your opinion you ask?

Consider this:

Companies world-wide spend BILLIONS of dollars each year on advertising. By paying consumers (such as yourself) to complete a questionnaire, the companies are increasing their knowledge of the consumer and what they expect from their product. This gives the company an advantage, as they can improve and develop their product to focus on what the consumer expects. This will ultimately lead to increased sales of their product and increased revenue.

Many of these sites promise anywhere up to $175/hour for completing a bunch of questionnaires. Unfortunately this is just another lie. It is not that easy.If this was really the case, why would these companies sell their databases for as little as $30 — $60? They should be selling their information for hundreds of dollars!

Once you hand your money over to these sites, you often find:

  • A never ending list of “survey companies” which takes hours, if not days to sort through to find the decent companies which will actually pay you for completing their studies.
  • There is no support from site operators. No assistance with how to choose good companies which actually pay.
  • Many of the listed companies are out-of-date, closed down, or only offer prizes and not monetary rewards.
  • A maze of difficult processes to obtain a refund, if can even get them to respond to your requests.
    In fact, the only people making any real money from these sites are the site operators themselves!

FACT: People CAN make money with paid survey sites.

Many people the world over ARE making money through the exact process I have just discredited above. They are not making thousands of dollars a week like most of the sites claim is possible.

The people that make some extra money from these sites all have the following in common:

  • Have patience, and do not expect to make thousands of dollars in their first month.
  • Invest some of their time and effort into making this process work for them.
  • Are aware of which survey sites DO ACTUALLY PAY YOU FOR COMPLETING SURVEYS.

By following the guidlines on this site, joining the suggested sites and investing some of your time and motivation, then you too can be well on the road to earning a bit of extra cash.

Success with Paid Survey Sites is easy!

Success is just 5 simple steps away. By following these 5 easy steps, you will soon be on the way to being very rich with paid surveys.

1. Set up an email address dedicated to your survey business. Due to the large volumes of emails you will have coming through, it makes good sense to keep this all separate from your personal emails. Yahoo is a good free email address as it allows you to store up to 1GB of information.

2. Many of the sites listed offer you free software which makes the filling out of forms much faster. Programs such as Roboform make sure you can earn maximum profit in as short amount of time as possible. Make sure you take advantage of this!

3. Register with as many companies as possible. Once you have paid to have access to the databases of survey companies, registering with as many as you can will ensure that you receive the maximum amount of paid surveys. This is where the time and patience comes in as it can be a little time consuming registering with all the companies, but remember, you only get out what you put in!

4. When registering with the survey companies, they will ask you to complete questionnaires to compile a profile. Make sure you do this in detail, the more detail you provide, the more surveys you will be eligible for.

5. You only get out what you put in. If you only spend an hour every day or so registering with companies or completing surveys, you will not earn $1000/month. Taking the time to register with all the companies will pay huge dividends in the long term, as once you are registered, these companies will continue to send you paid surveys for years to come. Patience is the key to success.

By following the 5 step plan above, you will have successfully put yourself in the best position to actually make money for giving your opinion.

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